Thursday, August 18, 2011

Louis Hinnant speaks the truth!

Louis Hinnant via twitter regarding Georgetown's fight on their tour of China:
Say what u want about Coach Skinner, but he woulda had no problems with us whoopin ass if a brawl broke out #WeAreBC

Not much else needs to be said.

I still wish he had punched Paulus.


Tom said...

Agree ATL - Paulus was such a tool.

I loved that 05-06 hoops team. Smith, Dudley, Hinnant (remember how he took over during that ACC tourney?), Marshall, Sean Williams, and Tyrese Rice coming off the bench. That team was stacked. 3 NBA players (if you include S. Williams), and several playing overseas. They totally came down to that ACC tournament on a mission and it's so frustrating that they couldn't hang on against Duke. Freaking JJ Redick. Of course, I probably wouldn't remember that as much if we had hung on against Villanova to go to the Elite 8!

Big Jack Krack said...

Two games that were within our grasp. Don't know which was worse - a long jump shot by a guy every fan knew would take the shot, or an easy layup/goaltend off an in-bound pass under the basket with a couple of seconds left in the game.

How our history could have been so much different!

Go Eagles - let's climb the mountain again.

EL MIZ said...

The 05-06 basketball team was definitely my favorite BC team of all-time. Sean Williams getting beat back door by Will Sheridan was a tragic, tragic moment which I watched by myself in the basement of McElroy while engineering the radio broadcast from the WZBC studio.

I saw Sean Marshall playing bball in NYC about 3 weeks ago. Looked like he had lost a step. That team had a ton of swag -- Marshall, Hinnant, Dudley plus the consistent Craig Smith and Sean Williams doing his best '99 Marcus Camby impression off the bench.

How we will long for that team this March...

Erik said...

While I think Troy Bell is most deserving of having his jersey retired (way overdue), Craig was my favorite Eagle ever (perspective being the Curley-Gerrod-Huckaby- era on). I truly believed he couldn't be stopped buy any defender or triple team in the country.

As far as Bell, it should have been done ages ago, but now they better wait until BC has a good team so that it can be done in front of more than 3000 people.

Michael said...

EL MIZ: I think you mean Marshall getting beat on the backdoor. Williams was guarding the inbounder. Such a heartbreaker.

I was at the ACC tournament in 2006. What an event. BC ran Maryland out of the gym and then handled UNC in what was essentially a road game. Still pissed UNC received a better tourney seed despite losing to us at home and at the tourney.

Then the Duke game. Despite the loss, best basketball game I have ever been to. So heated. Back and forth. Reddick killed us in the end but we still had a Hinnant desperation heave to win...still wishing it somehow clanked in.

cwm2005 said...

Great quote by Hinnant.

That team was my favorite as well. The 2001 Willie Green BC football team and Senior Matt Ryan led squad are right there too.

I traveled to Minneapolis for that Sweet 16 'Nova game, and the back door cut and goal tend ripped my heart out. BC's size matched up well with Florida too. Shame.