Monday, January 10, 2011

Parts are greater than the sum UPDATED with OC note

Sometimes bowl games are aberrations. Sometimes they are a microcosm of the season. This was microcosm of the entire Spaz era and I believe a look into the future under Spaz. First let me say the guys played their hearts out. You can criticize some of Rettig's throws and decisions, but the kid has heart and is competitive. We already knew the defense would play hard until the end and they did. Too bad our offense was "anemic" and Spaz's game management continues to be a cowardly and/or confused.

I understand we are a flawed team, but we are not as bad as we looked. In my opinion the staff is not maximizing or utilizing their talent on both sides of the ball. We could have won this game. But we finished at 7-6 after another terrible offensive performance. While we should have a lot of optimism for next season due to all the returning talent, I fear that this type of season is all we can expect. How can you win 10 games or win the division when your coach plays not to lose?

I know Tranq tends to be the scapegoat, but the bigger problem is Spaz and Gene. Spaz coaxed Tranq out of retirement for this, and Gene created and environment where this all happened. We will have a new OC next year. Once we find out who is taking over, we will have a much better idea of who is truly pulling the strings and what we can expect in 2011 and beyond.

Thank you to all the Seniors. You guys are a class bunch.

I will have second viewing thoughts and grades later in the week.

Ryan Day will be the new offensive coordinator. I applaud the move and will post more on the topic when BC announces it.


Claver2010 said...

I've never cared less about BC football, thanks for sapping my energy Spaz.

As I said at 2-4: nothing is going to change unless we bottom out Spaz will never lead us to where we want to go, continuing the march to mediocrity #FireSpaz

Emil said...

a win would have made me ecstatic.. the loss just reaffirms everything i already knew but hoped could have miraculously changed.

im all for keeping spaz. if we fire him, we run the risk of losing this defense which is actually pretty effective at almost winning games by itself. all we need is some offense...

Dan said...

Keep Spaz. Recruiting is sick, the D basically reloads every year and the talent level there is only getting better.

If we land even a halfway competent OC we can be a very good team.

EagleManhattan said...

How can you applaud promoting someone with absolutely no experience to OC who has done an absolutely terrible job with the WR corp? Why don't we make Devine the HC while we're at it? The guy has called 1 play in his entire life.

EagleManhattan said...

Not to mention, this will push Brock, who is a huge asset to this program, out.

Anfield10 said...

I am not on the fire Spaz bandwagon at all.

1) I like the guy. Seems like a nice guy. Loves BC. I like that

2) He has gone 15-11 as BC head coach in seasons where we haven't had a true starting quarterback and lost competitive bowl games against USC (loaded with 5 star talent) and a top 15 Nevada team

3) He has brought in and is bringing in extremely talented recruits.

4) He is a defensive coach and I think most of us agree we love our D. Maybe it ain't always pretty, but the likes of Kuechly, Pierre Louis, Fletcher, etc. usually keep us in games or single handedly win them for us. If Spaz, now with some experience, can get the offense to be above average, things look very bright

I am no Spaz apologist. I definitely think he has made mistakes, and I definitely think there is room for improvement. But let's face it, unless we hit the jackpot with the next Harbaugh, that would be true of any new head coach who doesn't get to inherit Matt Ryan. I think next year is key. If we don't see definite improvement next year then yes, maybe it is time to start looking elsewhere.

I am very bummed about the loss, and very disappointed in the offensive game given so much time to prepare. I have high hopes for the future though, and now have months with no football to concoct all sorts of fantastical scenarios for next year

Dan said...

First order of business for Day, hire Paul Petersen to come help with the QBs.

Luckily for us, VTech's entire offense has declared for the draft and Clemson is also falling apart. This should hopefully make what looked like a rough(er) 2011 schedule more manageable.

Dan said...

Hopefully Tranq hasn't rubbed off on Day these past two years. Hopefully their conversations look like this:

Tranq: "Play action pass, that's Spanish for 'a whale's vagina'"

Day: "No. No, I don't think that's right."

Bravesbill said...
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Benjamin said...

I say Spaz gets one more year. Question though: as a fanbase what do we honestly expect from our team? And I ask this in all seriousness. What record satisfies/validates Boston College football fans? For me, I don't expect BC to be National Champ status (though I do love day dreaming about it before each season starts). I would be happy with 9-3, and playing in the ACC Championship game. I think that should be our goal year in and out. That said, I'm not going to call for a coach's head simply because he has an off year (say 7-6). Ideally, BC's coach (hopefully Spaz, but probably not) is like a Frank Beamer, a coach I really respect. Solid 10 win seasons, with the occasional not great season.
As for the Day hire, I like it. I hope Day brings in a different philosophy, but given the amount of dropped passes tonight, let's just say I'm being cautious.

Bravesbill said...
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Bravesbill said...

The reasons mentioned for keeping Spaz are inane. Yes, he is a good defensive specialist. That does not mean that he is head coach material. Spaz should not be the head coach. Stick him back at DC and hire someone that can actually coach and lead an entire team, not just one side of the ball.

Benjamin said...

Also, I was at the game, and it was nearly all Nevada except for the few BC strongholds. And not to take away from the good Nevada fans, but there some pretty unclassy Nevada fans as well. Especially on the walk out of the stadium...

chicagofire1871 said...

I was also at the game. There were good Nevada fans and bad ones, nothing new here, keep moving.

Goberry said...

Went to Conte for the bball game the other night. Nothing bothers me more than the fact that they replaced the banners hung when BC won Championships with angry chicken banners stating the same years listed.

America said...

People love to complain! Really you are bitching about the banners? No love for how the team played or the atmosphere? Perhaps we should just go back to the fifties and not allow women in the school? Absurd!

Ry said...

I feel stupid making this comment, but I guess anything to take my mind off of the First Down Dive Bowl last night is a good thing. The worst part about the new banners is that they are screen printed instead of hand sewn. The company that made all of the old ones, and does the banners for a ton of places across the country is New England Flag and Banner and they are located right in watertown. instead of having the banners done the old-fashioned way by a local company, BC athletics went on the cheap for worse looking banners.

BCDoubleEagle said...

I like the fact that the new banners at least are maroon and gold (and thus match our uniforms) as opposed to the old maroon and bright-mustard-yellow banners.

chicagofire1871 said...

Anything with the angry chicken on it, ain't going to win over the fans. The AD is dumb for continuing to brand themselves with that joke of a logo.

eagleboston said...

Last night's game played out exactly like I expected. I'm no genius, I just watch a ton of college football and I'm 44 years old, so I have been watching college football for 38 years. I stated before the game my concern was the offense and that we would need to score 24 points to win this game and I was not confident our offense could so so. Even with the help of the defense, they managed barely half that.

I knew our defense would be tough, but they played even better than I imagined. They only allowed 1 TD to a team that averages something like 35 points a game. We held them 200 yards below their average and to their lowest point total of the season. Folks, I believe that was the best defensive unit in the history of Boston College.

As for Day, I think we have to wait and see. I was not impressed with our receiving corps at all and he was their coach, so I am somewhat suspect in his abilities. He will need to make several modifications to the current offense to be successful. Can an inside guy do that?

eagleboston said...

I should add that I love Spaz's recruiting and his defense, but he needs to improve in clock management and he needs to be less predictable. Last night would have been the perfect time to try a fake field goal or a fake punt, something he did not try the entire season. Why make it easy for the opposing coaches? You need to keep them guessing somewhat. I'm not asking for a riverboat gambler, but even TOB called a fake field goal in a bowl game a few years back.

Eagle 1 said...

Our receiving corps was great last night, wasn't it? No worries. We have some great WR recruits coming in, including Cal McDroppies, Mike "Oil Hands" Boyd, and Lenny "Two Fingers" McNamara. It will go great. I swear.

Ry said...

Can we go back to the thought proposed here that a top flight WR recruit wouldn't want to join a receiving corps returning such a high percentage of its catches? I don't care if we're returning 100% of our catches, a stud WR watching last night's game would have to think that he could come in and make a difference immediately.

campy said...

A stud WR watching this team would probably wonder if he'd ever see a catchable ball coming his way.

Erik said...

Why did we spend the entire season making fair catches in the 4 yd line? You expect they'd be scolded for it, or least explained the downside of a 95 yd field. But since it keeps happening over and over again it means the coaches are allowing it or teaching it. We don't have the offensive efficiency to go 95 yards, or the cool-ness not to fold in that situation (both play calling and execution).

CT said...

Nobody was really surprised by the game last night, were they?

That was the 2010 BC season wrapped up in 60 minutes.

First, again, there is very little talent at WR. Been saying it a long time. Nevada had our guys blanketed. We're slow. Kuechly had the best catch of the night. I was told over the last several games that the WRs were fine, they were young, it's not a talent issue. Right.

Second, the O Line is (was) not very good. Kent State taught us that. Something is wrong up front.

Third, calling a TO with 4 mins left and then kicking the field goal was absurd. And then compounding the mistake with an onside kick...developmentally challenged decision making.

Fourth, you can't have a white guy returning kicks. Especially when he catches punts at the 5 and lets the punts in front of him drop and roll past him 20 yds. White dudes with no speed equals long fields with no hope.

Fifth, Bob Davie is an idiot.

Sixth, we have no gamechangers.

And finally, Gary Tranquill is to imagination what Kim Kardashian is to talent.

You gotta keep Spaz, I'm afraid to say. Recruiting is good. Team is relatively young. And, most importantly, Tranquill is gone. The future is not without hope.

By the way, Kuechly is a beast.

Thanks for everything, Herzy. What. A. Stud.

Bob B. said...

"You can't have a white guy returning kicks. Especially when he catches punts at the 5 and lets the punts in front of him drop and roll past him 20 yds. White dudes with no speed equals long fields with no hope. "


mod10aeagle said...

Spaz blamed the loss (and others during the regular season) on "poor execution", and in the case of the wide receivers and offensive line, he as right. However, he left out the coaches whose execution over the last five weeks (and perhaps throughout the season) was pretty piss-poor. Most notably among them was Tranquill, of course, but also Day and whoever coaches the O-line. In fact, it was teh performance of the O-line and the receivers that lost that game last night. The idea that Day has somehow earned himself the OC job is very disconcerting.

Anfield10 said...

I would disagree with Bravesbill's characterization of my reasons for keeping Spaz as "inane", which means empty or insubstantial. You may think other factors outweigh them, but I hardly think extremely good recruiting, very strong defense, being a guy that loves BC and wants to coach there, etc. are all empty or insubstantial things to look for in a head coach.

I can certainly see why other may disagree. I do wish Spaz had some other qualities to add to those I listed such as some unpredictability. Here's hoping that Day can really bring some new ideas. He should be / is very familiar with his players and their qualities. He will hopefully want to make his mark and bring in some new and exciting ideas. I am usually overly optimistic with BC (at least until the game begins) so I really expect a similarly strong defense next year and a real step forward on offense.

I wasn't able to comment on the in-game post and don't want to read through 300 comments. Can anyone fill me in on Montel Harris? I head he was going to start, he was in pads, and then never played. What was the story?

Anfield10 said...

and by "head" i meant "heard" he was starting

Agree the commentators were unbearable. Davie especially. Anybody notice how much more they talked about Nevada than us? Even the Herzlich storyline was surprisingly quiet for his last ever game. Every clip I saw of players experiencing San Fran was the Nevada team.

blockparty said...

40+ days of preparation and we got that crapfest?

i do not care if spaz is a good recruiter or not-- if he cannot make the most of those recruits, who cares how great of a recruiter he is?

i know, i know, give him time, let him implement his guys, give him a fair chance.

however, the preparedness of the team in this game was awful. he should be ashamed of that offensive performance.

no balls. no wrinkles to the game plan. last game of the season, it isnt a huge game, do something to put nevada on their heels. instead we went run, run, pass, punt on just about every series.

JBQ said...

Real good comments this time. I have to concur with all. I would like more info that you say that you will bring on Coach Day. It would make sense that if he does well that he would then "move on up" like the John Amos character on tv.

Anfield10 said...

I agree that the lack of preparedness and lack of new wrinkles was disconcerting. Maybe I am giving too much benefit of the doubt, never having played sports at a college level. I certainly was expecting more after 6 weeks off.

Personally I think it is too early to know whether Spaz has or will "make the most" of those recruits. I don't think anyone would claim he hasn't made the most out of our defensive ones. It is on the offense we have question marks. We are certainly no Florida, but look how much Florida struggled this year with a young offense and new starters. Last night we started frosh qb, rb, 2 wrs. I would imagine that makes it very difficult for even an accepted good coach to do much with. Again, look at the struggles of Texas with a young offense.

That's why I think the calls for firing are premature. Last year, most of us will admit, was a steady the ship year with the Jags fiasco and Herzy cancer. This year, while I am disappointed, I can see reasons beyond Spaz for the poor year - the vast inexperience of the team, Herzy just coming back from injury, injuries to Gause, Larmond, Davis, Herzy (though he played), Harris, Albright. That's why I am reserving judgment on whether he should be fired or not until next year. Similar displays next year and I may well be eating crow and admit many of you were right

Ry said...

ok, i have to be that guy. Movin' On Up was The Jeffersons starring Sherman Hemsley...John Amos was in Good Times I believe which also had an awesome theme song.

Joe Gravellese said...

In addition to competing for the ACC Championship, I'd ideally like my team to not be dreadful to watch. The games this year were UNWATCHABLE when BC had the ball.

AlbanyEagle said...

Good call, Ry.

Temporary lay offs.
Good Times.
Easy credit rip offs.
Good Times.
Scratchin' and surviving.
Good Times.
Hangin in a chow line
Good Times.
Ain't we lucky we got 'em
Good Times


mod10aeagle said...

Anybody know what happened to Momah last night? The only time I noticed him was on the Nevada punt return when he blew his contain assignment and ended up downfield, well past the return man. I don't think he played a single down on offense. Cold that be true?

HUGE said...

I don't see the offense improving until our plays get signaled from the sidelines via Doug Flutie drumbeats.

Thunderdome said...

Why was Claiborne benched for most of the first half and most of the third quarter? Just curious.

BCNorCal07 said...

Momah did get in a couple of plays on offense and failed to come down with an early third-down catch. I can't really blame the coaches for not playing him more because, frankly, he was a very poor wide receiver.

Big Jack Krack said...

Bought tickets, but very glad I did not go Never thought I would ever say that about the school and team I love). The Defense played great, and held Nevada to 1 touchdown and 2 field goals = 13 points.

We scored 13 when we should have scored at least 17 with no problem. The kick return was regretable, and the difference in the game.

It's sad to see a BC team that was quite capable of knocking off a well regarded 12 and 1 team come up short on the offensive side.


I could have called a better game, and my only experience is as a fan.

Where was McCluskey? Where was a fake or reverse option by Flutie? Throw Flutie and Lindsey in there for a couple of plays if we're going to be that bad - they have been there for 5 years - give them a sniff. These are examples - why didn't you pull out all the stops? Because the game has passed you by, that's why - and Spaz allowed it.

Anyway, I am very glad that Tranquill is gone if it's true.

He was without a doubt the poorest excuse for an OC there could possibly be. This was a bowl game, and he showed zero imagination - he's a disgrace and I'll tell him that to his face.

Secondly, while defense wins games, we have to get our offense back. How will we do that, Frank?

You have one season to show your stuff - 2011 is all you deserve to show that you are HC material. The jury is still out on that - 2011 is all you get.

With ANY planning and imagination - with any additions to our offensive game plan - with any opening up of the playbook - that game was ours and BC fans would feel good about themselves after being the laughing stock of all offensive football for the past 2 years. But what? We will have to endure this baloney for another year, until you prove you can coach TO WIN THE GAME.

Boston College should have won that game.

Let me ask you this, Frank - do you feel bad about that? Are you embarrassed by that? Will you work hard in the off season to rectify that poor offensive 2010 performance by your coaching staff?

Will you try to compete for the ACC Championship?

Will you stop blaming the players and their poor execution? The playcalling was the worst I have seen in my 45 years of watching and cheering (for) BC Football.

How could anyone cheer for a Gary Tranquill offense? Frank, you have turned avid BC fans away because of thias disgrace!

Do you understand that? My season tickets hang in the balance - that's all I can control. But I sure would like a half hour with you, Frank - and another half hour with your buddy Gene.

The Nevada game was ours to take - what a shame. What a piss-poor effort by your OC. We all knew it would be so - and that's the real shame.

BC Nation to Frank Spaziani - straighten this out - you didn't wait this long for a HC job in order to mail it in, did you?

Bear down, or you wiil hear it.

Fello Eagle in Atlanta bloggers - what would you say to Frank Spaziani if you ran into him tomorrow?

Nice try, Frank? I don't think so.
Good coaching effort, Frank? I don't think so.

Dan said...

I would tell Frank his moustache is embarassed at how badly the defense was let down last night.

Anyone know who that kid always on the sideline with Spaz is? Is he looking for an OC job?

Hopefully, something good comes out on the OC front. I'm not looking forward to having to boycott BC football otherwise.

Dan said...

Hunger - 1, BC - 0

Walter said...

Without reading through what I'm sure are a batch of miserable BC commentary, I was at the game and here are some of my thoughts.

The game was definitely a microcosm of the season. but it is complete nonsense to say that it's representative of a Spaz "era" that has just now lasted two seasons.

The playcalling was the most varied all year. He attempted an onsides kick when that was definitely not the safe move. Rettig threw the ball a ton in the fourth quarter once it was clear the rush game wasn't working.

I'm not Spaz's biggest fan by any means, but nothing makes me angrier when negative prognostications are dealt out prematurely.

Have you seen how good our defense is? Spaz must be a big reason for that. You have to give him credit where credit is due.

Walter said...

Okay, I read through the comments here and the only other things I want to address are these.

Since when is it okay to just be casually racist and say that a white guy can't return punts?

To any and all who are moping about how terrible this season was and are threatening to pull their season tickets when they didn't even attend the bowl game - go ahead.

That's not the kind of commitment that's going to turn around the justified media perceptions of our school and sports teams - a place that's seen as good but not great.

Great schools have dedicated fanbases that support their team no matter what.

This was a 2-5 team that won 5 straight games and then held a highly ranked team well below its season average in numerous offensive categories and lost by one freaking fluke punt return touchdown. Short of a victory, this was the best you could have expected from this team - let alone without one of its best players.

Bob B. said...

Save it Walter, this is a BC blog and blogs are for praising or for criticizing the athletic teams..nobody just decides to go out of their way and post something like "hey, this team is doing decent, not bad, or alright and i'm satisfied with their performance."
The more comments (positive or negative, correct or incorrect) about BC sports, the better..It shows they have true passion

Bravesbill said...

Yes Walter, Spaz should be the DC but he has no business being the HC.

Walter said...

I agree that he shouldn't be the HC, but he is. Is it really feasible to move him back? Does that happen in college football? If it does, I would be all for it.

and I agree that negative interest is better than no interest at all. but it's not asking too much to see things for what they are instead of always looking at the downsides.

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Lenny Sienko said...

Walter, I must disagree---with RRPP at the bowl game. There was nothing new. Did you see a screen pass, a draw play, a swing pass, anything to offset the rush on our poor quarterback? I saw one reverse, which gained about 4 yards. That was the extent of anything other than RRPP.

GDF gave Soaz a contract extension before BC had finished a mediocre season. We ended up 7-6.

The plane had not even landed back in Boston when we find out that there is a new OC...great; but did we conduct a search for the most qualified candidate? Did GDF interview available coaches from around the country/ Did GDF and Soaz consider installing a new offensive system with a new offensive coaching staff?

No way.

We learn that a position coach, with two (2) years as a grad assistant and three years as a WR coach, and no OC experience is now going to run the BC offense and call the plays.

What can that mean, other than more of the same? There will be no innovation. There will be no "new broom". There will only be more run, run, pass, punt (hereinafter "RRPP").

RRPP has brought us 8-5 and 7-6, with consecutive bowl losses. RRPP made us a laughingstock on national TV. I fear merely throwing Tranquill under the bus will not save the offense.

Big Jack Krack said...

Good post, Lenny.

I like that - RRPP.

Let's go, Spaz. 2011 is your chance to prove that we are better than that - if not, you can joing Gary in retirement. You've had 3 years to pad your retirement fund.

I wish you the best - but you must seek continuing improvement.

What was the reason for the quick "selection" again?

JBQ said...

RRPP. Good comment. Away games 2011 (0-6) Clemson, Maryland, Miami, Virg Tech, Central Florida, Notre Dame. home (3-3) Duke, Florida St., NC St., Wake Forest, UMass, Northwestern. There are already problems on the horizon.