Sunday, August 21, 2011

Criticism of ACC misguided

Since it started College Football's current shakeup in 2003, the ACC has been battling backlash from the media and the college football landscape. I imagine it was driven in part by the media narrative at the time that the "ACC was going to challenge the SEC" for college dominance. It hasn't happened obviously. But because of that, there is a general defensiveness among ACC fans, teams and ACC media. There is a recurring theme about "what the ACC can do" which I just don't understand. It talks about a second BCS team or Heisman hype, but none of that really matters. All that does matter is the primary point -- the ACC needs to produce a National Champion. Everything else is fluff.

The ACC hasn't produced a champion for a variety of reasons. Most point to parity. I would also point out bad coaching at the programs most positioned to compete on a national level (FSU, Miami, Clemson). Virginia Tech has carried the torch for the conference, but usually have mediocre offense -- which hurts their overall record and the ability to deliver in the BCS. But there is nothing the conference "can do" to help things. Even if the middle of the pack rolled over against the big boys, the non-conference foes won't comply. It is now just a matter of someone stepping up and the ACC ignoring the criticism. No one seems to mention the Pac 12, Big 12 nor Big Ten hasn't produced a national champion in six years. Why should we be so thin skinned?

The ACC will produce a champion again. But to do so, we have to stop thinking like a conference and hope that the individual teams step up.


Erik said...

What is intestering to me, I think I agree that most years the HOkies have a mediocre offense and "a strong Bud Foster defense" (quote from any generic TV person), but when you think about their stars, they're mostly all offensive stars.

QBs, RBs, and WRs end up being their big "name" players.

I know the defensive players make the league, but the ones talked about in Blacksburg, besides maybe Macho Harris, trend toward offense.

Walter said...

The other thing that's disingenuous about the whole "pick on the ACC" thing is that the SEC is the only conference that's produced a national championship for the last five years. It's not as if the other five have won one and we are missing out. Granted we haven't fielded someone to play in the game, but no one but the SEC has had success.

Big Jack Krack said...

Williams sprained his ankle in todays scrimmage. Is it my imagination or has the injury bug already hit us badly?

Several key players were out, and it looks like we can't count on Richmond in the O-Line. Others out as well.

Oh Boy - I hope we can turn this trend around.

eagleboston said...

Most national championship teams are cheaters. I am not certain that is something ACC schools should emulate.

Big Jack Krack said...

Meant to say Richman, obviously - sorry.