Thursday, December 09, 2010

New offensive coordinators: real and imagined

When you are 108th in total offense nationally and last in scoring within your conference, making a change at Offensive Coordinator seems like a smart move. When your offensive coordinator turns 71 in the spring, having a new name in mind makes sense. Yet Mike Farrell is predicting that Gary Tranquill will return to BC as offensive coordinator in 2011. Let me say that this is the opposite of everything I have heard. I was always told that Tranq was taking it year to year and unlikely to return. Even in the past few weeks I have heard that Tranq would be retiring again. The only gossip I've heard that might support what Farrell is saying is that Spaz would like Tranq to come back. But everyone else, including Tranq himself, is thinking retirement. Regardless, I will stick to my prediction that Tranq will retire.

But the pending change leads us into one of the great parlor games of the BC offseason: picking our new offensive coordinator. I always assumed it would be current WR coach Ryan Day. Many said Spaz preferred current TE coach Dave Brock. Now there is speculation that internal promotions would be fallback options and Spaz would rather bring in an outsider. So here are some real candidates and some speculative and satirical ones.


Ryan Day

Pros: Considered bright young coach with head coach potential. Worked with some of the most influential offensive minds in football.
Cons: Never called a game before. No one knows how or what he would tweak from our current system.

Dave Brock

Pros: Has called plays at this level. Key recruiter for our current and future QBs. Would run an offense most similar to Tranq's.
Cons: Would run an offense most similar to Tranq's. Brock sat next to Tranq in the box while this offense sputtered along. That does not disqualify him, but it makes you wonder if he would have done anything differently.

Sean Devine

Pros: Has called a game before. Knows how to run a wide open, high tempo offense.
Cons: Never called plays at this level. Just because he followed Chip Kelly and has Chip Kelly's playbook doesn't mean he can make BC into Oregon. Mixed results coaching our OLine.

Ben Sirmans

Pros: While he doesn't have the BC roots as deep as Ryan Day, like Day, Sirmans is a well regarded coach who has been around many good offensive systems.
Cons: Never called plays. Never designed an offense.

Frank Cignetti, Jr.
Pros: Suddenly looking for a job after Pitt cleaned house. Followed Tranq at UNC so he knows how to follow him and transition to his system. Has a prostyle and balanced attack that would fit with our current roster. Would be the outside name that many desire.
Cons: No connection to Spaz. Pitt's offense has been criticized for many of the same issues we have (redzone, boring style, etc).

Matt Canada
Pros: Probably out of a job at Indiana. Runs a pass happy sort of prostyle offense. Led the Big Ten in passing.
Cons: No connection to BC. No connection to New England. No connection to Spaz. The reason I mention him is that he is the type of guy who might be available and he has called plays before and could probably elevate the play of our current QBs.

Noel Mazzone

Pros: Current Arizona State OC. Has called plays at a BCS level. May be looking for work depending how the dominoes in the coaching carousel fall. Worked with Gene's son while at the Jets. Runs a pro style that would fit our roster.
Cons: No obvious connection to Spaz. No connection to New England. Might not want to job hop.


Mark Whipple
Pros: Proven play caller. Knows the region well. Knows the ACC. Runs a style of play that would fit for BC.
Cons: Miami had inconsistency issues too. [This was floated to me as a real possibility but I can't ever see it happening. I don't think Whipple would come back and work for Gene. I don't know if Whipple would work at a place where he could have been Head Coach. I also don't know if Spaz would welcome someone who, if he succeeds, could be a threat to take Spaz's job.]

Paul Peterson

Pros: Passing Game coordinator for a FCS school. Alum.
Cons: No BCS experience. No FBS experience. [A blogger can dream, can't he? If you are going to go with an young unproven guy, you go with Day.]

John DeFilippo
Pros: NFL and college experience. Could run a prostyle offense. Knows BC. Worked with some of the current staffers.
Cons: No play calling experience. [Jags considered hiring John D when he first came aboard but everyone thought it wasn't the right time or situation. Now? What the hell? Everyone thinks Gene is calling the shots. Let's just take it to the next level!]

Galen Hall

Pros: Play calling experience. Seasoned veteran. Can run different types of offenses. Turns 71 in August as opposed to April baby Tranq.
Cons: Wouldn't lower the average age of current staff. [If Spaz's wants an outsider with experience to match Tranq, Hall is his only answer...who is still alive.]

As I said, I expect Tranq to retire and Brock or Day to get the job. I hope that if Spaz does look outside the current staff he makes a hire who won't try to change everything. We have the pieces in place to take big leaps forward offensively. I would hate to start from scratch again.


eagle1331 said...

I would love for Gene to actually give a d*** about what supporters of the program think, read the message boards and blogs, and see what people think of our offensive efforts the past 2 years. I bet Tranq comes back just because Gene & Spaz want him. With a boring schedule at home next year we need a change to an exciting type of play (see Skinner to Donahue) to get butts in the seat.

Mike said...

Gene was the one to go out and get Donahue so certainly he at least has some understanding of the matter. I am definitely pulling for Tranq's retirement.

BCDoubleEagle said...

"I would love for Gene to actually give a d*** about what supporters of the program think, read the message boards and blogs, and see what people think of our offensive efforts the past 2 years"

If our athletic director starts making decisions based on message boards and blogs, then we really will be doomed.

Joseph said...

I agree!! If all the posters here were really qualified, wouldn't they be candidates? All opinions are fun to read and think about, but they are from fans informed to various degrees, not really experts.

rumple said...

I think we should look for a position coach from the SEC and elevate him to OC. Why not start at the top programs? This will also help with the very desired southern recruiting. A little dixie on the Charles, if you will.

Ryan said...

Joseph, stop acting like college football coaches are "experts" on anything. They're playing a glorified video game. I guarantee you a fair number of these posters could call just as good a game as Tranq, if not far superior. It's not really rocket science, it's an attitude.

bceagle93 said...

What about Josh McDaniels? Has his tail between his legs right now, so he may be willing to consider it. From the looks of what he has done with Orton and Lloyd this season, he still knows how to run an offense.

Seamus Folan said...

Mike Sullivan, Quarterbacks coach for the NY Giants.

Google him. Pretty good fit for BC on many levels.

Seamus Folan said...

Joe Lombardi, QB Coach of New Orleans Saints

Steve Logan - why can't we bring him back?

Bill Musgrave, QB Coach Atlanta Falcons

Bob Bicknell? He is with the Bills now.

EagleManhattan said...


Why do you think Brock would run a very similar offense to Tranq? I thought his background was a pass happy spread attack as well?

BCDoubleEagle said...
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BCDoubleEagle said...

Kuechly named a Walter Camp All-American, joining some elite company in BC history:

2010: Luke Kuechly LB
2007: Jamie Silva DB
2001: William Green RB
1994: Pete Mitchell TE
1985: Mike Ruth DL
1984: Doug Flutie QB
1984: Tony Thurman B
1940: Eugene Goodreault

mod34b said...

Congrats to the Keek!

mod34b said...

Congrats to Castonzo too for 2nd team All-american.

I also note that there is nobody from BE on the 1st team:

First Team Offense

Pos. Name, School Class Hometown Height Weight

QB Cam Newton, Auburn Jr. College Park, GA 6'6" 250

RB LaMichael James, Oregon Soph. Texarkana, TX 5'9" 185

RB Kendall Hunter, Oklahoma State Sr. Tyler, TX 5'8" 200

WR Justin Blackmon, Oklahoma State Soph. Ardmore, OK 6'1" 205

WR Ryan Broyles, Oklahoma Jr. Norman, OK 5'11" 183

TE Michael Egnew, Missouri Jr. Plainview, TX 6'6" 235

OL Gabe Carimi, Wisconsin Sr. Cottage Grove, WI 6'7" 327

OL Rodney Hudson, Florida State Sr. Mobile, AL 6'2" 282

OL Lee Ziemba, Auburn Sr. Rogers, AR 6'8" 319

OL Nate Solder, Colorado Sr. Buena Vista, CO 6'9" 315

C Jake Kirkpatrick, TCU Sr. Tyler, TX 6'3" 305

PK Danny Hrapmann, Southern Miss Jr. New Oreans, LA 5'9" 160

First Team Defense

DL Da'Quan Bowers, Clemson Jr. Bamberg, SC 6'4" 275

DL Nick Fairley, Auburn Jr. Mobile, AL 6'5" 298

DL Ryan Kerrigan, Purdue Sr. Muncie, IN 6'4" 263

DL Adrian Clayborn, Iowa Sr. St. Louis, MO 6'4" 285

LB Luke Kuechly, Boston College Soph. Cincinnati, OH 6'3" 225

LB Greg Jones, Michigan State# Sr. Cincinnati, OH 6'1" 240

LB Von Miller, Texas A&M# Sr. DeSoto, TX 6'3" 243

DB Patrick Peterson, LSU Jr. Pompano Beach, FL 6'1" 222

DB Prince Amukamara, Nebraska Sr. Glendale, AZ 6'1" 205

DB Jayron Hosley, Virginia Tech Soph. Delray Beach, FL 5'11" 170

DB Tejay Johnson, TCU Sr. Garland, TX 6'1" 212

P Chas Henry, Florida Sr. Dallas, GA 6'3" 215

KR Eric Page, Toledo Soph. Toledo, OH 5'10" 180

KR Shaky Smithson, Utah Sr. Baltimore, MD 5'11" 202

Second Team Offense

Pos. Name, School Class Hometown Height Weight

QB Andrew Luck, Stanford Jr. Houston, TX 6'4" 235

RB Jordan Todman, UCONN Jr. North Dartmouth, MA 5'9" 193

RB Marcus Lattimore, South Carolina Fr. Duncan, SC 6'0" 218

WR Alshon Jeffery, South Carolina Soph. St. Matthews, SC 6'4" 233

WR A. J. Green, Georgia Jr. Summerville, SC 6'4" 212

TE Lance Kendricks, Wisconsin Sr. Milwaukee, WI 6'4" 241

OL Stefen Wisniewski, Penn State Sr. Bridgeville, PA 6'3" 306

OL Derek Sherrod, Mississippi State Sr. Columbus, MS 6'6" 305

OL Anthony Castonzo, Boston College Sr. Hawthorn Woods, IL 6'7" 295

OL Caleb Schlauderaff, Utah Jr. Shelton, WA 6'4" 302

C Chase Beeler, Stanford Sr. Jenks, OK 6'3" 285

PK Will Snyderwine, Duke Jr. Potomac, MD 5'11" 190

Second Team Defense

DL Sam Acho, Texas Sr. Dallas, TX 6'3" 260

DL J.J. Watt, Wisconsin Jr. Pewaukee, WI 6'6" 292

DL Drake Nevis, LSU Sr. Marrero, LA 6'2" 285

DL Jeremy Beal, Oklahoma Sr. Carrollton, TX 6'3" 267

LB Justin Houston, Georgia Jr. Statesboro, GA 6'3" 258

LB Akeem Ayers, UCLA Jr. Los Angeles, CA 6'4" 255

LB Nate Irving, NC State Sr. Wallace, NC 6'1" 231

DB Chimdi Chekwa, Ohio State Sr. Clermont, FL 6'0" 190

DB Cliff Harris, Oregon Soph. Fresno, CA 5'11" 180

DB Quinton Carter, Oklahoma Sr. Las Vegas, NV 6'1" 200

DB Robert Lester, Alabama Soph. Foley, AL 6'2" 206

P Kyle Martens, Rice Jr. Spearfish, SD 6'6" 200

KR Cliff Harris, Oregon Soph. Fresno, CA 5'11" 180

BCDoubleEagle said...

As a follow-up, here are all the BC players who have been named to BOTH the AFCA and Walter Camp All-America teams:

DB Tony Thurman (1984)
QB Doug Flutie (1984)
DL Mike Ruth (1985)
RB William Green (2001)
LB Luke Kuechly (2010)

mmason said...

Let's let the Coen Bros. take a shot at combined OC's, with a No Country for Old Men offense and a True Grit Oline that comes off the line like wild dogs...

Dan said...

While I think Paul Peterson is still a little green to become an OC I would love to see BC bring him onto the staff. Tranq is currently OC and in charge of QBs. Maybe we can bring Peterson in to focus solely on developing our young QBs and have the new OC focus on just play calling?

John B said...

I'm not really sure I understand the reluctance to totally scrap an offense that wasn't even in the top 100. I think we need a fresh start.

mmason said...

Fresh start? If everyone knew what we were going to call on EVERY play,in nearly every BC would be fair to say we needed a fresh start. Montel was beat on game after game with the same calls, blocking for himself, and then just blew out cartilage in that knee from endless pounding. So then, when we got Andre in there we ran that freshman 40+ times in his first game. Was anyone surprised? When we rarely scored TD's in the red zone game after game, was anyone surprised?

Is there any question what plays we will run on offense against Nevada in S.F. on down after down? No. Fresh start? Fresh start? We don't need a weatherman to know that Tranq's offense scheme blows...We have a great defense against the run and people can pass on us if they're any good. We can't score enough to win against top tier teams, but we can hold them to below their average numbers with our D. I love our BC Eagles, and that team deserves a great offensive scheme and a ballsy OC with guts and imagination and toughness. It's time... and this game in The City will reveal clear ly what we have and do not have. Those Nevada guys took Boise down bigtime...we'll give 'em a battle, for sure--but will we score?