Monday, May 30, 2011

A bad year for BC to under recruit Ohio

Ohio has long been one of BC's most important recruiting territories. In addition to our niche in Cincinnati, BC has picked up players around the state with a focus on Cleveland area schools. Now that Jim Tressel is out and Ohio State's future uncertain, it would seem like a good time to make a move or close on some kids who had Ohio State on their radar. Unfortunately BC is only still targeting eight players in Ohio and only one has an Ohio State offer in hand. It's not too late to get more aggressive or go after Ohio State commits. The most promising OSU verbal with a BC ties is Tight End Blake Thomas. He is saying the right things about sticking with the Buckeyes, but there are two major things any school will use against these recruits. The unknown of the new coach and the likelihood of heavy sanctions in the next five years.

I understand how some don't think we should pray on these kids emotions and they should want to attend BC regardless of what is going on at Ohio State. That's fine in theory, but the reality is that other schools will target Tressel recruits. BC is missing an opportunity if we don't do the same.


mod34b said...

It is always tough for BC to compete against OSU, especially in Ohio. We really are not comparable to OSU AT ALL. Has there ever been a kid who chose BC over OSU?

Seems like BC needs to work the margins in Ohio (and NJ, and FL, etc). Find the kid who is overlooked by Ohio and Big Ten schools, particularly kids from Catholic high schools.

Tressel being out is just leading to heavy rumors that Urban Meyer will step in in 2012 (N.B.: Meyer is only denying he will return to coach this "fall") Meyer is from Ohio and a has a graduate degree in sports admin from OSU, so you gotta think OSU is a dream job. If he takes the job, Meyer will make OSU one of the top 2-3 go-to-schools for recrutis. (not that it needs much help in recruiting) NO DOUBT.

In a pecualiar way, if OSU becomes THE really hot school and attracts recruits from all over the US, that might actually enhance BC's chances of getting the kid from Ohio who is really good, and normally would go to OSU, but does not get an offer from OSU because Meyer has so elevated the OSU standards.

Anonymous said...

Let's Bring Jim Tressel to BC! We lost out on Bruce pearl, but God's giving us another chance! Go Eagles! Bring Jim Tressel to BC!!

BCNorCal07 said...

Gosh, that blog is absolutely unreadable. The font is terrible.