Tuesday, February 07, 2012

Heights reporting Brock to Rutgers

The Heights delivered some breaking news that Dave Brock is leaving BC to become the Offensive Coordinator at Rutgers. With the way his tenure has gone at BC, this departure is not a surprise. Brock was passed over for the Offensive Coordinator role when BC hired Kevin Rogers. Later -- after Rogers was fired -- Spaz promoted Brock into the role midseason. BC's offensive productivity remained lackluster so another change was made. Not wanting to lose one of their best recruiters, instead of firing Brock, BC merely demoted him. It appears that when he had a chance to be a coordinator again in a BCS conference he took it.

As a Special Teams coach losing Brock is not a big deal. Losing him as a recruiter hurts. Spaz's current staff doesn't have a collection of sweet-talking, road warrior, closers. Whoever they hire to replace Brock better be a diehard recruiter.


FakeShalomTfree said...

Does losing him as a recruiter really hurt, considering how low our class was ranked this year? If he was such a closer, then where was the ACC-caliber talent this past signing day?

I actually didn't mind his playcalling as much as some others did, but i dont' think this is a huge loss. Then again, the program still has plenty of other issues and a ways to go before becoming competitive again

Lenny Sienko said...

What is the cliche?

"Rearranging the deck chairs on the Titanic"

#fireSpaz #fireGDF

Scoop said...

I'm glad he got a better job than the one Spaz gave him. To demote an interim OC to special teams speaks volumes about what Spaz and Flip think about him as a coach. So I second BaltEagle00's comment. Given the so-so quality of this year's recruits and Brock's reduced role, losing him is not much of a loss. Rather, it's an opportunity to hire a hungry, young coach to recruit relentlessly and instill some confidence and creativity in our special teams.

Big Jack Krack said...

Good for Brock.

Now let's get a young, aggressive special teams coach who can recruit as well. Someone who wants to help put BC back on the map while building his own resume.


eagle1331 said...

Sadly, this move makes all the sense in the world both for Brock and Gene D. (I'd say BC but we learned long ago that the school's well-being is nothing but an afterthought for our AD).

Brock gets to go home to Jersey, build his resume, and call the shots in his native state. He also will get to recruit against BC regularly and I'm sure he won't be saying positive things about our staff.

Brock was also one of the coaches rumored to have a rift with Gene D./Spaz because he disagreed with the game planning, in game management, and play selection. His demotion to Special Teams was nothing but a swift kick in the nuts from Gene/Spaz to try and force him into quitting. That sort of move is a slap in the face in any profession, but this was public and he did a decent job as OC. He stood tough, but it makes perfect sense for him to take a promotion elsewhere.

Based on the players' twitter comments, Spaz tried to spin it as Brock is abandoning the team. He did what is right for his career and his family here and I don't blame him for getting off our sinking ship, that will only take on more and more water as long as Gene D and Spaz are calling the shots..

I'd like to think Brock knew this was coming, maybe even that BC told him there really was no job for him with the new OC, and so he was aggressively looking while keeping on staff for income and the recruiting class. Unfortunately Gene has destroyed that credibility..

Overall, this just throws more coal on the "Spaz won't be fired after this year because he's done a great job despite typical attrition, annual injuries, and aggressive coaching turnover" train that Gene will spit to the Boston media that will buy it all up without a question.

Good for Brock... bad for BC.

mod10aeagle said...

I'm trying to imagine a desirable recruit explaining his selection of BC (or any team) because "me and the special teams coach just really hit it off". I don't know much, but that seems like a real stretch to me, I don't care who the guy is. No serious recruit is coming to play for the special teams coach. We talkin' 'bout special teams, man. (think Iverson talkin' 'bout practice)

JBQ said...

"Later--after Rogers was fired"!

Big Jack Krack said...

Brock called a pretty good game against Miami - but I had the feeling he was overuled a few times by someone! Or he was told what play to call in certain situations.

As in life, I hope our players can overcome playing for (working for) inferior coaches (managers). If it's true that Spaz is trying to spin this as Brock abandoning the team - well, Spaziani never took that Dale Carnegie course.

I want the team to do well, but I want the AD and HC gone. I love my school, but wish they'd do the right thing with DeFilippo - and that is release him.

I'm sure some other school would come crawling for such a talented AD, and Gene would have a $1M job in no time at all.

EL MIZ said...

i thought the offense was a tad better under brock; and i gave him the benefit of the doubt knowing (A) he didn't have a full offseason to really implement changes he wanted, he had to inheret what rogers had already worked with, and (B) the spaz likely made him implement a conservative plan and probably overrode him.

saying he's BC's best recruiter is somewhat of an oxymoron, as we are not really known for our recruiting, and this year had a number of guys decommit. the offensive recruits (i assume he primarily targets that side of the ball) leave much to be desired, at least this year, especially after lynch and the TE decommitted. but who knows, he could have been recruiting with one foot out the door.

i'm excited to have martin --- i think this team desperately needed an outside perspective and a change of pace. good for brock to get an OC job where he's from, hopefully we can perform without him.

Big Jack Krack said...

Change of topic - but related to recruiting.

A lot of teams now - especially SEC teams are using the
"Grayshirt". A prospect who signs a letter of intent in February, but doesn't report in the fall with his teammates. He delays entry to college until midyear, i.e. January.

That NCAA five-year clock doesn't start ticking until the player enrolls as a full time student, so gray-shirting is really a delayed version of red-shirting.

For Example, XYZ University signed 34 players in February (2011), but NCAA rules prevent them from enrolling more than 25 to start the fall.

Some of those nine other players gray-shirted during the 2011 fall season. They could not enroll in college as full time students, can’t receive their scholarship, nor practice.

It is like getting an extra year of practice, because most of these players don’t see the game field until two years later and they have the advantage of going through an extra spring practice.

Here are my questions - #1 Who pays for the student's time as a gray shirt? #2 Am I to believe that the student-athlete is expected to pay his own freight?

#3 If the school pays for his room and board and tuition as a part-time student - isn't that tantamount to breaking the rules? Tantamount to gaming the system?

A school is allowed 85 scholarships, but is paying for 95-100 at any one time!!! This is what Alabama and the other top schools do!!!

Unbelievable. It's a corrupt system on its face.

BarraCuda said...

My understanding is that in the grayshirt situation the player does not enroll at the school at all for the first semester. There is no "freight to pay" at the school because the player is not at the school yet. They either do nothing, or perhaps take a few classes at a junior college.

Big Jack Krack said...

Thanks BC - in listening to the Paul Feinbaum show, I got the impression that these guys actually come to campus. Callers were saying "what's the big deal" if he's on campus anyway.

mod34b said...

lingo . .

grey shirting
red shirting
medical red shirting
in uniform??

any other terms?

Walter said...

we beat fsu!

CT said...

Gray shirts skip the first semester, pay their own way at a JUCO, or pay their own way at the desired school, then come in for spring practice and get the four years from the moment they step on campus. Alabama has been in the news recently for doing this with top recruits because, let's face it, Saban is cherry-picking the best and the SEC has capped the number of schollies per year (25).

Success breeds this sort of thing. The funny part is the Wis. coach complaining about Urban Meyer's tendency to keep pitching to verbal commitments to other Big 10 schools (not named Ohio St.).

That's SEC 101 pure and simple.

But I digress...

I wish Brock nothing but the best. Whether it's a big loss or not is almost irrelevant at this point. I find solace in recruiting WRs from Canada. It keeps me from setting expectations too high.

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