Thursday, September 16, 2010

Where is the Wildcat?

As BC struggled to establish the run on Sunday, I kept wondering why didn't we use the "Bazooka" (Tranq's version of the Wildcat). Last year it was a relatively effective tool and created big plays against NC State. I can only think of two reasons:

1. We are 'saving it' for bigger/ACC games. I can sort of understand this reasoning. The games against Weber State and Kent State were never really in doubt. Putting one of our key plays on tape for future opponents wouldn't have been worth the potential big play we would have against our first two opponents. While I understand this argument, I don't agree with it. I think it would have been better to practice it in live situations. I also think the beauty of any play is to use it, put it on tape and then add a counter or variation against future opponents.

2. We don't have the personnel for it.
Montel was the key, but Rich Gunnell and Jeff Smith were also part of the formations. We did use Clyde Lee in motion on the play but never gave him the ball. He was always a decoy. I know we have practiced it this summer. Let's hope that it is not buried because they don't like the player options. Lee, Flutie (as a passer), Finch and Swigert could all compliment Montel in using the Bazooka this year.


Scott said...

We didn't do much with wildcat last year. 90% of the time Montel ran it, either at a pre-determined hole, or on an option. A few times he handed it off or pitched it to Josh. But I don't recall any reverses, triple option pitches, or thows out of the formation. I wonder if that's coming.

CT said...

While I'd disagree that the Kent St. game was never in doubt (6-3 at half and 10 pts off of fumbled punts), I'd think they're saving it. I think it's a gimmick that will die a quiet death, though. Maybe NC State couldn't stop it, but Baldwin could've scored on the Wolfpack last year. It's success or failure is not going to determine the season.

Is this offensive line going to be consistent? Is Shinskie? Do we have any playmakers? Are the Jesuits praying hard enough for a 10 win season? Will BC'ers be as passionate at the stadium as its bloggers apparently are about the uniforms or stupid chants?

These are the most pressing questions.

EagleEye2002 said...

Just saw this on SI.Com. Check out this huge hit my Marcellus Bowman in the CFL. I miss Boomkat.

Erik said...

Until the QB situation is settled, I don't think the staff wants to waste snaps going to Montel since it provides less opportunity for them to evaluate Shinskie and Marscovetra. Spaz even admitted he wished he was able to get Marsco in for more plays against Weber, and his INT against Kent St meant a shorter window as well.

It will come, it will be at the right time, like FSU or VT or the obvious NCSU. I would love to see Montel hand it off more to keep defenses guessing.

mod34b said...

NCSU had a nice win against Cincinnati, reigning BE Champ, last night.

Wilson threw for 333 yards, and threw quite a few well placed passes to his RB swinging out if the backfield. It was quite reminiscent of the Matt Ryan to Andre Callender passes of a few years ago. (i.e., the Dana Bible offense)

The NCSU defense was good too, particularly the DL.

We should be a little more worried about NCSU than we have been.

However, it's hard to tell if it is NCSU that is now good, or is it just that Cincinnati sucks. The Cincy pass defense was just horrible -- missed assignments, and coverage 10 feet away when receiver got the ball. In other words, while Wilson played well, his receivers were often wide open and easy targets.

Big Jack Krack said...

I'm not a fan of the Wildcat the way Tranquil uses it - Bazooka or whatever.

If we don't see it, I'm cool with that.

We'll know more about our chances in the Atlantic Division after tomorrow. The NC State game has already become almost a toss up, and Russell Wilson worries me more than Tyrod Taylor.

mod34b said...

How about Codi Boek as fullback and passer in the Wildcat?

Boek is a former QB

Erik: the QB situation is settled. Shinskie is Da Man