Friday, December 02, 2011

Rough start to the weekend: BU wins at Kelley

One thing I like about college hockey is the home and home aspect to much of the scheduling. That way when you lose on Friday -- like BC lost to BU 5-3 -- you have the chance to bounce back the next day.

Friday defined frustration as BC outshot the Terriers but still fell behind 3-0 after two periods. Power plays remain an issue as BC was just 2 for 11 with the advantage.

Saturday night the teams move down the street for another game. It will be the last regular season game between the two.


neenan said...

Some bad luck. Clear goal was disallowed,

But here is a stat seldom seen:

2nd period

BC Shots on goal 23
BU Shots on goal 1

BC goals 1
BU goals 1

Tonight BC 8, BU 1!

mod10aeagle said...

There's still plenty of time for York to pull this team together before "trophy season", but they go through stretches when they are completely out of sync, out of shape and appear averse to contact. They did get robbed of a goal last night and the officiating was wacky, but the fact is that they're looking like the team I thought they'd be after the graduations and early departures from last year.

Erik said...

I'mGoing into enemy territory tonight. Need a win over these guys.

Just turned tv to mass HS super bowls and saw a RB wearing maroon and gold score a 13 yd YD. looked so foreign.

What a year. Get some wins today Eagles.

eagleinexile said...

Some sloppy play combined with a questionable 5 minute major, and a bs disallowed goal equals a loss.

Credit to BU, they had to play perfect to beat us and they did, especially their goalie. He allows them to be more aggressive than their speed and talent would otherwise allow.

And for some reason, I am not sure if I have ever seen Refs waveoff as many face offs as I did last night. They guys would just be standing there and they would call for a new player.

Plus, Benedetto is the worst. He has been a drag on HockeEast games for years now.

Scoop said...

Thanks for stating the obvious, Jimmy. We can read a box score. What is significant about BU's one shot is that it resulted in a goal. And a soft goal at that. Brian Billet starts tonight in goal. Hopefully it's the last we've seen of Parker Milner. He's blown his last two games. I look for a much better PP tonight and a return to earth for the BU goalie.

neenan said...
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neenan said...

Scoop, seems like you also share the gift of seeing the obvious.

So let me thank you Scoop for stating the obvious, even though you dinged me for doing so. Thanks, Scoopy.

As you said, we can all read a box score. We all also know that a BU shot that results in a goal is significant. But thanks for sharing your gifts with us.

What a tool you are Scoop.