Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Absence makes the heart grow fonder

It's been 31 days since we played football and we still have 12 days to go. This will be the longest streak between BC games within one season ever. As a BC fan we are conditioned for a bowl game right about now. This year is a little different. We will have the longest layoff of any team in college football. Some perspective:

Days between BC's games with Syracuse and Nevada: 43 days
Days between Oregon's last game and the BCS national championship: 37 days
Days between Auburn's last game and the BCS national championship: 37 days
Days between Nevada's games with La Tech and BC: 36 days
Days between BC's 2007 ACCCG appearance and the 2007 Champs Bowl: 27 days

Number of games BC played between October 2 and November 13 (42 days): 7

Since Nevada has a long layoff, I don't think the gap will negatively hurt our team. I am just worried about other BC fans like me. We might have to watch some of these meaningless bowl games just to remember what college football looks like.


Erik said...

Man, I just hope Montel is 100% after this wait. Maybe some Bazooka which has mysteriously disappeared from the playbook. Herzlich got better every week.... maybe now he is that much better (than ever?)? Maybe Chase Rettig is a total stud with the extra time? Maybe our line which started gelling late in the year will completely dominate. So much good can happen in this time off, I can't wait for the game.

Dan said...

Montel and Andre are gonna pound Nevada into submission and then hopefully Rettig will be able to open it up.

I'd love to see Herzy grab an INT and bring it back for a TD. It would be a fitting end to a great career.

mmason said...

Montel will not play in this bowl game if he's had knee surgery and his doctor is not an imbecile. Andre will play and he will do great things-- but nobody is going to pound Nevada into submission. It will take a great game plan and touchdowns. That's the team that beat Va. Tech (who shut us out 19-0).Boise scored 33 points against the Hokies and lost to Nevada. Let's be real about this Nevada team. This game is going to be super tough. We're playing the guys who just blew Boise State away.They are not Syracuse.

I hate to be a stats guy, but our numbers on the O side better improve astronomically. If you all watched our offensive performance against the teams that beat us this year, you will note that we did not score enough points to break 20, but once.(21 against Maryland). Our highest point total when we won against any ACC teams was 23 points--against mighty Wake Forest.

Don't get me wrong here--I have great faith in our BC Eagles--but pounding Nevada into submission? Hell, let's just score some TD's and play to win. Let's break 30--and hold them to 24 tops. They won't be a Kent State. A win against Nevada will be an upset...
and we haven't beaten a ranked team in a long time, so let's spike the finish and shut the wolfpack down with some great D and some bigtime offense. Go Eagles!

mod34b said...

Matt Ryan selected to NFL Pro Bowl, Chris Snee too.

That's a nice.

Kevin said...

@mmason, I wouldn't consider lucking out with two missed field goals blowing boise state away. However, Nevada did lose to Hawaii who just got blown away, at home, by tulsa 62-35. So if we want to compare scores through the transitive property, try that one on for size. It's not going to be easy, but by no means impossible

WI_Eagle said...

It looks like there is no TV coverage of the men's hoops game vs. URI tonight, not even on espn3.com.....is that right?

mod34b said...

I am thinking that Nevada and its QB, K-man, are kind of like Central Michigan from 2009. In 2009, C-Mich had a lot of hype, and they had a star QB, Dan Lefevour - 5th best passing percentage in FBS, and the best athlete ever at C-Mich. C-Mich had already beaten Michigan State and played Arizona tough in a close game.

BC knocked them around pretty good. LeFevour got pounded by BC and could not play up to form -- think Mike Tyson, "everyone has a plan until tehy get punched in the face."

Well BC looked past the C Mich hype and beat them 31-10. I think we will handle Nevada the same way.

In this case, MAC=WAC=WACK

Ry said...

anyone else getting the wake vs richmond game via the bceagles.com internet radio link?

BCDoubleEagle said...

Maryland won its bowl game today and NCSU won last night; ACC now 2-1 in bowls so far...

Big Jack Krack said...

I have 4 tix for the BC - SC game in Columbia Saturday evening - and I'm using 2.

Bravesbill - are you home?

Big Jack Krack said...

ACC should be 3 and 0, except for GT's turnovers.

BCDoubleEagle said...

I'm listening to the URI broadcast. 65-62 URI with about 2:00 left.

BCDoubleEagle said...

URI 67, BC 65 final

Lenny Sienko said...

I fear we are taking our opponents too lightly.

University of Nevada-Reno ("UNR") head coach Chris Ault developed the Pistol offense in 2004 as a way to add a power running game to the spread formation. I know everybody at BC is disdainful of the "spread"; but speed still kills.

UNR is not a fluke. In 2009 UNR led the nation in rushing at 345 yards a game and were second in total offense at 506 yards. The Wolf Pack also became the first team in college football history with three 1,000-yard rushers in the same season, quarterback Colin Kaepernick and running backs Luke Lippincott and Vai Taua.

Kaepernick and Taua are the mainstays of this year's UNR rushing attack. Have you ever seen a Spaz defense do a good job accounting for a quarterback who can run?

On the crucial drive of the Boise State game, UNR drove the length of the field running from the Pistol. Kaepernick also has a strong arm, so "bend, don't break" will be put to the test.

While I'd prefer it were otherwise, we will have our hands full with UNR. We could easily end up 7-6, rather than 8-5, neither of which justifies a multi-year contract extension for Spaz.

BTW James Madison University used "The Pistol" to beat #13 ranked Virginia Tech on September 11, 2010.

mod34b said...

Drink the Kool-aid, Lenny, drink the Kool-aid.

eagleboston said...

I agree with Lenny and MMason. You don't pound a team like Nevada into submission. You hope your offense can get enough first downs to keep their explosive offense off the field. I do think we will win, but some of you clearly are under-selling Nevada and how good their team is on offense and how BC cannot put up points on anyone. Our defense is more geared to stopping the run and plays right into Nevada's dink and dunk pistol offense.

This is going to be a very, very tough game for BC. Everything will have to go right for BC to win and I am hopeful that will be the case.