Thursday, August 09, 2012

Will Spaz let Bill McGovern really be Defensive Coordinator?

Spaz's issues with his offensive coordinators are well known. Supposedly Doug Martin will have autonomy and unrestricted play calling. We'll see if it actually becomes a reality. The less discussed coordinator is on the defensive side. Although Bill McGovern's first stint at BC predated Spaz's arrival, the two are tied together in most BC fans' minds. After Gene promoted Spaz, Spaz named McGovern DC. There are times though when McGovern is coordinator in name only. Gameplan preparation and calls within the game still have Spaz's fingerprints. Gossip says that McGovern is frustrated but didn't leave like the other disgruntled staffers because of his ties to the school and hopes of being a head coach somewhere. 

I think McGovern was a fantastic linebacker coach and a valuable recruiter. I don't know what to think of him as a DC. We added new wrinkles last year -- including extensive use of a three-man front. But how much of that was McG and how much was Spaz? We'll never know. I hope Spaz learns from the offensive issues and gives McGovern more autonomy. I don't think it can hurt the actually defense and it might improve staff morale. 


mod34b said...

Thing is, if Spaz does what we all want him to do -- stay away from the offense -- what is Spaz going to do with his spare time? Recruit?? Ha!

No, if Spaz does not bother martin, Spaz is going to spend his time on defense, with Mc G. I am not concerned though. Spaz knows defense. The defense had a big slide downward last year and it needs to improve this year. Maybe Spaz giving the D extra attention will be worthwhile.

atl, YOU SAY "Gameplan preparation and calls within the game still have Spaz's fingerprints." So? Not everything Spaz touches is bad. Spaz is bad as a team spokesman, bad as an offensive guy, but good at D. I am glad his imprint on D remains.

"I hope Spaz learns from the offensive issues and gives McGovern more autonomy". He needs tio give Martin/Bollman more autonomy, not McG.

JBQ said...

Another good question. We will begin to see answers on Sept. 1 only three weeks hence.

Scott said...

In year 1, Spaz started the season by delegating all defensive coordinator duties to McGovern, which was a big failure. McGovern was ready and our defense got lit up. Spaz took over the defense for the NC State game, and never gave back the reins. Similar scenario in year 2.

The real question is whether McGovern is up to the task.