Saturday, October 29, 2011

A win is a win

On an ugly day in a sloppy game, BC got a much needed win. I don't know about all of you, but I am pretty happy. Winning is always better than losing. And with this win, this team avoids a lot of "worst BC team since..." categories at the end of the season. In fact with the way I feel, I am hoping we make a strong run to close out the season.

Big congratulations to Duece Finch who had a career day. Once Kimble gets healthy our backfield will be loaded with play makers.

As for the Spaz apologists, nothing that happened today changes my stance on his future. If anything, I think today confirms this team should have a much better record than they do.

I'll have grades and second viewing thoughts late Sunday night.


eagleboston said...

What, there are still Spaz apologists left? I thought I was the last one, and I jumped ship after the Duke loss.

Knucklehead said...

If I were putting together a satirical website the name would be

Andrew S. said...

Blaudschun has written in such a way that makes me believe he's a Spaz apologist.

JBQ said...

The sad part of the issue is that Spaziani was a fantastic assistant coach and defensive coordinator and was extremely loyal to the university. He just doesn't have the moxy to be a head coach. Life is not always easily understood. He should be willing to step aside and maybe be given a job as an assistant athletic director.

Ryan said...

At this point, Spaz needs to have no part of this program. Assistant AD to Flipper? Is that a joke?

mod34b said...

The offensive line was impressive albeit against a so-so defense. Still the Oline was working together and pushing the defense around. They have not done that all year, not even against UMass.

Our Defensive line looked horrible on the first MD drive, but then was pretty good.

DBs were good too - but the field was so slick it was a nightmare. So it is hard to say if our DBs were really good, or MD QBs were just bad due to field conditions. None of the kickers or QBs could really plant a foot before kicking or passing. Freese's last kick was comical.

Last, the Maryland non crowd was a total embarrassment . BC is often criticized for a bad crowd - but Maryland is a far worse school for fan attendance and student/fan apathy

blist said...

JBQ, first time I agree with you totally.

Ry said...

Spaz is a textbook example of <>the Peter Principle<> at work.

John said...

Trilled that the "team" won. My oldest (senior) is at BC and my youngest (freshman) is at FSU. Went to parents weekend in Tallahassee and saw my first Nole game in front of 80,000. They killed NC State and are starting to look like the pre-season #5 team. The defense will have their hands full as the FSU offense is loaded with play makers.

Big Jack Krack said...

Too bad it will only be a chilly night in Boston - probably mid-40's. It could be much worse.

Still, FSU will have to travel to a venue that will be much different than Tallahassee.

If they bring their parkas, we've got a real outside chance! I hope the BC fans who show up will be very loud and supportive of our players. I have made sure that my seats will be filled.

EL MIZ said...

the first real W of the season couldn't have come at a better time.

short week for a nationally televised game on a night with nothing else on. spaz will have no rock to hide under with most of the BC football fans tuning in. really looking forward to the game, want to see what finch and the o-line can do against a better D.

also, i echo ATL's comments about congrats to deuce finch -- remember rettig said in heather dinich's preseason interview thing that he thought finch would have a breakout year. he has had a few nice games against good opponents (clemson, va tech); he really looks better than williams, much quicker to the hole and runs with much more conviction. also very quick and makes the first guy miss.

as much as i loathe spaz, i'd really love a W on national TV against FSU. lets feature finch another 40 times and try to get the W.