Friday, July 20, 2012

Questions I want asked at the ACC Media Days

The ACC convenes this weekend in Greensboro for the annual ACC Media Days. I am not going. But I do have questions I would ask. 

Questions for Frank Spaziani

-- Is he aware of the "hot seat" talk? Does he feel the pressure. How does he get the team and staff to focus? Is it impacting recruiting?

-- What are his expectations for the season? Does he see the team competing for a division title? 

-- What attracted him to Doug Martin's offense? What are his expectations for the offense? Does he think the increased tempo will impact the defensive side of the ball? 

-- What will Bollman's role be as "running game coordinator"? Is Bollman using different techniques and or approaches to the offensive line play?

-- What traits was he looking for as he hired new coaches to replace the departed? 

-- As a Penn State alum and former player, what are his thoughts on the Freeh report? Are the former players talking among themselves about what they can do to help rebuild the Penn State football reputation? What does he want done with the Paterno statue?

Emmett Cleary

-- When did the staff approach him about moving to the left side? How is he preparing for the new position? 

--Who is leading the OL drills in the offseason? 

-- How are things different with a new position coach? What will fans see?

-- What aspects of his game is he focusing on this year?

-- How is Chase Rettig adjusting to the new offense? 

-- Which offensive player will surprise BC fans this year? Who is going to make a big leap?

-- What are his expectations for the season? How important is it to the Seniors to get back to a winning record and a bowl game?

Kaleb Ramsey

-- How is his health? 

-- What was it like to sit out a season?

-- Earlier in his career there was speculation that he might transfer from BC. How does it feel to be a 5th year senior at BC now?

-- Last year BC played more three man fronts than ever before. Will we see more of that this year?

--  Does the talk of an NFL career add any extra motivation?

We know Blauds and HD will be in Greensboro. Hopefully they or others will slip in one or two of these questions. I don't expect anything particularly revealing, but I would like to hear Spaz talk about the pressure of the season. 


Old Heightsonian said...

Given the history between BC and the ex-Peach Bowl, I think this is a movement all BC fans should support--regardless of ones opinion on gay marriage (I am solidly pro) or Boston Mayor Thomas Menino (I am solidly anti):

Mayor Menino to Chick-fil-A: Stuff it

mod10aeagle said...

I can't think of anything I'm less interested in hearing from Spaziani than his views on the Penn State/Sandusky disaster.

How about asking him how much of last year's offensive ineptitude was due to having too many plays? Or about the inherent contradiction of an offense that's utterly predictable and yet crippled by the size and complexity of its playbook? How about, "Now that you have a roster full of Spaziani-recruits, should fans have higher expectations?" And finally, "You do realize that towel is yellow, not white, right?"

BCMike said...

Lucky for you, we interviewed Spaz (not really) and asked him several of your questions. Here's what he had to say:

"So, are you feeling this year? Any pressure to win? What do you think about people mentioning the hot seat?"

"Well, you know, I mean, the thing is that when you're running with the goats, you're gonna get some trash thrown your way by the pigs. It's just the way it is. I think, you know, if, there's going to be a time when sometimes there's a coach, and hey--you're the goat, or you can sometimes be the pig. I guess I'm looking to be more pig and less goat this year (he says with a laugh)".

Oh, ok. What about Doug Martin's offense did you like that made you bring him on this year?

"Well, you know, I mean, the thing about Dougie is that--hey, I mean, he's a guy who you know, it's just a good guy who likes to coach FOOTBALL. Not just running the ball or throwing the ball or passing the ball or having the guy run over there and here and you know doing all of those things but you know, just being with, the thing is, if you're gonna win in this league, or any league, I mean, heck even in the CFL or the TTL or NFL or whatever, you need to have a guy who is a football guy and I think you know, I mean Dougie is a good football guy and I mean that."

eagle1331 said...
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AlbanyEagle said...

BCMike -
Best laugh I've had all week!

I'm Keith said...

bring back TOB. never thought I'd say that.

John said...

I hope Spaziani has prepared himself and does not embarrass BC.

We need a good year and it starts here.

CT said...

There's a marked difference between being anti-gay marriage and anti-gay. That's a concept I thought the educated and political elite of Boston would grasp.

Some may even think that support for gay marriage is much more radical than anything the Pres. of Chik-Fil-A can say.

Then again, it's not quite the same headline for the Mayor when the Pope says the same thing as Chik-Fil-A's president.