Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Spring Practice Depth Chart

BC released its Spring Depth Chart. Some key names are not listed (Castonzo, Herzy) due to various ailments and issues. Despite those absences, you can derive and learn a few things. Here are a few key takeaways:

-- Momah is still at DE. Some referred to his redshirt year switch as an experiment. Well I think this confirms he will stay on the defensive side.
-- LeGrande is back at Safety. This makes sense, since he was too talented not to see the field more and we have solid depth at LB.
-- Richman seems to have the inside track at Center. Speculation varied on who would move into Tennant's big shoes. Some thought Claiborne might slide over or they would give the job to Spinney. Now it looks like Richman, who played pretty well at G last year, will get the job.
-- We are very thin at DT. Newman, who has been solid at DE, is now an undersized DT. We need to get healthy quickly inside.


Unknown said...

why isn't castonzo listed?

Ry said...

Castonzo has an ankle injury, I think. Word is redshift frosh John Wetzel from Pittsburgh has the left tackle spot until castonzo gets healthy.

BCguy said...

it sucks scafe isn't usually healthy- when he is he's a monster.

Erik said...

Yeah, we'll see lots of different names surface between now and the Orange Bowl (!) at both DL & DE. I'm pretty much assuming Albright will get hurt at some point, moving someone else into the 2 deep.
Someone will need to step up big at these positions and I'm confidence someone will.

Erik said...

Also noteworthy:
Kevin Pierre-Louis already on the 2-deep as a Pre-Frosh! He must be making his presence felt in their workouts.

John said...

What's wrong with Scafe? Where is Dillon Quinn? Edebali?

mod34b said...

Between Dillon Quinn (6'6" 280, should be 300 by now), Bryan Murray (~300) and Connor Neal (~300), we actually have some beef to put on the DL. Not 325 Raji/Brace beef, but some decent heft.

Question is: do they have talent? I guess we'll see how the spring practices shakes out.

As to BC Guy saying Scafe is a monster when healthy, I beg to differ. Scafe started 10 games last year, and it is obvious the guy does not generate any pressure on the passer. Zip. He had just 2sacks last year.

The lack of pressure is the #1 problem right now with the defense. Let's not foget that BC was 10/12 in pass defense in the ACC last year.

Lack of pass pressure, causes us to use the soft zone pass defense and is an inviation to problems.

Please Quinn/Neal/Murray emerge as a fierce pass rusher!!!

Erik -- yes intersting KPL is #2 on charts contrast Rettig is not on the charts -- yet!

Groundhog said...

how many 1,500 yd rushers have time to work in a dining hall

blist said...

I always thought football players weren't allowed to work, for booster issues. Anyway, good for him, somehow, plenty of kids manage to work and go to school and do something else.

Anyway, is there one quote in that piece where he doesn't say working in the dining hall is fun?

Harry Collins said...

Hey Patrick and Bravesbill, what do you think of your heroes Kevin Stallings and Jay Wright today? Does Stallings "suck" now that his #4 Vandy lost to #13 Murray State? How bout Wright and #2 Nova almost falling to #15 Robert Morris?

The road to the Sweet Sixteen and beyond is not the cakewalk some of you pinheads apparently think it is, and it is not a proper measure of a coach's ability, whether successful in the tourney or not.

mod10aeagle said...

The Heights story about Montel working the chow line at Hillsides is cute. This one
about DeFlip and the women's hoop coach rejecting an invitation to the Women's NIT, not so much.

John said...

GDF and Crawley have some explaining to do. Taking a cue from Harry - they look like a couple of pinheads.

If Crawley wanted the NCAA so badly, maybe she should not have made the pinhead move to change from an effective zone to an ineffective woman to woman defense against NC State.

I think GDF might actually be a pinhead.

modest34b said...

harry -- "pinheads," "pussies," "stones" "nitwits" "idiots" etc. yeesschhh.

i think you may be getting just a little too comfortable here. time to put a little of the true harry back in the bottle.

if that gentle nudge does not appeal to you, consider this: your starting to sound like bill o'reilly (barf).

CT said...

Nobody ever said it was a cakewalk. The road to a NC is fraught with close calls. However, the Robert Morris game is one we would have lost, based on past experience. That's the difference. Villanova won. Survive and move on. But to suggest that the NCAAs is simply about "matchups and luck" is simply not the true. Again, EVERY athletic competition is in some respects about matchups. Duh. But college bball employs such liberal use of the zone defense precisely to mitigate matchup problems that that sentiment is hollow. Luck? Sure. Everybody needs some.

Postseason baseball is far more about "matchups and luck" than college bball.

Like most of us have been saying, Skinner certainly gets another year to see what he can do with this class. But, come on, one Sweet 16 out of 11 seasons and (what would be) 8 seasons in the tourney...I's about the NCAAs. Unless you coach at BC, when it's about the Meineke Car Care Bowl and 1st round losses. There are others.

Nice to see the Big East suck it up today. And the SEC.

Ry said...

peaking of next year's class, noreen was named the gatorade player of the year for minnesota. also the all-time leading scorer.

he's listed at 6'10''...if he grows a bit and puts on some lbs he could be a beast

CT said...

Some controversy in MN bball circles--based on that article that ATL put up a while back--about Noreen's scoring record. Apparently the competition wasn't exactly, um, Oak Hill-like. And he played in a Loyola Marymount-type system, if I remember correctly. Perfect segue into the flex.

Harry Collins said...

CT, you and everyone else in your phone booth can keep telling yourselves Skinner's job is on the line next year. It's not. And it's not the next year either. That's because people who make DECISIONS at BC don't just watch the BC games, they watch and follow all of college basketball. They know the score. Now go back to your video games with your HS buds, pausing occasionally to say "pull my finger" (with ensuing giggles).

eagleboston said...

Al errr Harry,

I think BC fans are frustrated and expect better from a highly paid coach. No reason to jump on them for that. If I don't perform, my boss rides me hard. Why should Al be any different? He had a losing record this year. Losing? That is not the BC way.

Claver2010 said...

Quinn will not be playing for a while this season and it isn't injury related.

mod34b said...

Claver -- what's the deal with Quinn?

Claver2010 said...

Let me put it this way, the rumors about him coming in are true, think Barry Bonds.

It hasn't been reported but I found out about a month ago from a god source and him not being on the depth chart (for absolutely no reported reason) makes it even more likely.

The penalty is 365 and I believe it happened in October.

mod34b said...

Tx Claver...what a dope Quinn must be to be doing that sort of thing (no pun intended)