Monday, August 09, 2010

Today is the day

Practice begins today! The 2010 season is just a few weeks away. Am I the only one who has a great feeling about this season? Regardless of how this plays out, at least we'll have some real games to talk about.


Matt said...

You are not alone. I am very excited for this season. I think the team will be great this year. I know the "experts" did not rank us in the preseason top 25 but when does Boston College ever get ranked that highly...I mean last year weren't we predicted to win only 3 or 4 games all season? I have a good feeling BC will once again exceed expectations and hopefully this time in a very big way.

Erik said...

There's always a few games that can go either way, hopefully we get a few favorable bounces, very little bad calls, and things could all fall into place.

Erik said...

Spaz should stop all practice, go to the 50 yard line, and allow Mark to choose any player that he wants to hit, then let him unload one time.

In this case, I think he should choose Billy Flutie. Tall guy with a lot of sweet spot area to hit, but skinny so he'd go flying.

Unknown said...

i'm a junior taking the semester abroad in chile.... probably going to miss bc football more than anything else

mod34b said...

From today's herald:

Ramsey a no-show at first day of BC’s training camp

By Steve Conroy

Boston College’s already thin defensive line just got a little more so with the news — not totally unexpected – that defensive tackle Kaleb Ramsey has not reported for the start of the Eagles’ training camp and his status is yet to be determined.

Ramsey, who had missed much of the informal summer workouts because of personal reasons, is back home in Pittsburgh. Ramsey was expected to compete for a starting job this summer. The Eagles will also be starting camp without senior Damik Scafe, BC’s best and most experienced defensive tackle who is recovering from offseason back surgery.

The Eagles’ first camp practice is this afternoon.