Thursday, September 06, 2012

BC-Maine preview

It's only Maine and it's on ESPN3, but I am generally excited about the game this Saturday. Despite the loss, I enjoyed the offensive product on the field. Another game -- especially against a weaker opponent -- allows us to see how Martin has changed things and monitor Rettig's progression. I also want to see the guys bounce back. There was a certain energy on the sidelines last week while we were ahead. That sort of confidence and fun is contagious and can carry a team. A big showing against Maine will help as we venture into the heart of the schedule.

Hot Seat Thermometer
While many of us considered the Miami loss to be a borderline moral victory, the reality was Spaz blew a 14-point lead against a decimated team and started his conference slate 0-1. The national folks think it will be more of the same as the season progresses. A win over Maine isn't going to do much to change things.
Temperature: Turn on the Conte Forum air conditioner now 

Overlooked storyline: What's up with the depth chart?
Spaz continues to juggle the depth chart and remains coy about some players' status. This game should be a comfortable victory, so all those true freshmen should play if Spaz does intend to play them this year. And guys who have been dinged up yet still played (see Appiah, Larmond) should either rest or play as if this were an ACC opponent.

Three simple keys
1. Avoid turnovers. The fumbles were costly last week. Coughing it up against an FCS opponent is the type of thing that can spark an upset.
2. Red zone conversion. Our early scores were runs or screens that busted open. I'd like to see us throw it into the end zone more this week.
3. QB pressure. Morris had too much time last week. The bend but don't break philosophy only works if you tackle. Right now we need to stop plays from developing by getting in their backfield.

Gambling Notes
-- Spaz is 9-8 following a loss
-- BC has not lost to a FCS opponent since joining the Big East Football conference
-- Spaz is 6-6 in the month of September
Because this is an FBS-FCS matchup, most major sports books do not have a line on the game

Jack Cosgrove has spent 28 seasons as a college coach. All but two with Maine. His lone stint outside of Orono was with BC in the mid-'80s.

Scoreboard Watching
I'll be watching Miami travel to Kansas State. Indirectly that game will tell us more about our team than our own game this Saturday. If Miami can go on the road and beat a ranked team, it will put our loss in a better light. If Miami gets trounced many will start to question how good our offense actually is.

I hope to see...
Another QB get some snaps in the second half. I am curious to see how Bordner or any of the other QBs adapted to the new system. I would also like to see how Martin adjusts the offense for each player's capabilities.

BC is in trouble if...
Maine keeps it close. These FCS upsets are rarely about the underdog pounding the BCS team. Instead they are usually ugly affairs that break for the road team when the big, bad FBS team chokes or makes a mistake. I don't even want this game close.

Bottom Line
I think BC comes out with aggressive offensive plays again. I see BC building a big lead and then taking it easy in the second half. I don't think the score will be as lopsided as the actual game is.
Final Score: BC 38, Maine 10


mod34b said...

I hope this is a good "tune up" week, but I think we all might be underestimating the BlackBears.

Last year, Maine came very close to beating Pitt. Maine rolled up 371 yards of offense on Pitt, including 334 yards passing.

Last year, Maine beat UMass 32-21; BC beat UMass 45-17 (including several defensive TDs) Rettig only threw for 196 yards against UMass; Maine was able to throw for 188 yards against UMass.

BC should look out. Maine in 2011 was a decent team. We'll see how they are in 2012.

BC's defense better work on execution this game. The usual bend-don't-break stuff might lead to trouble.

Big Jack Krack said...

I'm back up for the game due to business in CT. I really want to see us build on this offense. Of course improved Defense as well.

UCONN smacked Maine in 2007 38 to 0

Can't find 2008 or 2010, or 2011. Their webpage is not too revealing.

Sept 26, 2009

At Syracuse 41- Maine 24

Look out for on side kicks and fake punts and fg's etc.

Didn't UMaine have a good game against somone within the past couple of years?

Michigan? Iowa State?

Go BC - beat UMaine - come out smoking!!!

Big Jack Krack said...

I really like what Chase Rettig said in the Herald article - “Last year you would always hear about the three C’s — cool, calm and collected,” said Rettig. “I just wanted to have fun on Saturday and play with a lot of emotion, energy and enthusiasm. I think the three E’s, that’s really important too."

Triple Echo - let's go boys! The days of 3rd&Nyquill are long gone, thank goodness.

Let's go fans - I'm up from SC for the second week in a row. Driving a few miles to support these guys is not much to ask. Go apple picking on Sunday. :-)

Let's celebrate who WE are - Boston College grads and students and families and friends. We are not the SEC because one college football team is not the total focus of Boston - We have a world class/international city full of opportunity and vitality. And we can still field a team that is exciting to watch.

We have a great school and campus.

And we have a bunch of serious young guys representing us on the grid iron. Their majors and study focuses show us that they are serious about their college careers and they are serious about making it in life.

Let's support these guys and have fun watching them give it the old college try!!!!

Knucklehead said...

I agree with everything above.

Off topic, I am watching the Cincinnati Pitt game. The Cincinnati coach seems to have his act together. I know that they lost a handful of starters from last year, some to the NFL. They still look like a good team(assuming he can recruit) and they are definitely well prepared. He MUST have ties to Ohio which is already a feeder state to Boston College.

Point being, Butch Jones MAY be someone for the next AD to consider interviewing for the Head Coaching job at Boston College.

eagleboston said...

Mod, I definitely agree. Absolutely cannot overlook Maine.

Big Jack Krack, totally agree.

Knucklehead, watched part of this game, heard the halftime interview of Jones and agree he would make a fine coaching candidate down the road.

TheShowGoesOnLupeFiasco said...

Maine has a first-time starting QB, and the player that kept them in the game against Pitt last year was their Senior QB. I'm much less worried about them because of that, but you still can't just look past Maine to Northwestern.

Btw, that Pitt team is AWFUL. I can see why they lost to Youngstown State. They looked like a circus out there on defense, and they lacked playmakers on offense.

mod34b said...

Lupe - true, the QB is new for Maine. But the OL, the RBs and WRs are all the same. So is the coach. It may not be that last year's success was all on the now-graduated QB.

and while this year's Pitt team is awful, last year's team was decent at 6-6 and thus ME near win is notable. And several of Pitt's 6 losses were close to good teams. For example Pitt lost to WVU by 1 (compare Clemson v WVU), lost to ND by 3 (compare BC v ND) and lost to ranked Cincy by 3.

Also worth noting is that currently Maine has the most NFL players from an FCS school. It has 15 players in NFL. See this

We will see tomorrow. I hope BC rolls over these guys.

mod10aeagle said...

Maine's linemen (O & D) are just as big as BC's. That surprised me. Size isn't everything, but at the line of scrimmage it's definitely something.