Wednesday, August 24, 2011

A look at BC's official basketball schedule

BC released its basketball. Most of the opponents were known already. This clarifies the dates for conference games. I am very optimistic about the season, but the untested talent means that we really have no idea how they react to the ebbs and flows of the schedule. Here are some thoughts...

Thanksgiving Hangover
This is an annual issue as we almost always follow our holiday tournament with our Big Ten game. We follow that with BU and Providence. In normal years I wouldn't worry about BU or PC, but I think Joe Jones's familiarity with the scheme and roster will make that game tough. I also think Ed Cooley will also have extra motivation to beat BC.

Even ACC schedule
This is the first year as an ACC member where we don't have a killer stretch of games. We seemingly always have Duke and UNC near each other or a long stretch of away games. Right now I would say at VT, at MD and hosting Duke will be the most challenging week.

Only two Sunday night games
ESPN took over the FOX's old Sunday night ACC package. BC will only be feature twice this year. I guess it is too be expected given how young the team is. Let's hope the team is featured more in the coming seasons.

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Erik said...

I'm enjoying the good for New England game lineup:

Holy Cross

and to a lesser extent
Sacred Heart

I'd much rather play these teams than their equivalents from Pennsylvania & South Carolina. Even if it means harassment from local alumni if BC loses.

Holy Cross at DCU and PC at the Dunk are nice easy drivable road games for fans.

Also, no random ACC game in December thrown in like usual (typically Maryland)