Sunday, July 08, 2012

Montel Harris to Temple now officially official

Although it's been rumored and reported multiple times over the past few months, Montel Harris finally enrolled in Temple over the weekend. Supposedly the delay was due to Harris completing his academic commitments to BC. To be eligible at Temple, Montel must have completed his BC degree.

All the past comments hold true for me. I hope Montel has a great end to his career and gets his shot at the NFL. He was a pleasure to watch the past four years.


Big Jack Krack said...

Someday we'll know the real story with Montel, as we will with Coach Rogers. I think I have a pretty good idea, but I don't know for sure.

His knee injury - surgeries - rehabs - all botched by BC, and Montel lost respect for the coaches, etc.

Montel was really a rule-breaker, and it had nothing to do with the coaching staff - just his own bad attitude.

Take your pick.

In the meantime, I wish Harris the best also.

Let's go BC - let's get this going again. No excuses.

mod34b said...

BJK -- BC did not do surgery. Orthopedic surgeons did the surgery. BC coaches had nothing to do with perfoming surgery.

And Botched? says who? Montel is playing football again, so what was botched? also, serious knee injuries are just that serious -- many patients do not get 100% pre-injury form back. Montel should consider himself very fortunate that his medical care and rehab have allowed him to continue his career.

So, assuming your scenarios are just hypothetical story lines, I'd lean toward #2. As the cliche says, there is no 'i' in team, but there is an 'i' quitter.

I don't think he was a rule breaker though - he would not have lasted 4 years if that were the case

Big Jack Krack said...

Mod - good points. I didn't want to get this going in a sour direction.

But it appears then, that Montel wanted a change of scenery, so to speak - and therefore, as an example, stopped attending team meetings or something along those lines.

Why did he want to leave BC? He could have been the all-time leading rusher in the ACC!

I guess that has always been my only question.

It makes more sense for a young man in his position to stay the course IMHO. One year transfers are pretty iffy I think, Russell Wilson notwithstanding.

Knucklehead said...

Montel was OVER USED in 2009/2010 the years before he got hurt. Everyone knows that backs have limited number of carries in them and are prone to injury due the physical nature of the position.

He had 577 carries over 24 games played in 2009 and 2010. That is 24 carries a game. He lead the ACC in carries both years.

He was over used which is not under his control, his knee surgery was not successful(2x's) which was not under his control, he got cheap shotted against Wake Forest in 2011 when he broke the ACC's all time caries record which was beyond his control(and ended his BC carrier).

Maybe he had some personal issues(but who really knows) but also had, a lot of crap go wrong during his time at BC.

He left with his dignity. He graduated.

What I don't understand is why Spaz came out and said what he said in the media about Montel. It was unnecessary. Montel was scheduled to graduate and had EVERY RIGHT to move on without Spaz intimating that Montel has problems.

I argue that whatever problems Montel has/had cannot be that BAD otherwise Temple would not have invited him to play. Montel must have some potential to make hay on the field for the same reason.

All Spaz NEEDED to say was that Montel was not coming back to BC. Instead, Spaz/BC had to kick Montel on the way out.

EL MIZ said...

agree the Spaz statements were totally unnecessary; only thing that can happen is further bad publicity. recruits read this stuff; they dont want to read the crotchety 70 yr old coach badmouting kids who carry the team and then graduate.

Jeff said...

Go Montel! Temple is the new BC: our best coaches and players seem to be migrating there. Go Temple!

CatabEagle said...


This is almost as foolish as your Title IX comments. BC directs its players to specific orthopedic surgeons and medical groups, usually that run by Dr. English at St. E's in Brighton. Collegiate football programs direct the care of their players (with the exception of very wealthy students) and they choose the surgeons. There has been much disucssion on the quality of the medical staff chosen by BC, and I believe this is an appropriate concern for football players like Montel. Lets wish him the best. He, along with Keuchley, literally carried this program during the black hole of the Spaz years (from which we've yet to emerge).