Thursday, October 21, 2010

BC-Maryland Preview

Considering we are 4-1 in this ACC series, my fear of Maryland is not really justified. (The BCI guys have certainly teased me about it in the past.) The basis of my fear is that even in the lopsided BC wins it was more about our defense scoring off of turnovers as opposed to shutting down the Terps. Even last year's game against their worst team ever was ugly and decided in the final minutes. Maybe I am giving too much credit to Friedgen's offensive mind and not his current talent level. Let's hope my anxiety in not founded this year. BC needs a win Saturday if we want to turn things around.

Three Simple Key
1. Stop the run. This is pretty straightforward. In their two losses, Maryland's ground game was slowed and they were forced to try to win in the air. Since BC tries to stop the run weekly, this should work to our advantage.
2. Run with Rettig.
This might seems risky since Rettig has a bad ankle and is our only hope. But I think him running three or four times out of the zone option will open all sorts of things for Montel.
3. Blitz pick up. Maryland is going to come hard after Chase. It will be up to Montel and the the Tight Ends to help out. The WRs will also need to read the blitz and adjust their routs accordingly.

Gambling Notes

-- BC has not been favored when under .500 since 2000
-- Maryland has not won in Chestnut Hill as a member of the ACC
-- BC has been favored in every ACC meeting between these two teams
The current line is BC-4


This is the first meeting of two ACC Under Armour teams.

Scoreboard Watching

Clemson is our next opponent so their game against Georgia Tech has extra importance. Although they are coming off a win, the Tigers are still in a rough place. If they lose to Georgia Tech again, I could see things falling apart by the time they play us.

I hope to see...

Chase Rettig take the next step. I know it is only his second game, but I do hope that he can start to make more plays. He needs to find more of the open guys over the middle and move the ball in the redzone.

BC is in trouble if...

We keep getting field goals in the redzone. Getting three points instead of seven has been costly already. I fear more of the same issues if we get bogged down again this weekend.

Bottom Line

I don't think it will be easy, but I do think BC will win this weekend. I expect the defense to force O'Brien into some mistakes and turnovers. I think Rettig will be better. I predict BC takes control in the second half and gives us hope for the stretch run.
Finale Score: BC 28, Maryland 13


mod34b said...

So this will only be broadcast on ESPN3?

I see the Duke v. V'Tech game will be on CH. 14 (not sure what station it is) in the Boston area. Why broadcast that game up here? Likewise, William & Mary v Del will also be televised in Boston at the same time the BC game is being played. Who watches that??? The TV scheduling makes little sense.

Oh, well. With an HDMI link from my laptop to the TV the picture quality is good. Just seems that at every commercial break I have to reload the game on ESPN3.

Bravesbill said...

How about throwing some screen passes against the blitz this game Tranq? Maybe a roll out or two with Rettig? I's afraid I'm asking far too much.

Danny Boy said...

Whoa, whoa, whoa Bravesbill. Tranq is just learning the forward pass and the O-line is just re-learning pass protection. Now you want the O-line to not passblock and you want to throw the ball sideways? That just sounds like madness.

Erik said...

Speaking of BC/Md, this was on EagleOutsiders.

I think our new uniforms look great.

mod10aeagle said...

Blaudschun (Boston Globe) did his usual soft story, essentially mailing in whatever the BC PR guys give him, this time on Tranquill. He mentions his past successes in developing QBs, but this is the first time he's had to handle untested Freshman in consecutive years. Blah, blah, blah.

blist said...

cool link to the new unis Erik. Uniform design is getting very creative lately. Peter Saville, the guy who designed the Joy Division and New Order album sleeves, is doing the English soccer jersey now. FWIW

modest34b said...

Erik and Blist --

What color are the skirts you two are wearing?

"oh my God, like, wow, the UNIs are so kewl"

c'mon GUYS.

Danny Boy said...

Dustbowl, you're horribly incorrect. Admiring uni's is a time honored tradition.

Not to mention equipment sponsors and team colors play roles in recruiting. Back during the days of Reebok, our basketball players would bend over backwards doing favors for the Nike sponsored Hockey guys so they could get some freebies. Similarly, you hear stories of players not wanting to go a school and wear certain colors (purple, for example). If you can convince a 17 year old kid that he is going to look good while playing, its only going to play to his ego.

modest34b said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
modest34b said...

Danny Boy -- Real players eat glass and spit blood. Pussies worry about the fit, feel and look of their "UNIS"

Do you think KPL, Herzy and Kook give a dang about how stretchy and form fititng the "UNIS" are. I think not.

But, I now realize that ERIK and BLIST are talking about how special the basketball outfits look .... different sport, different breed . . . . BAH HUMBUG

blist said...

you protest too much Dustbowl, sounds like you need to take a hard look at those secret urges are telling you

Emil said...


football players and ballerz are two different breeds.

i think the latter cares more about swagger than the former (unless your ochocinco)

mod10aeagle said...

What does it mean when 7 of 11 comments in response to ATL's game preview are about fashion?

mod34b said...

Mod10 -- yes, pathetic that people want to talk more about sports fashion than sports, particularly when this Maryland game is looming as a very important game for BC's season and credibility as a football program. To me this game is really very close to a "must win" for us.

I don't care too much about the players' uniforms, but I guess my sort of "old school" approach is fading into the woodworks.

John said...

Statement game. Will be there and BC needs to come out with same intensity we saw against FSU. No letdown. Cannot lose 5 in a row. Does anybody where Rettig's ankle is? 80%, 90%. Go BC!