Thursday, March 31, 2011

Gene D, BC featured in Fiesta Bowl investigation

With the Auburn stuff brewing, the Fiesta Bowl scandal is momentarily on the back burner, but that doesn't mean that we should overlook BC's connection. The Bowl seems to be one of the most corrupt organizations you could find. Allegations and violations include paying off politicians and massive expense reporting tax fraud. Gene Defilippo was not interviewed by the investigators but he is featured prominently regarding a boondoggle trip to Boston the Fiesta Bowl committee made in 2008. The Fiesta Bowl expensed $65,000 for bowl officials, friends and politicians to come to Boston in 2008. The educational/business development purpose of this trip was a dinner on Friday night before the game. Gene was the key note speaker. From the report (p.179-180)

The educational function of this trip appears to have been a dinner presentation on Friday night titled "BCS Football: An Economic Engine for Arizona" featuring guest speaker, Gene Defilippo, the Boston College Director of Athletics. According to Martin, Defilippo's presentation "was not so much educational." Martin explained, "We had a dinner like we always do and Gene Defilippo spoke at the dinner. That was our training, but it was more like a welcome speech" Keogh further stated: "the Boston College Director came and talked to the know, to fill the 'business purpose' obligation part."

Now let me be clear: Gene has not done anything illegal. How much he knew about this boondoggle cannot be proven. But we all know that there was no way that the Fiesta Bowl was ever going to select BC for their bowl. So Gene's sole purpose for this was to give a fluffy speech, make a toast and give the fat cats an excuse to write off their $65,000 trip to Boston. He just helped grease the engine that is the college football bowl system. If they're happy, Gene's happy. And that has been Gene's MO. He's an insider and a glad hander. That skill has benefited BC at times, like the move to the ACC. My frustration lies in that he is enabling all this bowl nonsense and it doesn't really serve BC's goals or purposes. We get the short end of the stick regarding bowls. We are the type of school that would benefit from a playoff. A playoff will never happen though as long as the Presidents and ADs are in bed with the Bowls.


blist said...

Nice catch. But maybe a little unfair to Gene, ATL. I think it's hard for any meeting to get a speaker who isn't going to give a fluffy speech touting their own agenda (I'm sure there was plenty about how great BC is in his talk.) I think the committee could have all just had dinner together in Boston without any speech and they still could claim it as a business expense - usually educational components are a way to justify meetings when incentive travel would look bad to shareholders.

mod34b said...

Sounds like GDF did the right thing -- ingratiating himself and BC with football movers and shakers at no cost to BC. Why not? -- So long as he was not complicit in the scam.

You say that the Fiesta "Bowl seems to be one of the most corrupt organizations you could find." Seems so, but I am patiently waiting on an investigation of the Chik-fil-A Bowl. These guys strike me as another group of slimey homers.

Tying back to your last email on ethics, I must wonder if the Clemsons and FSUs provide any 'incentives' for the Chik folks to pick them.

Wouldn't it be great for all the corruption in NCAA bowls to be exposed! Go Muck Rakers!

Erik said...

I just read "Death to the BCS" a few weeks ago. A great read if you want to hear more about how corrupt these bowl reps are, taking big trips to schools they'd never in a million years invite to their bowl just so they can socialize with their buddies and blow money.

DougBushBC said...

Totally agree about the "Death to the BCS"... Also, this is the kind of stuff that BC just straight doesn't need to be involved in. Even if it wasn't illegal, Gene D is so into being "IN" on everything, how can we trust him to do the best for BC. I am sorry, but I still want him to take a long ride on a short buss.

TheGreat98 said...

As much as am I not Gene fan, I believe he is doing the right things (as best he can) for BC. If NCAA finally gets any balls and does the right thing (by creating a playoff for football), then great, we will benefit. Otherwise, if you don't get in front of the BCS train, it will run you over. I am not saying we should be complicit in sleazy deals, but if we turn away from the BCS (in its current form) we will become like Holy Cross, alone with our morals and not so good football.

lbkjj said...

Nothing in the report to indicate Gene received any " fee' for speaking, I think he was correct to be there promoting BC to the Fiesta Bowl.

chicagofire1871 said...

These bowl guys are a slimey as they come and the bowl selection process may frequently overlook very good BC teams, but I don't understand the logic in thinking that a playoff will benefit BC.

BC is not the type of program that is going to string together 5 wins over top 15 teams. We could however go undefeated in ACC play and be invited to the National title game, where anything can happen in a one off match.

From where I sit, the BCS system works to BC's advantage. It's only our failure to go undefeated that has pushed us waaaay down the list.