Sunday, May 06, 2012

Can Martin make Chase Rettig better?

I don't blame Chase Rettig for our offensive problems. Behind a better offensive line or with consistency from his offensive coordinator, the results could be very different for him. I predict that Rettig will make significant progress this year under Doug Martin. But how much progress should we expect? To get a better understanding I tried to measure that last two times Martin took over an offense as an offensive coordinator/play caller. The most recent example was last season at New Mexico State. Prior to that, Martin's last Year 1 rebuilding job was as offensive coordinator under Dean Pees at Kent State in 2003. I didn't get into Martin's years at ECU because Steve Logan was calling the plays and I didn't consider Martin's time as Head Coach at Kent State as he was recruiting to his own system, not trying to make an inherited player better.

New Mexico State 2011 After seven seasons as Head Coach in Kent State, Martin did not waste any time getting back into football. He took the OC job at New Mexico State last year with the hope of sparking their offense. He inherited Matt Christian as quarterback. A Senior, Christian started as a JR after transferring from Junior College. As a JUCO Christian completed 58% of his passes. In his Junior year at NMSU, he completed just 49.6% of his passes and threw 7 TDs and 6 INTs. Under Martin, Christian showed solid improvement. His accuracy improved to 52.3% and he also improved his TD/INT ratio to 15/8. That seems pretty mundane, but when you consider a 5.44% improvement in accuracy and a 114% improvement in TDs, that sort of spike could help Rettig.

Kent State 2003 Josh Cribbs was a phenom before Doug Martin got to Kent State. But entering his JR year (2003) Cribbs needed to bounce back from a sophomore slump (48.9% completion percentage, 4 TD/14 INT). Under Martin's tutelage Cribbs improved his efficiency and productivity even though his completion percentage remained flat. He completed 48.9% in 2003 but improved his yardage by 1410 yards and his TD/INT ration to 14/9. But even though it wasn't in Martin's first year, Cribbs also showed that an inaccurate passer can improve dramatically as he completed 64.5% of his passes as a senior.

Regardless of the coaching Rettig should get better next year. Most of our playmakers returns and the offensive line can't get much worse. Martin might not be a miracle worker, but there's nothing to suggest he's going to screw Rettig up. At this point all we are asking for his some excitement and a little hope.


Benjamin said...
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Benjamin said...

Thanks Bill. Solid post. I thought I liked Kevin Rogers coming in, and I did. I just didn't know why I liked him. Well I did. He wasn't Gary Tranquil.

I want to be excited about Martin. There's a lot to like about him. Unlike Rogers, Martin is a much more proven recent commodity. Research into stats, like this article, inspire more confidence in Martin than anything about Rogers. I think a big part of the potential success is what Bollman will be able to do with the O-Line.

Regardless of Spaz politics, I cannot wait for this fall. What can I say? It's Boston College football. Here's hoping that Martin and the new hires complement McG's defense, and we get ourselves back on track

Big Jack Krack said...

If we open up this offense even a little bit - and all indications are that we will indeed do so - I think Rettig will have a very solid year.

I am excited and hopeful! :-)

Big Jack Krack said...

And no more 1st and Bordner.

He's not Cam Newton.

mod34b said...

@ MIA 2011: Chase Rettig 13/17 196 yards; 76.5 % completion; 11.5 yards/attempt; 2TDs; 0 INT; 212.1 QBr

Rettig's (and OL's) MIA performance a PLUS and something to build on.

The addition of Martin and loosening of offense a PLUS

The addition of Bollman a PLUS

Removing Devine from OL duties a PLUS

BC Offense is going to be better in 2012, FOR SURE

Knucklehead said...

The Miami game was a great game for Boston College and a positive way to end the season.

My only concern about that game was the way the offensive was used. There were different offensive lineman brought in for running plays and passing plays. Over the course of a season the substitutions would tip off the defense to run vs. pass.

I am assuming that Coach Martin will not do the same thing. Point being that the offensive line needs to get better.

If I were coaching the offense I would use two and three TE's alot: 1) We need to max protect Rettig- he has been getting clobbered. He is one of the toughest college QB's in America, 2) We have several good players at that position(Naples, Pantale, Miller, Damstatter) and not so many good WR's, 3)they have the height to go up and get the ball against LB's and S's, 4)if we can complete intermediate distance passes to them then it will open up screens for Swigert and deep passes to Amidon/Larmond(not counting on the later).

NEDofSavinHill said...

BC will need huge improvement from Rettig just to make him average. Bordner is bigger, stronger ,younger and faster. He outplayed Rettig at the spring game. Rettig is 12-20 vs. div. 1 opponents. It's time for Bordner. 2. The Big East Commish resigned.Does this portend more exits from the conference or a split between football and basketball? Is more re alignment coming? Maybe the time is right for ND to start their own conference. Combine with Navy, invite all 12 ACC teams, waive exit fees . Then negotiate a tv deal with NBC or the NFL Netwow=rk. The Nfl is taking over Thursday night. They could control Friday and Saturday too. 3. Would a tv network pay enough for this change to happen? The ACC teams and ND are getting paid about 1/2 of what their tv rights are worth.

Big Jack Krack said...

Good points, Ben and Mod.

Knuckle - you are right on about tipping off the defense. It drove me crazy. The problem with Bordner was the way he was used in the Miami game - EVERYONE knew what was coming. Bordner is big and strong, but not particularly fast or flashy.

Interesting post, Ned - especially about the future. However, I do not agree with you about Bordner over Rettig - and I wouldn't put much stock in the Spring Game, especially this year.

Bordner has not earned the job, and I don't believe he will earn it over Rettig. If used properly, Bordner can be a good asset. Used improperly like in the Miami game, and he is a huge (as in fumble-itis) liability. This is not a personal attack on Bordner - just my observation and opinion.

Big Jack Krack said...

Also, Colin Larmond Jr. might be ready for a break out year. I noticed that he would get frustrated when he'd break open, but not get a ball thrown his way.

Tough for Rettig to get him the ball from the seat of his pants. This year portends to be better.

This kid Alex Amidon can fly, so I think he will surprise a lot of people this year. If Martin can use all of his weapons, someone is bound to be open. He and Bobby Swigert were thrown into the fray as 18 year olds - this year will be fun as long as they don't get injured.

And who knows - but our other receivers might show some big improvement this year as well. I'm talking about Spiffy Evans, Johnathan Coleman, and Donte Elliott - and the freshman from Montreal - Karim Zoungrana.

I guess Marcus Grant has to sit out the year.

Go BC - it's all about putting points on the board this year!