Saturday, October 23, 2010


At this point you can just cut and paste my reactions from some of the other games. What is left to say? I do want to make note that I hope Wes Davis is okay. He's a great kid and embodies what is right with the program right now.

I will hopefully have more thoughtful comments later. I was glad that we (and Chase) fought back, but there is still no justification for the overall performance of the team. Do people still think it is a talent issue? Or purely a raw QB issue? Maryland has a better record than us and they have shuffled QBs. I am looking forward to the excuses and Spaz spin.

I will have my second viewing thoughts and grades late Sunday. I may also have any additional post late Saturday night (I feel some venting coming on).


BCEagles2010 said...

All the issues can be traced back to the wideouts, their performance today makes it apparent but you can point to their performance in all the games as awful (ND with drops and FSU with never being open are both examples that come to mind). Bad receivers = holding onto the ball longer and having to make tighter throws, more coverage sacks, harder to gain rushing yards. Combine that with a developing QB and you get all the problems we're experiencing.

blockparty said...

a few things:

1. we are poorly coached by a bunch of cowards/losers.
2. It is a shame we are wasting Montel's effort.
3. This is a ridiculously hard team to root for and to watch. I love BC but it is not easy to cheer for this piss-poor preparation and effort each week.
4. I like how the tags for this post are "The Titanic" and "2-10?"
5. Our WRs are pretty terrible.
6. We had 10 wins 2 seasons ago, didn't we?
7. GDF, you should be the first to go.

Danny Boy said...

There are a few glaring issues. 1) Our receivers need to spend every waking hour in front of the Jugs machine. No questions, no excuses. 2) If its 3 and 4. The DBs should not line up 8 yards off the WRs. That is inexcusable and useless. MD's QB averaged 6 yards a completion. They took what we gave them all day. If we give them an 8 yard cushion, they'll run 5 yard ins, outs, comebacks and slants all day.

LinebackersForHeisman said...

My thoughts on the major problems (being a season ticket holder really sucks this year - I left at the half and I NEVER leave at the half). In order of most problematic:

1) Vanilla playcalling on offense. Utterly predictable and fully resistant to adjustment.
2) Talent at WR. Momah has stone hands. Coleman can't run a route. Swigert has trouble getting open, but he's the only bright spot.
3) Inexperience/talent at QB. Rettig locks in on receivers and holds the ball a la Shinskie and Marsco.
4) Tackling by LBs not named Kuechly.
5) The secondary bites on comeback routes and aren't very athletic overall.
6) D-line talent. This coupled with abject lack of blitzing has let opposing QBs have all day to pick apart our average-to-below average secondary.
7) Penalties at inopportune times. We are about in the middle of FBS in penalties so coaching could improve this, too.

People should be calling for Tranquill's firing. I'm not someone that rushes to fire someone as it is someone's job at stake. But GT is outdated and clearly incapable of being even an average playcaller.

But BC alums don't really care about football so GT will be here next fall.

BC78LH said...

It's going to be tough when we cannot complete the ball downfield unless it's an underthrown ball or a tip play. If Rettig hits the open receiver on the slant on 4th down, we're looking at going in for the tie or lead. He's a work in progress, once he settles down and starts hitting more of his throws, our offense will become more productive and maybe we can win in November, forget the Clemson game. In Rettig's defense, his receivers aren't much help either.

mod34b said...

Rettig surprisingly tends to throw behind the receivers. He did so on the first TD. Why doesn't the QB coach fix this? (OMG the QB coach is GT) If he connected on a few passes at the end, we could have won. Coulda-shoulda-didn't!!!

Receivers have route and dropsy issues, but Rettig has got issues too.

The last draw play was THE most obvious play call of the year.

Why does D come out flat in the beginning of every game? mCGovern

Maryland's QB was very good - Good reads, good balls. He luv'd the nice little spot inside BC left for him!!

Laphan still has big trouble with edge rush. Clemson's Bowers will be a major problem

eagleboston said...

This was my first game of the season seeing them live and it gives you a better perspective as you can see the whole field. The first issue is that Rettig consistently throws behind his receivers and locks in on his first choice. He also has a case of the happy feet. Still, he is just a freshman and our best option at QB. He might be further along had he started earlier in the year. Second, the receivers are terrible at running routes and getting separation. They also drop too many catchable passes. The tight ends were excellent today and I am glad we finally used them in the offense. The third issue is pass defense. The corners are literally giving 10 yard cushions! Also, even though I love Herzy, he should not be in on passing downs as the Terps continually create mismatches putting a smaller, quicker receiver opposite Herzy. Fourth, the turnovers killed us. I think Maryland capitalized on every single one.

The players did not execute today. Can the coaching be better? Absolutely, but this one was on the players.

Unknown said...

Rettig’s long completions were underthrown and tipped. If not for those, he’d have been pretty bad but he’s just out of high school and may mature. The overall problem is that GT couldn’t tell a good quarterback from a good quarter horse so we really don’t know about the talent there. All I know is the offensive philosophy whenever BC needs some yards is “what the hell, give it to Montel.” The only one in the ACC who does not know everyone in the ACC knows this is GT.. You can take an old guy out of retirement but you can’t take the retirement out of an old guy. Look folks, at age 70, unless you are exceptional, which GT never was, you belong in the stands. That Spaz can’t see that, or that he hired a friend, both count against him.

BC is not getting beat, they’re not in the game. Is has been many years since they have been this badly outplayed and it’s not just this year. Last year when they lost they were slaughtered.

The defense is great especially considering the amount of time they have to be on the field. I think the offense has good talent also. The overall problem seems to me is that the kids aren’t being properly coached. If the wide receivers can’t catch or can’t get open, then get some who can. That’s a coaching issue.

Odds are we won’t be in a bowl – actually with a 2 wins over some second rate teams and five straight losses to mediocre teams (ND got trounced by Navy) BC should not even think of going to a bowl. As we used to say in the Navy, we need a clean sweep starting at the top or else we’re going back to the days when we’d have those dismal seasons where all you could hope for was an upset. Come to think of it those were the good old days when you could sit in the stands with a six pack pretty much anywhere and spend the afternoon watching the game without getting too down over a loss because that was what was supposed to happen. Ever to disappoint except for the time from Flutie through Ryan or prior to the time of the present athletic director.

Deacon Drake said...

Forget about the passing game for a minute. That cannot be dumped on a true frosh and a couple misfit toys.

Watching Auburn's O-line, I think to myself,"What the hell happened to BC's commitment to fundamental football?" Yeah, teams stack the box, but LSU is doing it to, and Auburn's disciplined line works as a unit and the runner's job is cake. Our line looks like a patchwork of backups and AA players with no scheme.

Honestly, BC needs an offensive coaching flush. It will not set the program back any further than it already is... I just wish that Spaz could eat his pride and go back to a DC position, but that would be a first... he'll go down with the ship.

mmason said...

Deac--The Ship will more likely go down with Spaz...and that cruel reversal of fortune, coupled with the fact that we aren't quick enough to outrun anybody--ANYBODY--makes this a season in which, like "Cast Away's", we gotta let the "Wilson"
dream of a lower tier bowl game go floating out to sea. We'll be lucky to win another ball game with our current team profile: no speed, lackluster execution, another frosh QB and unimaginative coaching.

Bottom line--we need some rockets on this team who can fly, on both sides of the ball, which will loosen up the run game, and give us a pass D that people respect. Everyone in the ACC knows we're a few steps slow and can't match up with their speed guys. That's why we have to continue this 10 yard cushion on pass protection, and why we can't get separation with our WR's on the O side. It's team speed that solves alot of problems...on any team.
Go Eagles! (and faster...)

Unknown said...

mmason - you may not remember it but apropos your comment, someone once said of BC's football coaches in the dreadful '60s that "they mistake elephants for gazelles." We're doing it again.

LawTalkingGuy said...

I didn't like the play-calling (as usual) but thought it got better in the second half as Chase started getting into a rhythm. Receivers however are terrible. Bad hands, not getting open and not picking up yards after catches.

I don't share the love for the defense which I see a lot on this blog. I saw a defense that allowed first downs on almost every third-and-long situation.

jampino said...

Didn't see the game today but we've always given a cushion on defense. It would always drive us crazy. We've never had speedy skill position players. These guys may (I really mean may) not be as talented as previous players but I don't buy it one bit.

The difference is that previous teams were always well coached and prepared. This team is neither. We've won our games by being more physical than our opponents on both sides of the ball. We establish the run and we stop the run. Again, this team does none of it and I didn't see the game.

I don't care how far it sets us back. Get some guys that can evaluate talent and coach. For all their faults, Coughlin, Henning, Spazzing (before he just screwed himself), and OB were all wanted commodities. That went for several members of their staffs.

No one wants these guys and that's telling also.

jampino said...

Meant it was Jags who screwed himself. At least he knew enough to get Logan

Dan said...

I'm definitely reluctant to call for Spaz'z head. I think we have a very young team with a lot of talent and a nice looking class of recruits coming in. A complete overhaul is only gonna further set the program back.

Spaz is clearly someone who is defensive minded and wants a pretty hands-off role on the offense which is fine so long as you have a competent OC, which we clearly do not.

I know we're all upset/ frustrated but completely cleaning house out of frustration is not good for the long term of BC football. Tranq going is definitely the first step and it might not be a bad idea for him to anounce "he will be retiring at the end of the season" to help quell fanbase anger and get the search started for a strong OC -- preferably a younger one who might take the HC from Spaz in an orderly transition a few years down the road.

Dan said...

And Jesus Christ I know Momah and Coleman are more impressive physically, but if neither is going to A. Get open or B. Catch the ball when they are, can we please get Flutie back out there? He clearly is not gonna burn anyone or win many jump balls but he had solid hands and ran decent short/ medium routes.

mod34b said...

Mmason. - it sounds good and maybe feels good to say, as you do, "Everyone in the ACC knows we're a few steps slow and can't match up with their speed guys. That's why we have to continue this 10 yard cushion on pass protection, and why we can't get separation with our WR's on the O side. It's team speed that solves alot of problems."

Only problem is that it's bullshit.

Go check the Rivals recruiting listing for BC and you will see BC has speed at DB and WR.. Plenty of guys with 4.5 speed and some with 4.4 speed. Look inform for MD or VT or NCSU and you will see similar speed. FSU and Clemson do seem to Have greater numbers of 4.4 guys, but that did not do much for FSU before this year.

I think with our current receivers, the issue is coaching/experience in route running, catching the ball!!!, and comfort and feel btw QB and receivers. Just not enough practice for these guys to have that feel. our receivers also do not run crisp routes and the pass schemes do not seem to get guys open. Lack of experience at QB and WR is a major part of the problem.

Look at Gunnell, not super fast, but great routes and great hands. look at Matt Ryan's receivers. Issue is not foot speed - it is other things

Lenny Sienko said...

Lousy Saturday as M. Hockey Eagles fall to Faux Irish 2-1.

Can somebody give us a report on the M. Basketball inter-squad scrimmage? I need some encouragement.

Anonymous said...

I'm grasping at straws, but it looked to me that Montel got the 1st down...See replay.

BCDoubleEagle said...

"I am looking forward to the excuses and Spaz spin."

And I'm looking forward to the excuses for the players, and anti-Spaz spin. I suppose you'll blame him for the dropped passes?

TheFive said...

All is well, all is well, all is well. Coach Flip knows everything about football, and he's going to fix what ails us.

The only problem is that he thinks all of the above. And he is what ails us.

It only took the perma-tanned used car salesman four years to ruin our football program after he forced O'Brien out the door. We all agreed with that move --- contingent upon Coach Flip's ability to go down that "short list" that he always bragged about and find the right guy. Well, he found a con-man who "led" a Heisman calibur QB and a very talented team to 11 wins (which, oh, about 80 coaches in the country could have done), and then stopped recruiting. Then Gene fired him on the pretext of disloyalty, which painted him into the corner inhabited by Spaz.

BC was NEVER this bad under Dan Henning --- NEVER, we lost to good teams and played difficult schedules. Even during Tom O'Brien's first two years --- when the shadow of the gambling scandal still loomed over the program --- we were far, far, far better than this. And those O'Brien teams had half as much talent.

We have a reactive coaching staff, at a school that will never have enough talent to win without a proactive one.

We have an athletic director who thinks he's God's gift to Boston College, when his predecessor gave us O'Brien, York, and Skinner --- and the TV market of the city of Boston gave us the ACC.

And our football program is in the worst state it has been in in two decades --- all because of self-inflicted wounds, by a self-important, perma-tanned clown.

ATL_eagle said...


I call out players all the time, but there were many issues that were on the staff today. But to use your example of dropped balls. Momah was a main culprit. You want to see how I can spin his drops on the coaches?
They just spent the past year playing Momah on defense!?!?!? Maybe if he had been practicing on O, his hands would be a little better.

I know that Chris -- freaking -- Crane was able to get the ball to Momah in the redzone. But he had a different OC.

Eagle 1 said...

Offense: D+

Running was fine. Pass blocking was fine. This is all about Chase and the receivers. Chase (1) throws high, (2) throws behind receivers, and (3) throws into tight coverage. All of that needs to stop. The fact that the receivers are, at best, below average doesn't help.

Defense: C-

Run defense took part of the day off, and the pass defense is plain awful.

BCDoubleEagle said...

"BC was NEVER this bad under Dan Henning --- NEVER, we lost to good teams and played difficult schedules."

You're talking about the Dan Henning whose BC team lost 49-7 to Army at home, right?

mod10aeagle said...

Re: Chase throwing into tight coverage -- I don't think he had any alternatives. It's dumbfounding that our receivers never get any separation while our opponents' receivers always have at least two yards of separation from our DBs. If Chase didn't throw into coverage he'd be running or getting sacked on 90% of pass plays.

I don't buy that our DBs are so much slower than every receiver on the schedule (that includes Weber and Kent State) that even on 3rd and 4 the ordered technique is "just keep them in front of you and don't give them a touchdown". That's just crappy coaching. It was Spaz's technique as DC and it's McGovern's as well.

Why does Tranq call a pass play on 3rd and 1 in an obvious two-down, must-have situation? Assclown.

TheFive said...

Yup, we are MUCH worse than the Henning team that lost 49-7, at home, to Army. That team beat Virginia Tech at Lane Stadium, and had three other wins on the year; we nearly beat Michigan at home too. We were blown out by three teams --- Ohio State, Syracuse, and Army. This year's team is averaging less than 2TDs a game, has no conference wins, and has played one competitive game against a BCS-conference opponent. Frankly, the two teams aren't even comprable. That 1995 team played Ohio State, VaTech, Michigan State, Pitt, West Virginia, Notre Dame, Miami, and Syracuse (when the 'Cuse was the old 'Cuse). How do you think we'd do this year against that line up? It took a miracle tip play for us to even have a shot at home against an ACC team that hadn't won a road conference game in two years.

CT said...

Geez Mod, BC has huge speed issues. I can live with the throws behind the WRs from a Freshman QB. He's learning on the job. Fine. The problem is, across the board, we have no playmakers. Game changing guys that opposing coaches have to plan for. If you think BC's "4.5" guys are comparable to anything else you're even crazier than I think you are. Do the eye test, not the recruiting website test. And not only at WR are we being killed, but defensively, too. The most competitive programs recruit specifically for speed on defense. It's more important than recruiting guys on offense, b/c most staffs can get their guys in open space (we don't or can't or won't or whatever). Our DLine is relatively slow and our secondary is just okay. You can see the difference in Herzy, how losing half a step in speed has transformed him from being the class of the conference to just another LB.

Route running is easy to coach. But when there's no separation, no threat that opposing DBs have to worry about, you get two or three guys in your TV good guy and one or two bad guys draped all over him. Kiwi and Herzy were our last game changers on defense, as good as Raji was. We don't even have a credible threat returning punts, which would be awfully nice when your offense looks at an 80 yd field and you think, "this won't end well."

No one is making the argument that it's our only problem. But it is a HUGE problem, and in a day and age when so many people are running variations of the spread and so many more are emphasizing the passing game (as in the NFL), it becomes even more of a glaring deficiency.

Like I've said before, I really don't blame the defense for much of this. They are always on the field. They have to be nearly perfect and they are by far the better unit. People get pissed with the soft coverage, but we have to blitz so much to generate a pass rush that the DBs have to play off as the last line of defense. McGovern himself has said as much--that the 'bend but don't break' is our chosen route b/c it puts the onus on the opposing team to make more good decisions than bad ones. When you don't have any playmakers, it's the only way to go.

I suspect we'll be having a variation of the same conversation after next week's game, when many on here will see what Clemson brings to the table in terms of athletes and then blame everything on Tranquill. Tranquill should be fishing, granted. But as they say, you can't make chicken salad out of....

We have a talent problem exacerbated by a coaching issue.

My $.02.

mod34b said...

CT. - my comment was about DBs and WRs. Why do you think Gunnell was able to get open so much? It was not due to a speed advantage. Why were Ryan's and Crane's receivers open frequently? Speed advantage? Not the case.

and, if you can, please kindly skip the personal and condescending remarks.

CT said...

Coming from you Mod, that's rich.

This isn't even worth the argument. It's obvious. We need more playmakers. End of story. Gunnell was great for an 8-win team. Yay.

mod34b said...


Calling Harry Collins, calling Harry Collins , ........