Thursday, September 02, 2010

BC-Weber State preview

I believe this will be a special season for BC football. There are so many people, storylines, and factors converging at once. But if it is to be a season we never forget, you have to start things the right way and that means beating Weber State. The team needs to come out of this weekend unscathed and ready for the next challenge.

Narrative talking point that you’ll tire of by the end of the game.
"Hurricane Earl this...Hurricane Earl that." The storm is now a Category 2 and is on a path to glance by New England late Friday, early Saturday. It won't prevent Weber State from getting to Boston. It won't impact kickoff. It won't impact play on the field. Yet I think the broadcasters will probably talk about part just to fill time. Unfortunately I do think the game will impact attendance. If people are without power or have flooded basements or just don't want to sit on wet bleachers, they will probably just stay home.

Three Simple Keys
1. Score early. I am not going to go as far as Spaz did in his praise for Weber State, but they are legitimate, solid FCS team. The longer they hang around, the more at risk the game becomes. BC needs to put up points early and not look back.
2. Get confidence in the passing game. I've been told the passing game will be conservative as the staff doesn't want to tip their hands before ACC play. I think that is a mistake. They need to challenge the young guys and get everyone comfortable. I would also like to see the backup QBs get some game action.
3. Stay healthy. This is a priority in any game, yet in a FCS game it is that much more important. We need to come out of this game whole.

Gambling Notes
-- BC has won six straight openers.
-- Weber State has not beaten a FBS team east of the Mississippi.
-- Weber State has never played an ACC team.
Because this is a FBS vs FCS game there is no line on the Saturday.

This will be BC's first football game against a team from the Big Sky conference.

Scoreboard watching
The most important game of the weekend is Boise State vs Virginia Tech We need the Hokies to smash them. A resounding win helps the conference and practically eliminates Boise State from a BCS game

I hope to see…
The true freshman play well. If you are going to burn redshirts you hope it is for meaningful players.

BC is in trouble if…

We turn the ball over too many times. We cannot make this game interesting.


No disrespect for Weber State, but I am not really worried about this game. I think we will control throughout the game and win with ease.
Final Score: BC 41, Weber State 10

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Dan said...

Nice preview.

We can't let this kid get away to Miami. We should all do our part to help Spaz recruit and comment on the article.