Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Reader hockey memories

I got a lot of good submissions. Thanks to all who shared. Here are some of the best.

Sick Before the game from Dave

1998 Frozen Four -- National Championship game -- I was 8 years out of BC and BC last made the Frozen Four in my senior year (1990). I had tickets to the 1998 title game at the Fleet Center and I was pumped. I ate something real bad at Wonder Bar (the old Bunratty's) for lunch. I was a victim of a nasty case of foood poisoning and was relegated to my hotel room in Cambridge where I watched every second of the glorious OT game against the hated Michigan Wolverines.

BC hit the post several times in the OT -- I did not know what was going to kill me 1st -- the food poisoning or the stress of that incredible contest.

BC lost, I was sick all night, but I knew that BC hockey was back and back in a big way -- one could see that Jerry York was a magician and multiple titles would be in BC's future. It was just a matter of time.

That 1998 BC team got me through one night of gastrointestinal hell.

A couple different people sent in a note regarding Gionta's five goals including Richard and Carter.

Championship party gets a little big from Stephen.

Started at BC in 1997, so we had two horrific losses in the championship game our freshman and junior years. Finally had a standing room only Mod viewing party for North Dakota (round 2) in 2001 and saw the OT game winner. Our neighbors had dragged their sofa and TV into the middle of our Mod yard, so we ran outside to start drunkingly hi-fiving people.

Well... other mods saw us outside and ran over... followed by underclassmen from Walsh, Vanderslice, etc. Next thing we know, the entire campus is in our backyard and it's a full scale riot. Our fence was torn down and somehow the Boston Globe got into my roomates bedroom and took a picture of the crowd from above. But the funniest part was my parents came to Boston the following day, and I had to explain to them why my backyard was no longer grass, but a sea of crushed Natty cans.

But the winner were two of my loyal readers (Bill and Jane) who witnessed Snook's Kelley's 500th win in 1972. I am as guilty as other people of glossing over what happened at BC prior to my own arrival, so I am glad these two reminded us how great BC's been at hockey. As I said they both submitted the Kelley win but I only had one pair of tickets. Fortunately Jane's a big fan and already had tickets. Thanks to all that submitted and let's hope the game is fun.


WEagle said...

Another one just for fun…2001 Frozen Four. Freshman year, five of us lived on the same floor as Chuck Kobasew and Ben Eaves. We were friendly with Chuck and were enthralled with BC hockey, attending every home game. When Chuck’s parents could not make the trip for the 2001 championship game, he offered us his ration of tickets. Perfect! We headed to Acton to get a car from one of our parents to drive out there but when we got the car and headed out, it broke down. So we are in Acton in need of a new car waiting restlessly to figure out if we are even going to make it. Finally, 2 hours to game time, in Acton, the same parent that got us the first car lends us her relatively new Volvo (or something like it). We drive the 3 hour trip in about 2:15 going at least 100mph on the pike. We make it to the game just for the end of the 1st period, which apparently is when the team’s will-call was set to shut down. Our seats are with the team’s friends/family and when Clemmensen gives up that late goal, most of their mothers are in tears. So are we… But Kolanos ended the game in favor of BC in OT and it was amazing. We missed out on the mod riots which was slightly disappointing but later drank natty light from Chuck’s MOP cup that he brought back a couple nights later. Pretty spectacular!

eagle1331 said...

I'm driving up for the game from NJ, so didn't submit a story, but have enjoyed the few we did get to see. You should post a few more on days where ya don't have much content, Bill.

dixieagle said...

I was at Snooks' 500th win, as well. It was so very sweet that it came against BU. Wish I wasn't so far away, as BC hockey is always exciting.

blockparty said...

is the news about max holloway a joke?! would he even get drafted?

West-Coaster said...

Baby Eagles grab an ACC win! Who'd a' thunk it? Major kudos to them...

dixieagle said...

Ugly win, but a W nonetheless! Good for them.

Matt said...

I was definitely among the many sprinting down from Cheverus to the mods. I'll never forget the roar we could hear all the way up in the Dustbowl. Best Busch Light ever.

eagleboston said...

Clemmensen,I remember serving on the BC Alumni Interview Committee and they sent me a card with a list of accepted students from my city and asked me to call them and welcome them to BC. I had no idea who he was, but I noticed the word "special" next to his name.

"Why does it say "special" by your name?"

"Well, probably because I'm going out to BC to play hockey."

"You're kidding? Right? A kid from Urbandale, Iowa is going to BC to play hockey?"

"That's right."

"You realize you are going to stick out like a sore thumb. Are you any good?"

"I plan on being the starting goalie as a freshman."

Sure enough, he started as a freshman and later led BC to their first national title in decades.

BCDoubleEagle said...

Great story. On a similar note, I was in the same orientation group as Brooks Orpik. Nice guy, kind of quiet, mentioned that he was playing hockey. No big deal.
A couple years later, I was watching him hoist a national championship trophy, and a few years after that, I got a photo with him and the Stanley Cup when he brought it to BC.

Who knew?

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