Saturday, May 12, 2012

Dragicevich transfers to BC officially

When we last blogged about Alex Dragicevich he was denying reports that he had committed to Boston College. Now his transfer is public and official. All my original comments on his transfer still hold. It's a good sign to get a transfer from Notre Dame and he has the type of game to thrive under Donahue. The bad news is that he cannot play next year and makes our class of 2015 very, very crowded. If Donahue doesn't get some scholarship balance, he will have a huge rebuilding project in three years.


EL MIZ said...

i like this a lot. "drago" will be able to travel with the team to spain and acclimate himself with what hopefully will be a really successful class.

this means our team AFTER the upcoming season will be:

seniors (1): rubin?
juniors (8): anderson, clifford, daniels, jackson, heckmann, odio, caudill, dragicevich
sophomores (2): hanlan, rahon
freshamn ???

as you infer ATL, it'll be pivotal to get 2-3 commits to be freshmen on that team above, so we don't need to hit it out of the park with another huge recruiting class.

the "glass half full" perspective is that the team will be much matured physically and will know donahue's system. HOPEFULLY they will be a top team in the ACC and a tournament team. when that group of 2015 are seniors, we will feature 10 upperclassmen, which is pretty staggering.

a prolonged run into the tourny could possibly mean we actually get some good recruits for a change. instead of having to bottom feed for guys that slip through the cracks to fill most of our scholarships, maybe we'll actually be a premier destination, especially for kids in the north east, with the big east "prestige" being almost nothing compared to what it is now.

i agree though, eventually you want it so that every class has 2-3 players coming in and 2-3 players graduating to keep some semblance of balance, otherwise we'll be resigned to a 10-22 season every 4 years.

ModA36 said...

Good post el Miz and atl. I just don't think these kids are talented enough, outside of Anderson, to be a force in the acc. Time will tell and I hope I am proven wrong.

mod10aeagle said...

Dragocevich's transfer to BC made the Chicago Sun Times sports page today. He's quoted saying that he had narrowed the field to Loyola and BC and chose BC because of its up-tempo style of play. Whatever, it sounded good.

Mr. Tambourine MAn said...

Dragicevich is a really nice addition. Donahue has a good track record of improving 3FG% of his players, so I'd expect by the time he's a senior we'll have a 6'8" SF/PF who shoots around 40% from three. Not that athletic, but still a very nice piece of the puzzle.

The recruiting picture, however, gets even more muddled, I was hoping for 2 recruits each in the next two classes to start providing some balance, now we only have 3 total. Donahue will have to be very judicious with his three remaining scholarships. I think this gives him some real flexibility to offer potential recruits (1) a nice learning environment to come into where they'll support a senior laden team that should be ready to take on the ACC; (2) followed by an opportunity to take over the show their sophmore year as a starter and a major contributor.

Unlike Spaziani, I imagine that Donahue also understands that there's a really high chance that one of his 8 juniors will go pro, have an academic issue, transfer for playing time, etc, so if he has a chance at real talent, he'll take it and worry about scholarship balance later.

I also think it would make a lot of sense to have Odio redshirt, he seems athletic, but otherwise, completely unprepared for ACC play. Have him sit out a year, reclassify and drop down to the Hanlan class. He can add some bulk, improve his skills, and have a much better chance of contributing at a high level in the ACC.

eagleboston said...

I'm a little surprised none of the BC bloggers are commenting on the potential destruction of the ACC. Yesterday, the FSU Board of Trustees gave approval for the school to talk to the Big 12. This is devastating and could lead to the departure of Clemson or Miami with FSU and Va Tech to the SEC. This is all driven by the stupid football contract that does not allow ACC schools to enter into 3rd tier contracts for football. However, the ACC basketball schools can do so. FSU sees this as control by the basketball dominated schools on Tobacco Row and they are fuming!

Spaz's incompetence is a provincial, short-term issue. The complete destruction of the ACC is going to have long-term effects for BC. I wish BC were offered a shot at the Big 10. We should work a deal with Notre Dame to come into the Big Ten together. The ACC is a dead conference going forward for football.

eagleboston said...

According to Yahoo, the FSU trustee is wrong about the 3rd tier rights issue. Yahoo also reported that Florida State's athletic dept had a 2.4 million deficit this year. Sounds like the FSU leadership is blaming the contract for their financial woes and looking for an excuse to get into a conference with a contract that offers them more money. Still, the central issue is that FSU is exploring leaving our conference and that can have serious repercussions for BC (although if 2-3 schools leave the ACC, we can pick up a couple other Big East schools).

Knucklehead said...


It must suck to have a $5.5 million football coaching staff and no BCS Bowl games in 6 years.