Sunday, September 26, 2010

The right move is to start Rettig

I tweeted the Rettig news this morning as soon as I heard it. BCMike asked if Chase would started and I replied that I couldn't confirm. Come to find out, Spaz is leaving the job open for Marscovetra or Rettig. This opens up a whole (welcome) can of worms that we will discuss and digest all week. Although he is getting thrown under the bus by some fans too, I have not given up on Marscovetra yet. But I think the move this week should be to start Rettig. Here is why: it's Notre Dame. This game means everything and it means nothing.

Rettig will be under the most intense spotlight you can imagine. He will make his first college start in primetime in a game that means more to BC fans than any other. He will be taking on college football's most revered program. If he can handle the pressure and succeed, you have the foundation for a great career. Conversely there is so little downside.

Notre Dame is bad this year and has a porous defense. The game means nothing in the ACC standings. If he has a rough day you can always bring in Marscovetra in the second half.

As important as the starter is the attitude and plan of the coaching staff. Shinskie and many parts of the offense were not good on Saturday, but I think we didn't do anyone any favors with our game plan. I understand that execution is part of it, but so are adjustments and finding some basic concepts and plays that work. BC didn't do enough of that on Saturday.

I can't speak to Spaz's motivation or why he mishandled the QB spot so far. But I can say that this season is still very manageable and still has the recipe to be special. We have a very good defense and a very forgivable schedule. I understand that Rettig might be a disaster. That is the chance you take and that is the responsibility Spaz took on when he made the move from DC to head coach.

But this is BC. Strange things can happen. If we are going to have one of those special, "how did this happen," runs, it starts this Saturday and it starts with Chase Rettig.


Ryan said...

I would even venture to say that Spaz's future rests on this decision. It is time to make a statement and show that we aren't going to roll over and say, "We are what we are."

Eddierock said...

We are continuing to mismanage the QB situation by having a Retting- Marsco bake off this week. We know what we get with marsco, and it is not good enough. Spaz should have announced Rettig as starter. Period. Full stop and and give him and the offense a week to prepare for him as QB. Just more handwringing, indecisiveness and equivocating masquerading as thoughtfulness. As I said earlier, OC needs to go back to fishing.

eagle1331 said...

I just hope the full playbook is available to Rettig.. not some weak play calling that will handicap us before kickoff. Rettig's MO is that he is a gun slinger that can get hurt by accuracy a little. We're going to need to spread out their D, establish a running game, and make sure he knows where his check downs are. O-Line play could decide this game...

mod10aeagle said...

1331 you hit it on the head, I think. The BC playbook is already wicked dull and predictable, and we're going to have to drop a third of it to give this true Freshman any chance of executing effectively. The O is stuck between a rock, a hard place, and a blanc mange (for those Python fans).

Darius said...

As we saw from Wimbledon 40 years ago, blancmanges can be excellent athletes. Perhaps the staff needs to find one with a year of eligibility and start IT.

I know nothing about Rettig beyond his pedigree. But if I turn on the TV after putting the kids to bed on Saturday and see Marco under center for our opening drive, I'm changing the channel.

LinebackersForHeisman said...

I actually disagree with this post. We need to start Marscovetra. He's likely not as good as Rettig (I'm almost sure of this) but he has starting experience and at least some first team reps.

The most likely scenario with Rettig at the helm: 30% completion pct., 0 TDs, 2 picks, 5+ sacks, and being replaced at the half. We've seen time and time again that putting a rookie QB to the wolves often leads to a destroyed confidence. I'd rather let Rettig practice some with the first team throughout the season as the #1 backup, and start fully next season.

Darius said...

What? Destroyed confidence? Have you been watching the sideline? He's the only QB that wants to be IN the game. Besides, ND's defense is hardly "the wolves."

Likely stat lines, based on what I've seen and heard:

Rettig: 13-25, 180 yards, 1 TD, 2 INT, 1 sack, net rushing 21 yards. Not exceptional, but at least he threw downfield and moved the ball well enough against a poor ND defense to score some points.

Marscovich: 16-23, 80 yards, 0 TD, 2 INT, 2 fumbles (1 lost), 4 sacks, net rushing -27 yards. Hooray for completion percentage! Too bad both of the INTs were pick-6s since they came on screens or checkdowns, just like most of his completions.

Would you really rather redshirt Rettig, despite being convinced yourself that he's better than Marsco, just because he's sat on the bench for (less than) a quarter of the season? BC's not awful. The D is solid. Even "barely decent" QB play keeps BC in every game. The ACC is horrendous this year, and because VT is in Coastal BC still controls its destiny in getting to the ACCCG or beyond. Play to win NOW!