Thursday, August 30, 2012

BC-Miami preview

A new season. A new start. That's what we get on Saturday. People talk about the wins trending down the past few seasons, but the fun around BC football has also slid. I desperately want that to end. Winning would be nice. But I'll settle for some exciting games and playing to win. We fans think we deserve it. I know the players deserve it. I don't expect a classic game on Saturday but the teams match up well enough that it could be fun again.

**NEW FEATURE** Hot Seat Thermometer
In college football every game is a must win, but even more so when you hold the hottest seat in the sport. Each week I will be rating Spaz's seat depending on the game, the opponent, the pressure and the fanbase's mood. This week is very important. A win can set the tone for the entire season and set BC back on a path to the postseason. A loss will dampen the mood everywhere around the team.
Temperature: toasty

Overlooked storyline: rivalry renewed?
BC played Miami annually until we followed them into the ACC. Of course our "partner" was slotted in the other division meaning we only play them on a cross-divisional schedule. However, with the ACC expanding there is still a chance that the divisions could be shuffled. I hope that whatever new pairings come down, that the ACC tries to honor some of the old Big East matchups.

Three simple keys
1. Tempo. We've heard about changes in tempo before. Now I want to see it. If we expect to beat anyone this year, scoring less than 20 points a game is not going to do it. To improve scoring we need to move faster and create more possessions and opportunities.
2. Get to Morris. One of the reasons BC had success against Miami last year was the pressure we put on Harris. Morris is a different QB, but forcing him to rush throws is the key to slowing their offense.
3. A big day for Rettig. Rettig started really well against Miami last year. He needs to build off of that momentum this game.

Gambling Notes
-- BC has never beaten Miami in back-to-back seasons
-- Spaz is 0-3 in his ACC openers
-- Spaz is 2-1 in home openers
The current line is BC+2

This is the earliest in the season that BC has played Miami. Prior to this game, the earliest the date the two teams played was September 4, 1993.

Scoreboard watching
All the ACC games are important but I will be following TOB and NC State. Although Tennessee is down, this is still a big game for the ACC. We need the old Marine to show up on a national stage.

I hope to see...
Andre Williams have a big game. His "comeback" has been a big preseason storyline. We know he has the power, but can he get a good feel for his holes and blocking. Is he healthy? We will see on Saturday.

BC is in trouble if...
The offensive line still struggles. The collapse of the oline has been one of the root causes of Spaz's problems. The talent is there. Now we need to execute.

Bottom line
I think Doug Martin is going to make an immediate impact. I think the offense comes out smoking and the defense contains Miami. I don't know what it will mean for the season, but it will feel nice to have some fun again.
Final Score: BC 31, Miami 14


El Suape said...

With all of the attention people are giving Williams, i have my eye on Kimble. I think he could be the most important player on this offense after rettig. Assuming martin rolls out an offense similar to what logan had in 2007, the RB will be an important receiver target. Callender was able to jump ahead in playing time (after splitting snaps pretty evenly with whitworth during their first 3 seasons) because of his ability to come out of the backfield and catch. When it comes to this team, Kimble would be that guy.

mod10aeagle said...

Or maybe even a Hot Seat Thermometer!

Claver2010 said...

Wow ATL, 31 points?

Spaz has only hit 30 once in his 3 years against a BCS team, it was over 1000 days ago.

I think we have a shot but can't see us getting into the 30s, far too many questions on the line & WR

ATL_eagle said...


Thanks for the catch. I'm an idiot.

ATL_eagle said...


Thanks for the catch. I'm an idiot.

eagleboston said...

31 points!?!?!? News flash, Matt Ryan is not the quarterback. The BC offense has struggled for years and I can't recall the last time they scored over 30 points against an ACC opponent (just checked...they scored 52 against NC State in '09). I'm just hoping they can get to 24. Our defense should be good enough that if the offense can at least score 24-27 points per game, they have a great shot in every game.

TheShowGoesOnLupeFiasco said...

New BC depth chart, some minor changes but Appiah not listed (oh goody)

mod10aeagle said...

The movie in my head this morning had BC up 17-3 at the half, so 31 points is clearly do-able.

And don't beat yourself up over the typo ATL. I see them like Haley Joel Osment sees dead people.

BCMike said...

ATL--Love the hot seat idea but this needs to be a graphic (apologies if it is any my webfilter is blocking it).

EL MIZ said...

newsflash eagleboston -- you dont need matt ryan to drop 31 points. this is college football - a competent offense that finds a rhythm should be able to score 30 points.

i am really excited for the BC offense -- i think we are going to see a TON of single back/4 WR sets, and i am banking on a much improved offensive line. williams and kimble's styles complement each other, with williams providing the up-the-middle power and kimble can catch some balls out of the backfield and make people miss in space.

31-21 BC wins. go eagles!