Thursday, September 27, 2012

BC-Clemson preview

Last season's Clemson preview was the first time I ever predicted a BC loss in a game preview. I didn't trust Spaz and thought the team was demoralized. Surprisingly the team played hard in Death Valley, but it was Spaz who played not to win. When we were down in 29-14 in the second half and he still had us eating clock instead of trying to score quickly. This year I expect Spaz to shorten the game again, but I think we are much more dangerous in that scenario than we were last season.

Hot Seat Thermometer
This is Gene's final home game as Athletic Director. Describing Gene and Spaz's unique relationship would be difficult but one thing can be said without bias: "Spaz got the Head Coaching job because of Gene." No other program or AD ever came calling for Spaz as a head coach. BC's new AD is likely to share the view on Spaz held by the rest of the Athletic Department and football world and not the view held by the outgoing BC AD.
Temperature: Even though the weather is supposed to be bad this weekend, it will feel like Indian Summer for Spaz.

Overlooked Storyline: Clemson has a lot to play for
The main storyline this week is about Clemson's potential hangover after losing to Florida State. The narrative asks if they can bounce back. Overlooked in that discussion is that Clemson still has a lot to play for this season and need to beat BC because of what's still at stake. They cannot afford a loss to us if they hope to catch Florida State and a loss to us would end any potential at-large BCS bids.

Three Simple Keys
1. Keep them out of the endzone. Watching the Northwestern game was painful, but that model is the only way to beat Clemson. I imagine we will play way off all game and just hope to tackle what's in front of us.
2. Score early. The only way BC is going to dictate pace is with an early score. We won't win a shootout.
3. Get pressure with the front four. We haven't done it yet, but that is the key to the game. Boyd can run. We need to get him before he turns broken plays into big gains.

Gambling Notes
-- Spaz lost his first two ACC games of the 2010 and 2011 seasons
-- Spaz is 0-6 against ranked teams
-- The home team is 4-3 in ACC games between Clemson and BC

Spaz's record currently stands at 21-21. If he loses, his winning percentage will fall below .500 for the first time as head coach at BC.

Scoreboard Watching
I watched a good portion of the Miami-Georgia Tech game. The Hurricanes had a million chances to fold, but kept fighting. It will be interesting to see how they play against TOB. The game will also serve as a barometer of our chances against the Pack.

I hope to see...
No fumbles from our running backs. The running backs have not been perfect, but I think some have been unfairly scapegoated.

BC is in trouble if...
Clemson scores a touchdown on the opening drive. The paces and the tone of the game need to be established early.

Bottom Line
Once again my rationale thought process is being overcome by my desire to see BC win. I've been talking myself into it all week. I just think Spaz will pack it in and force Clemson to make mistakes. I think Rettig will move the ball on them and put up some points. I think it will come down to a few fluky plays and BC steals it.
Final Score: BC 24, Clemson 19


EL MIZ said...

"no fumbles from our RB" -- according to the official depth chart, Andre Williams is the starter and true freshman from NJ David Dudeck is the backup. Dudeck was also recruited by Yale and Navy. finch and kimble are MIA. should be interesting to see if he can hold onto the ball.

TheShowGoesOnLupeFiasco said...

Sammy Watkins out for this game.

eagleboston said...

You may be on to something ATL. The line out of Vegas has dropped to 7 and Vegas is rarely wrong (which is why anyone who gambles on sports needs their heads examined). I'm just hopeful we stay within 17 points.

JBQ said...

Les Miserables! Daniel Rodriguez is number 83, an undersized wide receiver who caught his first pass two weeks ago, on the roster of Clemson. He really is not very good but he is why BC is able to walk on the field. He is an Afghanistan combat vet who left a number of buddies behind. I urge the BC fans to be aware of his unique background and to make him feel at home.

Galvin said...

Thanks for the info JBQ. We should certainly give Daniel Rodriguez a nice spotlight. Looks like he was wounded in a battle as well. I hope BC gives him a shout-out or some appropriate recognition.