Friday, May 13, 2011

Irrational exuberance over German import

As Eric Hoffses reported yesterday, German G/F Patrick Heckman committed to BC. Normally a late signee doesn't make a class, but I sort of feel that Heckmann represents why I am so optimistic about next season. No one can fill the void left by Reggie Jackson, but I now feel that Donahue has enough pieces to be competitive next year. This is my rationalization...

1. We just need offense
BC was competitive to varying degrees during the Skinner era without playing great defense. Donahue's track record at Cornell was highly efficient offense and soft defense. His first year at BC only solidified that reputation. I am not approving of this approach nor do I think BC can ignore it forever, but in a limited window of preparation and with a young team, I am all for emphasis on one aspect of the game. Donahue proved he could install a system quickly.

2. Round pegs for round holes.
While this year's team will be very inexperienced, they we all recruited for their current skill set. I understand that good players can play in any system, but we had serviceable players that weren't used much last year because of their limitations (Elmore, Dunn).

3. Some of these guys will emerege.
I have no idea if Heckmann will be any good. I like that he was recruited by Michigan. What I like is that he can handle the ball and drive to the hoop. Now driving to the hoop on the European circuit is different from the ACC, but really BC only needs one effective slasher. That's why I like the signing. If Humphrey isn't the slasher we need, now we have another option in Heckmann. Clearly not all of these recruits will be ready or pan out. But you just need one effective point, one spot shooter from the perimeter, one big man who can pass, and one slasher. Given the depth of this class, I am pretty confident that Donahue will find some good minutes from many of them.

5. Incredibly low expectations.
In every article on Jackson's decision painted the situation at BC as dire and rebuilding. I have been one of the few optimists. But among the students and regular fans any signs of life will be welcome. If this team approaches eight ACC wins, everyone will be buzzing about BC's young guns.

I am probably setting myself up for disappointment with all of this. But I am excited about the unknown and the hope of things to come.


Mr. Tambourine MAn said...

Freudian slip ATL?

"I am not pretty confident that Donahue will find some good minutes from many of them"

Scott said...

Expectations are deservedly low.
- We have zero experienced guys returning of note. Not one is a viable candidate to lead the team in points, rebounds, or assists.
- Last years' recruiting class was late filled by guys with zero BCS offers. Clearly not ACC players
- Al didn't recruit any players the year before. Zero!!
- Our only asset is a 7 man recruiting class, which is huge, yet not ranked even though most systems favors quantity.

The class is tall, skilled, and can shoot. None are athletic, and seeminly defensive liabilities. Just one can ball handle

That's tough. Hopefullybwe'll play like go saga .... Or the 1980's Celtics!!

Unknown said...

"I am probably setting myself up for disappointment with all of this."

The very essence of being a fan :)