Thursday, December 22, 2011

Another win for basketball

Some think getting excited about beating a team like Sacred Heart is a sad sign of lowered expectations. I don't. I think each win is a benchmark of improvement. BC could have let this game slip away but didn't. Now we have another off week to keep getting better. Here are my thoughts. As always, leave yours.

-- Matt Humphrey bouncing back. I don't know what to make of Humphrey yet. We need him to be a solid, senior leader. Instead he's been streaky so far. After a terrible game against Bryant I worried about his shot. It fell tonight.
-- Making our foul shots. Steady improvement from our team of shooters. Jackson -- who clearly can shoot -- was the only guy who didn't make the majority of his free throws.

-- Defense as Sacred Heart cut the lead. Now that we've seen glimpses of this team's scoring potential, we need them to be more consistent defensively.
-- Jordan Daniels' shooting. I like Daniels. He's got good ball handling skills and helps our tempo. Right now he is not a real threat to score away from the basket. That needs to change or else everyone will play off of him.

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Knucklehead said...

Was at the game last night.

Clifford and Anderson are good. Lonnie Jackson is very good.

They all need a year to get acclimated and physically stronger. They will be legitimate ACC caliber next year.

If Heckmann and Rubio leave I will not be surprised. Heckmann was off-kilter. Rubio didn't get in the game. He was hitting 3-4 three pointers a game at this time last year. Something is going on there. Very interesting since he was Donohues guy and origiinally scheduled to go to Cornell.