Monday, September 10, 2012

Blogpoll ballot Week 2

I didn't post my preseason blogpoll ballot and I didn't get around to voting last week. Sorry...real life gets in the way some times. But at this point I will continue to post blogpoll ballots as a log of games I watched and rate those teams accordingly. 

Games I watched
BC vs Maine 100% (twice)
Maryland vs Temple 25%
Cincy vs Pitt 75%
Georgia vs Mizzou 75%
ULM vs Arkansas 25%


eagleboston said...

Might make more sense to have Amidon as the passer and Coleman as the receiver on the trick play. Because Coleman is so tall, all Amidon has to do is put it up high enough so Coleman can out-jump the competition.

ToTheHeights said...

Do you really think Florida State is THAT bad?

ATL_eagle said...

I think FSU is good, but how do you rank them after these first two joke games?

Knucklehead said...

Here is my Top 4 this week