Saturday, January 07, 2012

Signs of life in lopsided loss to UNC

That was as good of a 23-point loss as you'll see from BC basketball these days. I was most encouraged that the guys didn't fold. We've seen plenty of BC basketball teams give up during blowouts. These guys didn't. I was also encouraged that they went on some runs against an elite team. It was more validation that certain members of the team have ACC-level talent. The issue remains that they cannot put it all together for 40 minutes. Here are my thoughts. Leave yours below.

-- Ryan Anderson scoring inside. Even though he was giving up size, Anderson did well inside. He showed good strength and good touch. It was his 3-point shooting that suffered.
-- Dennis Clifford's defense. For the first time against a good team we got physical. Clifford made an effort on the boards and helped shutdown some UNC possessions.
-- Productive minutes from Moton. As Daniels emerged the past few weeks, I wondered if we would see more of Moton. Today he played well. He was good defensively and in transition.

-- Not enough movement towards the basket. We spend way too much time passing around the perimeter. When we cut, we had success. Donahue needs to get these guys thinking about cuts...especially with an aggressive opponent like UNC. The shotclock violations were maddening.
-- The turnovers. Some of it was pressure but a lot of it was sloppy play.


Wesley said...

too many passes under the hoop. if you are less than 2 feet away take the shot. Passes under the hoop get taken away

dixieagle said...

How incredibly depressing that BC basketball fans have to look for bright spots in double digit losses.

Major sports at BC (hockey excluded) have gone off the rails in a big way.

EL MIZ said...

i've gotta believe that the movement towards the hoop/overall offensive flow will get better as the team better understands the system, and perhaps with better point guard play next year as well.

heckmann has tailed off. he looked like a real player early in the year.

still love what ryan anderson brings to the table. wish we would try to feature him more often in the stretches where our offense stagnates.