Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Spaz ill prepared for Rogers questions

Kevin Rogers did not leave BC last year due to health reasons. I said he was fired. Other rumored and unofficial explanations claimed he quit, had a breakdown and/or had a physical fight with Spaz. Regardless of where you think the truth lies, BC made a big mistake claiming he left due to unexplained medical issues. Covering up the truth only makes for awkward, tone deaf exchanges like this:

Boston College coach Frank Spaziani has been nothing but defensive when asked about Rogers, repeatedly insisting that Rogers' situation was nothing more than a personal health issue, and he was offended at the suggestion that there was more to it than that:

"What do you know about that situation?" Spaziani said in a recent interview. "Let me help you work through this, Heather. Why do you think we have a new offensive coordinator? What happened to the old one?"

HD: Did he get fired?

FS: Is that what you have?

HD: I have no idea.

FS: Well what were you told?

HD: That he took a leave of absence for health reasons in September, but I haven't heard anything since then.

FS: You were told he left because of health, right? Ok. So, does that explain a new offensive coordinator? I don't want to play games with you, but to me, it sounds very self-explanatory, that one.

Gene and Spaz set up the lie regarding Rogers because the truth would have raised more questions at the time. Who hired Rogers in the first place? Was he told that he would have autonomy on offense? Did he and Spaz share the same philosophy? Did Spaz do something to piss Rogers off? What did Rogers think of Spaz as a coach? What was the mood of the rest of the staff? BC wasn't comfortable answering those questions because they all lead to the obvious questions of who is really in charge and is Spaz fit to be a head coach. So instead they lied and perpetuating the lie continues to raise questions more questions than it answers.

Midseason firings happen all the time. Louisville fired their offensive coordinator midseason last year. BC fired Jim Turner during Spring Ball in 2007. The smart, secure thing to do is say there was a difference of opinions, both parties are going their separate ways and pay the assistant to keep his mouth shut. Instead Gene and Spaz took the more complicated route. If any of these guys had studied history they would know that the cover-up is often worse than the crime.

Kudos to Dinich for finally pressing Spaz on the matter. It was overdue, but with Rogers' new employment and BC's recent turnover, it is only fair to ask Spaz about the mood of his staff and Rogers recovery. The Heights asked Spaz about it the other day. He should have known more was coming and should have been less defensive in his approach. But one thing Spaz has made clear in his tenure is that he's not great in interviews when he has to go off script.

There are many reasons the BC football situation is a mess. Spaz isn't all to blame but he just happens to be in the middle of it. Although the coaching turnover wasn't his plan, I think it actually gives him and BC a fresh start. Let's hope that it is all a success and the staff has great chemistry, because that will mean no more questions about what happened to Spaz and Rogers during the UCF game.


WI_Eagle said...

Montel out of spring practice after reaggravating his knee...poor kid can't catch a break...reminds me of grant hill's ankle

Lenny Sienko said...

Obviously, the health-related leave of absence is no longer operative, as they used to say during Watergate.

So what is the best information we have on Rogers interrupted tenure as OC?

In some posts there is a hint that there are witnesses to what occurred at half time of the 2d game in the locker room between Spaz and Rogers; but nobody ever comes right out and says it.

I expect those who saw it are afraid to come forward.

Can someone speak definitively on this?

JD BC90 said...

No joke or snark . . . I have a real problem with the dishonesty and incoherence that is coming from the BC Athletic Department. BC, its alums, students and supporters all deserve better than this.

John said...

Does anyone know the most effective way to let BC know that we are sick and tired of Gene? The current state of BC Athletics is pathetic and embarassing, and that is on Gene. I would love to start some sort of petition to Leahy to have him fired.

BCDoubleEagle said...



(1) Write a letter to the editors of The Heights, the BC independent BC student paper. They've already printed material critical of GDF/Spaz, and you'll reach a relevant audience.

(2) Use this and other BC blogs to rally support.

(3) Start a "Fire GDF" Facebook group and advertise it on this and other BC blogs and message boards.

(4) If you do end up writing to the Heights, or to members of the administration such as Fr. Leahy or the Board of Trustees, for goodness sake don't come off like a lunatic like that ex-player Steve Lively who wrote the Board of Trustees recently and ended up making a complete fool of himself. Write something SHORT and intelligent.

mod34b said...

John -- Sadly, there is very little any fan can do about Spaz. GDF does not care what the fans think, and Father Leahy does not seem to care about football at all, and certainly has little concern about gripes from BC sports fans.

The only sure way to get change is to get really bad football - as in 3-9 or worse, with several embarassing blow out losses. But how many of us can actually root for BC to lose, and lose badly -- not me, and not most people.

But then again, 4-8, including a loss to Doooook, did not cause Spaz to be fired. I believe that so long as Spaz is within sniffing distance of a .500 season and does not suffer more than one laughable blow-out, he will keep his job.

Also, do not forget that

1) BC is mega cheap about sports salaries

2) Spaz is the lowest paid (or close) Head Football Coach not just in the ACC, but all of BCS football

3) our new assistant coaches appear to have been hired because they were cheap hires

4) There are assistant coaches in the ACC that make more than our HC

5) Spaz's bargain-basement salary is locked into place by a multi-year contract. (GDF must be so proud to be saving $$$)

Follow the money (or the cheapness)!

Knucklehead said...

My two Spaz/Rogers scenarios:
Rogers went postal on one of the offensive linemen who didn't block on the 3rd or 4th and 1 plays at the end of the first half.

More likely Spaz made some wise-ass snide remark about the lack of productivity and Rogers told Spaz go forget himself.

Either way the football program needs to go rehab. Message to Gene: the first step is admitting that you have a problem.