Thursday, August 11, 2011

2011 Position Previews: Defensive Line

New season. New format. Instead of a digestible combo of factoids and opinions, I am going to write in a more narrative, free style post. As always, feedback is appreciated.

When unremarkable players graduate the consensus is usually "we won't miss them." Yet the basic logic should raise the question: if the guys were so mediocre, why didn't the guys we have starting now, play last year? Will we miss Brad Newman, Alex Albright and Damik Scafe? Yes and no. In a way, we missed them last year when both Albright and Scafe missed time with injury. But we won't miss them because of what we ask the front four to do.

The DL at BC most stop the run. To do so they fill gaps and make tackles. Ordinary college players can do this if coached well. BC has sent out plenty of ordinary guys over the years who have performed well in the system. However, BC becomes special when we play the scheme with a great player or two. But a Kiwi or Raji on our DLine and watch the game change. Let's meet our potential game changers.

The guys expected to start are Kaleb Ramsey, Dillon Quinn, Kasim Edebali, and Max Holloway. Holloway has improved each year, Edebali looked good, Quinn was a highly rated prospect, yet I think Ramsey will set the tone. With him, it has always been about focus and desire. He's got the size and speed. I think he could be a great DT. Maybe now, as a senior, it will all click. The key for the Ends would be to increase pressure while still keeping contain.

The other guys in the mix will be Mehdi Abdesmad, C.J. Parsons, Dominic Appiah, Conor O'Neal, Bryan Murray, Jaryd Rudolph, and Dan Williams. Spaz might throw some of the true freshman out there, but I doubt it.

Of the second teamers I am going to follow a hunch and say Rudolph and Abdesmad will get the most playing time. Abdesmad has generated good buzz. When Rudolph saw the field last year, he looked like a high motor type.

So back to the original question: will we miss the departed? I don't think so. I think we will maintain their output and have the chance to be special if one or two guys play beyond their baseline.


Jamie M said...

I disagree that we're not gonna miss the guys who graduated - we were #1 in the nation against the run last year! I know Boy Wonder is the best linebacker in the history of college football, but we need some good DL's to be best in the nation again...

eagleboston said...

Have you all been following the latest wave of conference realignment? It is looking more and more like Texas A and M, angry at Texas for their TV deal, will bolt to the SEC. This would most likely result in the SEC poaching teams from the ACC and, lo and behold, we could be the odd man out. Sure, we can pull from the Big East, but that will simply diminish the prestige of the ACC (especially if we lose Florida State and Clemson).

If Boston was not such a huge baseball town, the large TV market would be appealing to the Big Ten, but the reality is, Bostonians will not watch college football.

neenan said...

EagleBoston, I see you are talking out your arse again. Please spare us this half-baked drivel.

EL MIZ said...

i'm not sure how likely it is, but it does appear that A&M to the SEC would be the first domino in a huge national shake up with a few 16-team conferences. i think Clemson to the SEC after A&M is a pretty good bet, and who knows after that.

Slick Gene had pretty good foresight last time, so I trust he will be able to read the situation and make the right move for BC. i think the Big 10 would be a logical fit for BC if it turns out that Clemson and perhaps FSU or georgia tech leave the ACC.

Erik said...

We changed the helmet (stripe)! Didn't see that coming.

eagleboston said...
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neenan said...

EagleBoston -- Something on your mind?

EL MIZ -- just as goofy as Eagle Boston. READ MY TYPE: BIG TEN IS NEVER TAKING BC - EVER

eagleboston said...

Jimmy, I guess I don't understand what you are referring to as "drivel." The Texas A and M switch to the SEC is all over the sports news right now and it will have a major effect on realignment. I can understand if you are upset about my comment that Boston is not a college football town, but that is a fact. It is not a negative comment towards people that live in Boston. They simply prefer professional sports, particularly baseball, to college sports. And that makes BC less attractive to the BCS conferences that want eyeballs watching their games (thus giving the conferences big money contracts).

And I am going to stick up for El Miz (although I know he can defend himself). How can you say with any certainty that BC will never go to the Big Ten? When Florida State leaves the ACC, all bets are off.

EL MIZ said...

Jimmy, back up your comment and tell me why. Is it in the Big 10 charter that BC can't join?

Doug Gottleib of ESPN is reporting that Texas A&M is going to the SEC. Florida State, Clemson, and Missouri are likely to follow them to make it the first super conference of 16.

ACC will be left with 10 teams, as will what was the "Big 12." I think more shake up is on the way, and the Big Ten adding Boston & VA to its TV network doesn't seem so nonsensical to me. Tell me, why is it?

neenan said...

BC is not desired by the B10 and is not and has never been a serious candidate for entry into the B10. Please do your own research on this point. But If you enjoy the BC-B10 fantasy, then continue to indulge.

EL MIZ said...

well there has never been a 16-team superconference until now.

look, this is what i assume:

Texas A&M is for all intents and purposes going to the SEC. clemson and FSU, although disputing that they have talked about it, are likely candidates to join the SEC, as well as missouri from the big 10. that gives the SEC 16 teams. they will promptly re-negotiate their TV deal and sign an even bigger one given the enlarged region, more games, etc.

that would leave the ACC with 10 teams. two of the biggest -- if not the two biggest draws -- would be gone. the ACC would then have to go on the offensive and look to acquire at least 2 teams to make up for the loss of clemson and florida state. given the changed landscape, further re-alignment wouldn't be out of the question.

i figure that IF there is a 16-team SEC with 2 teams that used to be in the ACC and IF that conference signs a huge TV (likely), THEN its probable that other conferences (the pac-12, the big ten, etc) start feeling out who they could get to join.

IF the big ten did that, BC would be a fairly logical team to poach. we expand their network into the new england/tri-state area, we improve their profile academically, we have a hockey powerhouse that would greatly strengthen their new hockey conference. feel free to rebut any of these points. i agree that AS IS the big ten wouldn't consider adding BC. but the current state of things is going to be shaken up in the next week as the SEC grows to 16. everyone has been waiting for the domino to fall that spurs 16-team "superconferences" and texas creating their own network ($300 mil over the next 20 yrs for themselves), A&M feeling spurned and going to the SEC is that domino.