Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Why Spaz's recruiting doesn't matter anymore

After BC picked up another below the radar recruit, Spaz's most vocal critics were out again disparaging his recruiting class. I don't trust the recruiting rankings, but it does concern me that our commitments aren't drawing more interest from BCS teams. There is a similar concern on the Penn State front. There's plenty of speculation, but BC is not a factor among the rumored PSU transfers. But really none of it matters. Spaz is going to wrap up most of the recruiting this summer and then focus on the games come fall. While not inspiring, the plan is practical. There are two outcomes:

1. Spaz has a losing season and gets fired. If this happens, our 2013 recruiting class will be a hodgepodge of current commits, a transfer or two and whatever our new coach can uncover. For a new guy Spaz's lower profile recruits might be an advantage. If they aren't valued, they are less likely to be poached by other programs. A new Head Coach can then exert a little effort in getting the Spaz commits to stay committed and spend more time on filling out the class.

2. Spaz has a winning season and keeps his job. In this scenario Spaz stays off the hot seat and has to finish filling out the 2013 recruiting class. With a little more job security he can use his last few scholarships on bigger names. He may even luck into a decent prospect who suddenly becomes available due to another school's coaching change (like he did with Rutgers last year). In this case Spaz doesn't waste time recruiting during the season and then picks up some low-hanging fruit.

Spaz is never going to recruit an elite class. There are many contributing factors as to why, but mostly it is because Spaz is not a salesmen. And we shouldn't care. He's not going to change. It is just a matter of who will finish out this class four months from now.


EL MIZ said...

recruiting is an inexact science. i agree that it is somewhat concerning that a lot of players aren't receiving looks from other schools, but i think you point out the positives of that approach -- we are at least going to bring all these guys in, as opposed to last year where we lost a handful of guys at the end and never recovered.

i am also excited about coach Al Washington -- he has apparently been talking primarily with the tougher recruits and i have a feeling he reels in a big fish or two.

blist said...

Ever since he became HC, it's always seemed Spaz has been best about protecting Spaz: it's like he had a five-year plan to get to retirement and learned all the time-buying excuses the HCs he worked for used.

Big Jack Krack said...

Just like in business, the company has to perform sometimes in spite of the leadership.

I think our players will step up this year.

We will know pretty soon if Spaziani's new staff is jelling.


eagle1331 said...

I know that Al was responsible for at least 2 of the last 3 recruits... (i believe the 2 that committed last week)

Big Jack Krack said...

Welcome to BC, Drew - I wish you all the best.

I think this young man will be successful no matter what position - DB or WR.

Knucklehead said...

If the reason Spaz is wrapping up recruiting early is to focus on the up-coming season then he deserves some applause. The team has SUCKED in the early part of the last two seasons. Hopefully Spaz uses the time to work with the players on the roster currently and to establish game plans for Miami and Northwestern.

Knucklehead said...

As I analyze the players we have recruited for next season I see a a trend that if done consciously by the staff is highly intelligent. The "unranked" players, ones without stars, seem to come from traditionally strong programs in states with competitive football. The plan there MAY be to make in-roads into those programs in the hopes of signing "better" players from those schools in future years.

Along these lines, I don't remember seeing a recruit from Don Bosco in Jersey since Steele DeVitto. I wonder what is happening there. I know Spaz is MR. JERSEY. Hopefully he didn't burn any bridges with them(his attitude SUCKS).

Unknown said...

This was Spaz's "plan" last year as well, and we all know how that worked out. For the first time in my life, I'm hoping for a dismal season so we can flush GDF and Spaz down the yawkey shitter.

If spaz "isn't a salesman", what is he ? He's clearly not a successful head football coach. Maybe his next job will be scouting Massachusetts little league fields for the sox since that seems to be where his head is at most of the time.

Back to EA you merrymen, this season is going to be a shitstorm so buckle up. Hopefully we can get out of this and retain the few decent recruits we have with a coach and AD who actually care about wherenthenprogram is headed.

eagleboston said...
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eagleboston said...

Jags could not even recruit an elite level class. It's not in the cards for BC. If you are an elite player, why on earth would you want to play on a team that has never won a conference championship, plays before fans that cannot even bother to show up for kick-off and is located in a pro sports town that devotes zero attention to college sports? The elite Catholic players will 9 times out of 10 choose Notre Dame, an institution with tradition and national championships on its resume. Want to win? Elite players will sign on with Florida, Texas, USC, Ohio State, Alabama or LSU. You are not going to go to BC.

And I say so what if we don't get the elite athletes? I love that we focus more on scholar-athletes who have a chip on their shoulders and choose BC for the right reasons. They want to attend a good academic institution, work hard on the field and have the wonderful city of Boston as their playground.

Stop this nonsense about BC needing elite players. I don't care if Jesus Christ comes to coach at BC, the elite players are going to the large state schools with a shot at the national title or Notre Dame. What BC needs are solid 2 and 3 star players willing to work hard, who are coach-able and have something to prove. That formula has worked for BC for 15 years and produced a hell of a lot of NFL players, numerous winning seasons, and multiple bowl victories (however, the conference title still eludes the Eagles).

Knucklehead said...

The Catholic school comment is not correct. Notre Dame has lowered its admissions standards since Kelly took over and ND will soon be back to its lofty status like when they had Jerome Bettis and Ricky Waters. Point being that most of the Catholic school kids are not going to ND. What worked with TOB was that he could red shirt recruits which would basicall ensure that they graduated or go to graduate school(tons of his recruits have MBA's and Masters in Admin). As a result, alot of players went to BC because their parents saw the value of the BC education. Notre Dame DOES NOT allow its athletes to attend Graduate school at ND(They have to applyto graduate school and only top flight students get in).

The problem is Coach Spaz. He is not a salesman. He is not an X's and O's innovative type. He is not a good manager of his own coaches with whom he could delegate responsibility and then be a figure head.

Forget about Notre Dame. We do what we do and they do what they do. Read the book "The Tarnished Dome."

Unknown said...

yea eagleboston you're right. too bad there isnt a current model to follow. OH WAIT, STANFORD.

Not only is there a comparable model, the OC from that Stanford program will be available and under consideration for this job when the idiots in charge are gone.

Nobody is arguing that BC should or shouldnt be getting "elite" talent. But getting kids with BCS D1 offers should be a minimum. Fighting with Ohio, Bucknell, and the rest of the MAC for targets is unacceptable and settling for this crap in August is an even bigger slap in the face

Knucklehead said...

There is NO comparision between Boston College and Stanford. Stanford can get any player that they want depending on their admissions standards that year. They wax and wain on how stringent they are and that is why they are a top ten team for 3-5 years and then disappear for 10 years.

Even if it were to lower its admission standards Boston College could not get whatever player it wants. Stanford is a MUCH better school than Boston College academically, athletically, campus-wise, and weather wise.

Univeristy of Virginia is the school that has taken the TOB/ BC model and run with it. They get TOUGH, smart, slightly under appreciated players and develop them.

When BC gets a decent head coach like London then they will be back to a 8/9 win team. But like Virginia our admissions standards are going to keep us winning the big games against VT/FSU(See Virigina lossing by 40 to VT at the end of 2011 and BC losing to VT in the ACC Championship games.)

We are hamstrung by our inflated self worth and unwillingness to lower admission standards(which I I agree should not/do not need to be lowered).