Monday, August 13, 2012

Who will be the next true freshman to make an impact?

It used to be BC redshirted everyone. That was TOB's preferred roster management method. As players have developed faster and as BC's needs have changed, we've started using true freshmen more often the last six seasons. Anthony Castonzo, Montel Harris, Luke Kuechly and Chase Rettig all played important roles in their first seasons. In 2011 many true freshmen played although none had the immediate impact that the four previously mentioned did.

Will 2012 see any newbies break out? I doubt we will see anyone start from Day 1 on the offensive line like Castonzo did. I also think our depth at running back will preclude the use of Craan. Despite Pantale going down, I don't think we'll use true freshmen tight ends. That really leaves the defensive side of the ball and wide receiver as areas where there are plenty of snaps and plenty of opportunity. Here are three guys who have a chance to breakout.

1. Harrison Jackson. I am not reading too much into the first scrimmage. Jackson's chances are based more on Martin's willingness to throw it often. Think of the Logan days. We threw it so often that all sorts of young players got the chance to step up.

2. Karim Zoungrana. Like Jackson he's in a high opportunity position -- WR. Because he enrolled early, Zoungrana also has a leg up on the other true freshmen as far as understanding the offense. Plus, he's old! Born in 1992, he's on average two years older than most of his freshmen teammates (why don't we recruit more Canadians?)

3. Steven Daniels. Although Daniels is trying to break into our deepest position, I like his chances to make an impact. He's essentially had his redshirt year by spending last season in prep school. His St. X teammates Kuechly and Duggan also got on the field early in their BC careers.


BCMike said...

I've been going with Joey-Z for a while. Amidon is a great deep threat but if we had two that could stretch the field it would really open up the middle.

Big Jack Krack said...

I think the guys you singled out will be very good for BC -

Harrison Jackson, Joel Karim Zoungrana (I like Joey Z)and
Steven Daniels.

Also, how about Malachi James Moore? I am really liking our direction at Defensive End.

Freshman Moore is listed as 6-7 / 250 and will grow.

Sophmore Brian Mihalik is 6-8/285

Sophmore Mehdi Abdesmad is 6-6/270

RSF Kieran Borcich is 6-3/264

I am not sure where RSF Connor Wujciak is playing at 6-4/267 - but I think he started out at DE.

Junior Kasim Edebali is the "short" one at 6-2/258

This is the best size we've had at the DE position - and I think the young guys will develop to be top players.

Go BC - beat Miami

Big Jack Krack said...

BCMike - I agree about Amidon. If we can stretch the field, we'll see some super (long)results with Alex.

I also think that Larmond Jr. will have a great year potentially if we can hit him in stride.

Remember his touchdown against Vanderbilt? A great catch and run for the long score. I'd love to see Chase get him the ball as well.

We have some great options now with an OC who will not be afraid to play to our strengths.

Go BC.

curranac said...

Gotta like the odds of another Bomber from St. X making a big impact on the Heights.

JBQ said...

St. X looks good as an assembly line. Hope no one messes that up! There are some nice pieces being put together. Hopefully, the coaching matches up. Again, we will know on 9-01.