Sunday, December 18, 2011

More baby steps with win over Bryant

If you watched the entire game, you know things could have gone another way. But BC stayed composed and pulled away from Bryant for their second straight win. There were many positives and a few concerns. My thoughts are below. Feel free to leave yours.

-- Lonnie Jackson's 3-point shot. We know that Donahue needs shooters. It looks like he might have one in Jackson, who made seven three-pointers on Sunday. Jackson won't get that many good looks going forward, but his ability and the mere threat of him nailing a bomb will open other things.
-- Ryan Anderson's all around game. Anderson wasn't flashy, but he put together another solid game. You can tell by how he moves around the basket that he's going to be a consistent and smart rebounder.
-- Jordan Daniels's tempo. Daniels is not a scorer. He also pushed the ball when he didn't have any teammates with him. But I like that he gets the ball up court quickly. The guys will get used to playing with him and start joining him on rushes up the floor.

-- Humphrey's shot selection. It is not just the misses. It is the fact that he doesn't drive to the hoop more.
-- rotations. How did we let them back in during the first half? I think the big issue is that without Daniels running the point and a shooter, BC settles for bad shots. I know Donahue has to make many people happy and see what works. But it is important that he starts to get a regular rotation. BC cannot afford a rotation that doesn't produce consistent points.


WI_Eagle said...

Lonnie Jackson - In the past six games (or since he started getting 20+ minutes) he is averaging 12ppg, 3.5rpg, 1.5apg, only 1 topg, and is shooting at an incredible EFG% of 69%. 6 games is a small sample size but hopefully son can be our starting 2 guard for years to come.

BCMike said...

Wow. I watched this game on DVR yesterday (still beside myself that it was televised), and Lonnie was really impressive. The best part about those three's is that they were from different parts of the court, and not just standing still shots. Some were on fast breaks, other off screens, others of of a short dribble, and a couple feet set point and shoot. Once he got hot he was HOT!

On the other side, I looked up the stats for Humphrey: 1-11 from the field...watching the game I thought it might be even worse. Many of those shots were early in the possession as well. I don't have a problem trying to shoot your way out of a slump (A if you're a shooter and B) if it's late in the shot clock and we haven't found an easy look. He hurt us badly yesterday.

abbott said...

After watching a handful of his games, not sure where Humphrey's shot is... he's been horrible from beyond the arc, mid ranged, in close... awful. Below 30% for the season from the floor with plenty of good looks. I'm still holding out hope he's just trying too hard as the "veteran" presence.

Agree on the positives. Jackson's threes obviously stood out but I like his overall game. Carries himself with confidence and his body is farther along than the other freshman. A slightly smaller Sean Marshall?