Friday, June 01, 2012

Mike Rutstein's rejected questions for Gene D***

Earlier this week, Eagle Action Publisher Mike Rutstein announced that Gene Defilippo cancelled their scheduled interview after deeming the questions too backward-looking about the football program.

In the spirit of good blogging, I decided these questions needed to be made public!!! So I flew up to Boston, broke into the Athletic Department, logged on to Gene's computer and copied the questions.**** What follows are the hard hitting and clearly offensive questions. It is no wonder Gene wanted nothing to do with the interview. We are all clearly better for his PR skills.

  • When you said Spaz was the best coach in 15 years, you were talking dog years, right? 
  • Who did you have in the “upperclassman Spaz is most likely to kick off the team unnecessarily” pool?
  • Spaz went through two offensive coordinators last season. Do you think he can burn through three this year? 
  • Does Spaz’s contract pay him a bonus for unused timeouts? 
  • What gave you more personal pleasure in the last year: winning the National Championship in Hockey or blocking UConn from the ACC? 
  • When will Men’s Lacrosse be a varsity sport again?

*** I totally made this up.
****I made up this part too.


dixieagle said...


blockparty said...

the class of 2012 finds this offensive.

mod34b said...

Here another off the wall question

- did you select Spaz because he was the best available candidate?


JBQ said...

Flip had it coming! PR at BC is terrible.

Jeff said...