Friday, February 10, 2012

Don't believe the nonsense that staffers were forced out

There are some BC fans who are apologists in every situation. God bless them for their undying loyalty, but don't listen to their current nonsense that Spaz forced Brock, Sirmans and Day out. After Bollman was hired on January 12, 2012, I asked a BC spokesperson for confirmation of this staff (listed below) and the status of Ben Johnson (who received a staff promotion midseason).

Doug Martin -- OC and QBs
Sean Devine -- TEs
Jim Bollman -- OL
Ryan Day -- WR
Ben Sirmans -- RB
Jeff Comissiong -- DL
Bill McGovern -- LB and DC
Mike Siravo -- DB and RC
Dave Brock -- special teams

This was BC's official response:

Yes, these will be the staff assignments. Under NCAA rules, Ben’s not eligible to move back to a GA spot next fall, he’s already been here two years (he could actually be here through the spring, though).

Anyone who thinks Spaz wanted to make a change now after most of the good guys have found jobs is not thinking logically. If anyone thinks Spaz wanted to lose three of his key recruiters isn't dealing with reality. This shakeup is going to cause Spaz and Gene major headaches. They will have to hire unemployed guys or young and up and comers who are willing to risk uncertainty with Spaz in exchange for a BCS job. I hope he goes with young and hungry, but the trackrecord probably means we will hire guys who don't have jobs.


CT said...

Heard that BC-Miami game next fall may be moved to Labor Day weekend, if Ga. Tech doesn't agree to go to Blacksburg to open the season.

Any truth to this? That'd be quite a coup to get a 3 hr. spotlight for the program with no other games on.

neenan said...

Your Post is a good example of Spaz bias

Brock was demoted
Day was passed over many times for OC
Sirmans was a bit player

Notice all the departed were on offense.
Notice Doug Martin is now in charge. Dontcha think Martin played a huge roll in this? Could Spaz and GDF possibly have let Martin run his own offense?

Brock's promotion-departure and Day's promotion-departure from BC are both squarely based of the decision by Spaz to pass over both for OC. BC could have picked either for OC, but took another option. No surprise they left. Why would Martin want two bitter also-fans undermining him?

Sirmans: You seem to be exaggerating his importance based on your wearing anti-Spaz fogging goggles!

Also weren't you just critical of this year's ecruiting results? Brock, Day and Sirmans have responsibility for this year's small (inferior?) class. But now that they are going they are heroes and Spaz is to blame yet again. Frankly, they should have canned Day and Brock sooner. Those guys had no loyalty to BC.

EL MIZ said...

i have a hard time lamenting how bad the recruiting and coaching is, and then pulling my hair out when 3 rather low level guys move on, especially with so much time to fix it (still a few months to spring football, recruiting for next season can't be full on yet, right?).

maybe the timing is bad, and maybe these guys were unhappy with how things had gone (day had, as mentioned, been presumed to be the next OC) and left when they got an offer. it would be illogical for spaz to force them to leave.

who knows? but our WR had really not progressed in the last 2 years; thats gotta fall on day, right? plus its february and signing day just passed.

also, won't they bring ben johnson back to be RB or WR coach?

ATL_eagle said...

There are all sorts of biases to sift through, but my anti-Spaz bias isn't the point on this. There are people out there saying Spaz wanted these guys gone. That's not true. All of these guys had spots.

While I think our recruiting has been mismanaged and disappointing, I don't think the blame falls on these three. Without question Brock and Sirmans were two of our best recruiters.

Finally, I do think it will be tough to find established replacements for these guys. Anyone taking the job will know the risk involved. Therefore you will be getting guys who need a paycheck or guys looking for their shot. There is upside in that sort of hire, but also risk too.

Big Jack Krack said...

It should be interesting for sure.

Let's go BC players. Keep your eyes on the prize, so to speak.

Big Jack Krack said...

BTW - "Spring" Practice starts early this year.

Next week I think.

Knucklehead said...

Like most personel issues the loss/departure of these coaches is probably more complicated than the post indicates.

I doubt that all three left on their own or that all three were asked to leave.

There is one thing that not having those coaches here ensures. It ensures that Spaz will be the head football coach at Boston College for at least 2012 and 2013. I cannot think of a scenario in which Gene has to hire a triumverate of new assistant coaches and then fires Spaz. Firing Spaz and getting a respectable replacement would require 1) Paying the new coach 1.5- 2 mill and 2) Hiring a new set of new assistant coaches. A respectable coach would want his own staff. All of this would cost too much money.

Based on this it is hard for me to believe that Gene wanted to remove or did remove the three coaches in question.

TheFive said...

The program's an absolute mess and it can be summed up in a sentence. Anybody that we'd actually want to have come coach here is smart enough not to take the job.

eagleboston said...

ATL, we get it. You despise Spaz. I am not a fan of his either, but he is here for at least one more season, so all of this negativity serves no purpose. In fact, you and others are spreading so much negative energy that it is getting depressing to read this blog. I'm backing the team and I want to be more upbeat during this offseason. Let's have more positive posts and more posts focusing on the players and their upside for next year.

By the way, after watching the Jeremy Lin show the past few days, I don't feel so bad for losing to Harvard.

Big Jack Krack said...

Jeff Comissiong has gone to Rutgers as well?

I have never paid very much attention to assistants, but now we will have an all new staff, basically.

I hope we can sign some good coaches. I have seen mention that with all the changes at other schools, there are guys out there looking for work.

Maybe we'll get an all new philosophy - Mix it up on offense and be more aggressive at times on defense.

We've got some good player talent, although we're a little thin. Let's go BC - we're at a very important time right now - let's come out on top coaching-wise and give our players a chance.

EL MIZ said...

ATL, do you have anything on BJK's rumor on Commisong going to Rutgers?

He apparently coached with Sirmans at Maine, so I would not be surprised if he leaves.

i am still confused by the recruiting stuff -- if the recruiting has been lackluster, and sirmans & day were allegedly the better recruiters (which i would interpret as them being on the staff primarily to recruit), then why is it such a bad thing to get new guys on the staff to be the recruiting honchos? i think change could be good in that regard.

day got a promotion -- from WR coach here to OC at temple. can't blame him for leaving.

bollman, the former ohio state OC (this has received little fanfare but OC at ohio state is a pretty good hire in my opinion) is the o-line coach and the "running game coordinator" whatever that means. i can't imagine sirmans was too happy about that as RB coach, and presumably followed brock out the door.

talk all you want about a sinking ship, but these guys are going to a program that lost the programs most successful HC, swung and missed on cristobal and then had to hire in-house to do damage control before signing day. that team plays in a conference which almost certainly will be extinct and will undoubtedly be irrelevant in a few years time. rutgers is the sinking ship.

the team underperformed greatly last year, and i pinned much of the blame on the coaching staff. well, some coaches are now gone -- i think that is a good thing.

regarding replacements, i think we can assume that ben johnson will have some role; he was interim TE coach last year after brock's promotion and the TE play actually improved after that. they then need another offensive assistant and a defensive assistant, lets see what they do.

bc1900 said...

Big Jack is correct, our DL line coach has gone to Rutgers as well.

bc1900 said...

Rutgers has talent, they had another top 25 recruiting class this year. There is a good foundation there compared to BC as we descend further into darkness every year.

ccw said...
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ccw said...

The Rutgers HC has 3 years+. Spaz should have only 1 yr to turn things around if GDF is remotely rational.

I have a buddy who would be a candidate for one of the BC openings but he decided not to apply b/c he hears A LOT of bad things about Spaz as a HC. You can call it sour grapes from other coaches, but the program's trajectory speaks for itself.

Spaz was a terrible hire by a clown of an AD who gave a high profile 7 figure job based on loyalty instead of performance.