Saturday, October 16, 2010

Better but still not enough

Do we celebrate moral victories at this point? Not the ending we wanted but encouraging on many fronts. The defense played a hell of a game but you can't expect to win when your offense only generates 9 points. Rettig's stats were Shinkie-ish but I liked many of the things he did.

We are effectively out of the division race and are in the midst of our longest losing streak in a decade. So we still have plenty of work to do.

I will have second viewing thoughts and grades up late Sunday night.


Ted H said...

I feel terrible for the kids. Played hard and the coaches let them down again. We need more than moral victories. Are program is better than this. Gene D SOS SOS

Dan said...

I know some people will say we "shouldn't want moral victories". Well, the game is over, that is all we've got.

The last half of the season we see some mediocre teams and some really bad defenses. If we play like we did today against any of those teams, we win. We need the moral victory today to keep the kids motivated for the stretch run.

Eagle 1 said...
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Eagle 1 said...

At 3:34 PM, Ted H said...

"Are program is better than this."

So is our grammar.

Defense: B+. Pass rush is improved, but our pass D is sieve-like at times.

Offense: D. More dropped balls, poor passes, no ability to run after the first five minutes, poor pass blocking.

Special Teams: F+. We can kick field goals, but we need people who can tackle, who can block, who can stop shanking punts, and who can kick the ball into the opponent's end zone. We are spotting our opponents on the 35 or 40 yard line every frigging time. It's a fucking joke.

Misc.: The stupid penalties need to stop. Clairborne, you idiot.

Bravesbill said...

Quigley did have two shanks but he also pinned FSU inside its 6 a few times. He's not the problem on special teams. It's the poor tackling and poor kickoff distance that kills BC.

blist said...

This pooch kickoffs were ridiculous - it shows how great a game the D played that FSU was constantly starting at the 30 or better.

I'll take the moral victory - look, the best thing for the team and BC is for us to turn it around and make a bowl, regardless of how we feel about Nyquil (who still called a bad game - what's wit the three straight rushes after Rettig makes the clutch pass for a first down in 4Q?). We still can go bowling. At least now Cuse, Duke, WF, Md etc. seem winnable.

Walter said...

Eagle 1,

Is there really a need to call people out for grammar?

And you're way too harsh on our special teams. F+, seriously? Remember that Freece is part of special teams and he's been very consistent for us.

Quigley was fantastic; his good kicks far outweighed his bad ones.

The team needed a touchdown on either of harris' great runs. Why they didn't run on first down after either of those runs puzzles me. Why they kept running on first down even after Harris was no longer effective is equally upsetting.

Nick P. said...

Rettig threw the ball today with pretty good accuracy. He would have been hitting receivers in stride and in the hands with most of his attempts if the Florida State secondary hadn't broken up so many passes. If he can play the way he did today, he will put great numbers against weaker defenses.

Ted H said...

Eagle 1 you are correct it should have been our. You have a lot of time on your hands to spell check and grammar check people's posts. Let me guess you have a government job or work in academia?

Eagle 1 said...


Settle down. It's a joke. Ourn't we friends?

Dan said...

Hey hey settle down guys we're all on the same side.

Let's make fun of the anouncers instead:

"Here comes Chase RettING"

"They also tried MASK-ovetra"

Ted H said...

I wuz joking as we'll.

On another note I do not think we were pooch kicking on the kick offs. That is as far as he can kick it.

eagleboston said...

I think it is safe to say the ACCCG is out of reach. Fl State has the tiebreaker, so they would need to lose 4 times, which is clearly not going to happen.

So now what do you play for? Improvement? Setting up for next year? A bowl game? BC needs to find something to hang on to to finish out the year in a strong fashion.

And there is hope. I live in Iowa and the Hawkeyes are similar in a lot of ways to BC. 3 years ago, they had a tough season and did not make a bowl game. Last year, they annihilated Georgia Tech in the Orange Bowl. That is our eventual the Orange Bowl. Let's hope we have the pieces in place to recover and return to championship form.

Ry said...

how about that #54 mark herzlich huh?

BCNorCal07 said...

I didn't see most of the first half, but the second half was encouraging. The whole defense played very well. There were a couple missed assignments on FSU's last two drives, but for once the defense didn't look slow and the front seven made plays in the backfield. The offense was actually encouraging. Montel had some holes to run through and the O-line played much better. This was the first time I saw Rettig play and I was impressed. His accuracy is lacking, but he plays with much more poise than Shinskie. Huge arm and a very quick release. His receivers need to help him out and he needs to get more accurate, but very encouraging for the future. And let's be honest: FSU's pass defense was outstanding! There were very few open receivers and the defenders had great timing in going for the ball. Impressive.

Unfortunately, the offense was again done in the by coaching. The last offensive drive was telling. I appreciate the refusal to give up on the run. However, at that point the run really wasn't working! Run, run, pass. Run, run, pass. Punt. Chase made one great third-down throw for a big gain. Why not throw downfield again, instead of another useless draw play on first down? Unbelievable. The offense finally shows some life and the coaches are unable to make the necessary adjustments. Oh well. Such is life with Tranquill calling plays. Why would we expect anything less?

Matt said...

nice of the announcers to point out that 'domenick' scafe made a good play at one point

Lenny Sienko said...

The FSU secondary reminds me of Georgetown playing defense in basketball. The officials would have to call so many fouls they give up and only call the most obvious offenses.

The FSU defensive backs are very good; but their technique includes using that inside hand to grab the receiver before the ball arrives. Our guy got called for the same technique and FSU did not in breaking up at least eight (8) passes I counted.

I'm also confused about the "offsides" call which cost us an interception run back for a TD. Our d line guy started to go; but held up, did not cross the neutral zone, did not make contact, and got back before the snap. The ball was snapped and our guy yo his left got in on Ponder unblocked, forcing a bad throw, an interception, which was brought back all the way. Bill, let me know what you see about that when you watch the second time through?

BTW what happened when BC called timeout, from the bench on offense, the whistle blew, Rettig stopped because he heard the whistle, and he caught clobbered by two FSU linemen well after the whistle? Rettig was very vulnerable, so much so that his knee brace was knocked off. There should have been a call for the late hit as the whistle was capable of being heard, even on the broadcast.

I appreciate the effort put forth by the kids this afternoon. I also appreciate Spaz finally going back to being animated on the sidelines. The first few weeks were really "out-of-character" for him. Maybe if he stops being so up tight, the team will play as they are capable of doing.

Greg said...

I think you can do both. Always strive to win and we should be disappointed with losing a winnable game. At the same time, you have to appreciate the improvement the team made. The O-Line played better, and I think Rettig could become a solid QB. I watched this game and didn't feel like crap the entire time...I'd call that a victory of sorts.

SJinMass said...

I was encouraged to see a passionate coach on the sidelines today. I know it's a nit, but having Spaz fired up and motivating this team is something we haven't seen all season. Also, the fakes from the QB are something we haven't seen convincingly from Mascro or Shinskie to date. I think it threw off the FSU defnese a few times. The BC team i saw today gave me enough hope to not want to set fire to next weekend's Maryland tix.

Unknown said...

The players on defense make me smile. They are certainly big time. Offense sometimes seems great but other times not so. I think they are on teh brink of breaking out.

What's the best thing that happened today, no interceptions. There were a couple of close ones, but they don't count. The kid quarterback may have something the others don't.

I can see this team going undefeated the rest of the season. It's not going to be the greatest of seasons but I think the team will rise to the occasion and they'll be bright days ahead.

But I have to admit the offensive coordinator is offensive. I think having a 70 year old guy coaching a bunch of 20ish kids is ridiculous. As long as he's around, the offense will be shaky. It's hard being coached by a guy older than your grand dad.

America said...



Bravesbill said...

Lenny, it looked like FSU snapped the ball before the BC lineman got back onsides. It was a pretty close call though and if you watch it again, you will see that the FSU o-line didn't even bother to play and let a few BC defenders into the backfield right off the bat.

CT said...

Our pass defense was actually good today. A couple of plays where Ponder got outside and improvised, but that's going to happen. Very impressed, actually. Fletcher was the best player on the field at times.

Special teams was okay. Punts were fairly good, except for two shanks. We had early field position wins and settled for punts or FGs. Not good. The kickoff after the TD to put us up really killed us. I hate the pooch. Just kick it and go tackle the guy. Geez.

Hmm, like some of us have been saying, our WRs don't get separation b/c they don't threaten anyone downfield. There are no playmakers on offense besides Montel. Easy call. The one decent pass to Swigert was on an improvised route. The one good pass to the TE late in the game was followed up with two runs into the middle of an 8 man box. Thank you, Gary.

Did someone mention the ACCCG? Is that a joke? Yes, it's "safe" to say the champ. game is out of reach. Ha. It was out of reach after the Kent St. game, but whatever.

Oh, and Iowa didn't kill GTech in the Orange Bowl. GTech had a late drive to tie that game. Iowa played well, though. Four wks to prepare for the option will do that.

Our WRs are poor. We won't play big time football until we get some more playmakers on offense. We have little speed. Hey, let's go recruit some. It's not that hard.

EL MIZ said...

wiggle, agree in part and disagree in part.

RE: rettig "may have something the others don't" -- no way. rettig clearly and unequivocally has a better arm, poise, presence ... he is better in every aspect than shinskie and marscovetra. if all goes to plan neither of those two will take another snap at QB. his numbers weren't impressive today but he made several very nice throws and moved the offense. he is the youngest of the bunch and the most physically gifted, he should have been the starter from day 1.

RE: 2nd and nine-quil, 110% agree. this guy needs to go. his playcalling and the offense's general approach is offensive, pun intended. harris, as shown today, is an above-average RB. he has backups to give him breathers. the line, at the very least, is huge size-wise. swiggert looks like a very nice player, both TEs are definitely serviceable, and now we have a QB. this team should score at least 20 points a game. in the 4 real games this team has played (VT, ND, NCst, FSU), the offense has combined for 32 points! 8 points per game is pathetic and tranquill should be fired.

EL MIZ said...

also, Eagle 1. F+ on special teams. ummm, freese was 4 for 4 on FGs today! 33, 37, 28, 38. i'll take it. ryan ohliger was an F kicker, freese's day today was an A.

A33Jim said...

Ohliger missed extra points. He gets whatever the grade 2 below F is.

KSchohl said...

Freese was a good kicker today... as automatic as we've had in awhile.

As for the rest of the offense? Well, when you have to call a time-out on your OWN "wildcat" play, you know you're in for a tough day.

And the lack of a penalty on Rettig getting crushed after 5 whistles blow on a time out? That was pathetic officiating.

It amazes me that Tranquil still has a job. I'd wager $1000 that Gene D doesn't allow that old fogey a chance to come back next year. What a joke. Hiring your old pal Frank Spaz because the Defense demands it is one thing... allowing him to choose an OC who might as well be calling plays for the 1915 BC Eagles... that's entirely another.

On the road, time ticking down, about to lose... several straight runs up the middle-- are you kidding me!?!? I know Gene D knows better than that, I hope Spaz knows better than that... running up the middle hadn't worked for 2 hours yet it was our gameplan. Thanks a lot, old man Tranq. Nice work.

blist said...

Old man Traq would take out his dentures and throw them at ya if he were here. He helped guide the 1915 Eagle to a 3 win, 4 loss season. The four losses came when opponents used "the forward pass," which, dabgummit, ain't football to him.

John said...

Agree with SJinMass. They did enough yesterday to ensure that I will go to the Maryland game vs throwing out my season tickets. I am actually excited about next week (can't believe I am saying this) as I can't wait to see Rettig for four quarters. Will be interesting to see the line for next week.

rumple said...

Heaven forbid I criticize the annointed one, but Keuchley sucks in pass coverage. For the second week in a row he did not bother covering the TE in redzone. Result each time 6 points

Harris's big runs were great. But he does not fly like an eagle, he runs like a duck.

Ed DeSalvio said...

meanwhile... Dominique Davis continues to look awesome for East Carolina, throwing for 376 yards and rushing for the winning touchdown in overtime of their 33-27 win over NC State