Friday, October 22, 2010

Game Watches: Maryland?

This game is on which means most sports bars won't give BC clubs the time of day. I only saw a note for Chicago. Is any other club having something? Post it in the comments or let me know via email.

Chicago Game Watch
2721 North Halsted Street
Chicago, IL


Brian said...
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Brian said...

New York Game Watch
354 Third Avenue at 26th Street

This from the BC Alumni Connections Website. Don't shoot the messenger.

EagleInDC said...

We are trying to figure out both the interest level and the technical options for putting ESPN3 on a big screen at the Rookery. I am not sure who their broadband provider is and I have not always had success making it work with out-of-network providers.

Also, to be honest, given the performance of the team, interest has waned. We had around 75 guests at the first game watch for Kent State, and the numbers remained high for Virginia Tech and ND, but after the NC State blow out, only a dozen people came for FSU. I think that is our all-time lowest turnout.

Noon kick-offs are always terrible, but that combined with a team that many fans have lost confidence is a killer.

eagle1331 said...

I'll get on my Spaz is doing a terrible job rant tomorrow, but is anyone else tired of seeing this:

“He had a good game,’’ said Spaziani. “He’s making progress and he needs to make a lot more.’’

I feel like any time a player has a good game, or a unit performs well, or we win (in which case "he" is replaced with "we"), this is his go to thing to say. I swear I've never read a positive statement about a player without it at least being followed by this. So TOB-esque. How do you build a players confidence and boost morale?

eagleboston said...

I will be game watching at Alumni. I am on special assignment to utilize my positive karma to end the 4 game losing streak. I have not witnessed a BC loss at Alumni since the late 1990's. I was in attendance when Navy tried to put the game away at the Charlotte bowl game. My karma forced a fumble followed by a game winning kick by Apo. BC will win tomorrow and I can't wait to see Rettig live

Go Eagles!

EagleinNYC said...

For NYC - Manny's on 2nd (92nd & 2nd)I know will be showing it on the TV's. They can route the computer feed into their TV's. It's not HD,, but its better then nothing!

Frank C. said...

Denver Usual Spot:

Big Game Restaurant
1631 Wazee St

Greg said...

I agree about Spaz. It drives me crazy how he always points out that he "still made a lot of mistakes."

I would have loved to hear him say that Rettig showed some great promise and while he is still young, believes that he could really become something at this program. Instead he just harps on the mistakes, the inexperience.

It is nice to sometimes have a coach show confidence.

mod34b said...

Fridge promises to blitz Rettig often:

"Just how much pressure will the freshman see? Friedgen was practically offended when asked whether the Terps would attack the pocket tomorrow.
"Have you even seen us play?" Friedgen exclaimed. "Do you think Don Brown is just running vanilla stuff out there? He blitzes every play; the kid [Rettig] is just going to have to deal with it.""

mod34b said...

Hint to Tranq. Please see last post and plan accordingly.

BCNorCal07 said...

mod34: You *want* Tranquill to plan for something? A) It won't happen and B) I don't think you'd like the results if he did. He'd call for a double reverse half-back option pass against an obvious sell-out blitz.

mod34b said...

true. it might get all TRANQ'D up.

mod34b said...
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