Saturday, August 25, 2012

The week ahead

This is a bit of a house keeping post, but I want to let people know about the blog's content for the next week.

  • Monday I will post my annual worst-case scenario prediction for the season
  • Tuesday I will post my annual best-case scenario prediction for the season
  • Wednesday I will have a guest post from a Miami blogger
  • Thursday I will post my annual, official prediction for the season
  • Thursday I will also post my Miami game preview
  • Friday I will post game watch locations. If your local BC chapter is having one, please email me.
  • This week will also mark the debut of a new feature interview. The first guest will be the voice of Boston College Jon Meterparel. 
  • I will obviously post any relevant news or links that may come up over the course of the week.

I don't expect much real news on the AD search between now and the game. Sullivan is still gathering information and soliciting advice and names from friends of the program. If anything does come up, I will update what I know.

If anyone is in Spain and attends any of the basketball games, please send along your pics and thoughts. The games will not be streamed by any English-speaking web service, but may be available in Spanish.

Next week will mark the beginning of the end for the Spaz era. I am hoping for a fun, surprising season. I have not been this unsure and excited about a BC season in years. I hope we get off to a good start. 


Btoal said...

The beginning of the end of the Spaz Era? Really? Sounds like you have a positive outlook of BC football this year. I think it's pretty simple, if the team under preforms then Spaz needs to go. If they go 8-4 or maybe 7-5, then Spaz deserves another year. Just that simple. I'm not siiting here hoping he gets fired and hoping the players come out and fall on their face!

Danny Boy said...

Spaz was clearly GDF's lapdog. The new AD will absolutely want a fresh start with football and to move on from such a mediocre head coach. Spaz needs an ACC championship to keep his current contract. His back is against every wall (metaphorical and otherwise) out there.

BCMike said...
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BCMike said...

A blog interview with Meter? Sounds like a great idea!

Sounds like a great idea!

Tell Meter we say what's up.

Can't believe the season is almost here. Hopefully Wesley and I will kick it into gear and start writing again.

BCDoubleEagle said...

Spaz's all-time record against D-1A (FBS) competition: 17-19.

He needs to go 7-4 this year against FBS teams (and beat Maine) and win a bowl game in order to finish the season as a winning coach against FBS competition. Unfortunately, that's not happening.

eagleboston said...

I am not a Spaz fan, but I will never cheer for BC to fail. Never. I hope they surprise college football and win 10 games. And if the side effect is that Spaz stays, so be it.

Big Jack Krack said...

I will be flying up to Boston on Friday and rooting hard for our team to beat the Hurricanes.

Looks like the weather will be good, and if we don't lose anymore starters, we might win. I know that we will show much more imagination this year.

I'm still looking for us to utilize all options on offense, which in itself will be refreshing. I think we'll see something we haven't seen in quite awhile - Rettig hitting Larmond or Amidon or someone with a long score.

I'm really sorry about Pantale and Swigert and Deuce Finch. I hope they can get back on the field at some point.

Stuff the run on defense, and get aftere the QB - let's do it BC.

I hope Ramsey can stay injury free.

Go Bc - beat Miami.

ATL_eagle said...


My thing with Meter will be different. Just wait and see.

BCMike said...

You know me better than that. The more content the better. I'm just having fun pulling up past BCDraft interviews.