Sunday, July 22, 2012

ACC Kickoff, Day 1 -- UPDATE

UPDATE: I took down the video since it was auto playing for people. You can listen to Ramsey and Cleary here.

I hoped that Spaz would address the Penn State situation. Knowing that those types of questions were coming, the ACC coaches released a joint statement on Penn State and Paterno. Someone should still ask Spaz on Monday since he does know Sandusky and played under Paterno.

This is a shot of Kaleb Ramsey talking to the media. And here is all the players together. Cleary also fielded questions, including those about biology and chemistry.

I expect more on Monday when Spaz talks. I also think all the newspaper guys (including Blauds) will write up their interviews from Sunday into Monday posts.


Goberry said...

Is Spaz in Happy Valley yet?

NEDofSavinHill said...

Is Spaz a genius? While many criticized him for not using all his scholarships he looks prescient with the looming PSU transfers. Dozens of PSU players will be looking to exit. 2 When will the NCAA examine the crimes at Syracuse?