Friday, September 14, 2012

Game Watches: BC vs Northwestern

This game marks BC's debut on the Big Ten network. For those in the midwest or with a satellite, this is probably not a big deal. Others -- especially those without a sports package -- will have to search for a Big Ten Network option. Of course you can always watch it with your fellow BC fans at a Game Watch. If you are attending the Mass at Fenway, please know that many plan to go straight from the celebration to the bars on Lansdowne to watch the game.

Austin Game Watch
The Tavern
922 West 12th Street
Austin, TX 78703
(512) 320-8377

Charlotte Game Watch
BlackFinn Saloon
210 E. Trade St. (The EpiCentre)
Charlotte, NC 28202

Chicago Game Watch GO TO THE GAME!!!
Tripoli Tap
1147 West Armitage Avenue
Chicago, IL 60614
(773) 477-4400

Dallas Game Watch 
Christies Sports Bar
2811 McKinney Avenue
Dallas, TX 75204-8567
(214) 954-1511

New York City Game Watch
Joshua Tree (on 3rd Avenue btw 34th and 35th Streets)

Phoenix Game Watch 
Gallagher's Sports Grill
7575 N. 16th Street

San Diego Game Watch
The Beer Company
602 Broadway
San Diego, CA 92101

San Francisco Game Watch
Shanghai Kelly's in San Francisco
2064 Polk Street (corner of Polk and Broadway)
San Francisco, CA 94109

Washington, DC Game Watch
Irish Whiskey Public House (formerly Porter's)
1207 19th Street, NW Washington, DC


Talons of...Fury? said...

I appreciate the work fellow alumni do to set these up, but why is NYC game watch at Joshua Tree??

Claver2010 said...

At least you get the game

The game isn't even on in Boston and there's no gamewatch.

Love the Spazification of BC football.

mod34b said...

in the greater Boston area, the Comcast listing says the following: "Massachusetts at Michigan; Boston College at Northwestern; or Northern Iowa at Iowa." Game might be on??

BTN -- anybody know if the game is on TV in the Boston area, or we stuck with listening to Meter on Weei???

why are people so sure - Claver -- that it is not on in Boston??

Do you need to subscribe to BTN to get it, assuming it is available?

mod34b said...

according to the BTn network "find" feature ( THIS ), the game will be broadcast on Dish, Direct, and Fios in Boston area, but not on Comcast.

Claver2010 said...

There's a content search feature and if you are in Boston it'll be the UMass-Michigan game

If you have DirecTV you get an alternate B10 network channel, if not no dice

Plug in provider & zip. BC should be all over this but I bet they don't know or care.

mod34b said...
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Danny Boy said...

Denver Game Watch

Governor's Park Tavern
672 Logan Street
Denver, CO 80203

Unknown said...

Hi everyone, Alex Amidon's mother here. I just found out that the game is no longer scheduled on BTN. I emailed BC to see if anything can be done. In the meantime, if anyone discovers how I can see the game in the Greenfield, MA area, I would really appreciate your posting the info here. Thanks very much. We have Comcast BTW.

Paul said...

LA Eagles will be watching the game at Sonny McLean's, 2615 Wilshire Boulevard Santa Monica, CA 90403

Big Jack Krack said...

I'm sure this is where our current version of Bill Flynn - Gene DeFilippo and the (in)famous Fenway Group - get on the phone with one of the local channels and persuades them to carry the game.

Big Jack Krack said...

Wouldn't the game at least be available for sale? BTN2Go?

I have used that option in the past or watched it on my MacBook Pro.

BCEagles2010 said...

Hartford, CT

Damon's Tavern
310 Prospect Ave.

mod34b said...

Mrs Amidon. Hello. I checked the BTN network for your zip code, and the game will not be appearing on comcast, but it will appear on Dish and Direct TV. So i guess you need to find a friend with Dish or Direct.

TheFive said...

Mrs. Amidon --- my wife's from Greenfield and, although it's a chain restaurant with all the appeal of one, the 99s near the Route 2/91 traffic circle has DirecTV (or, at lest it did in the recent past).

downtown_resident said...

Please tell me that there isn't actually a Chicago gamewatch scheduled.

mod34b said...

seems like another option might be to wathc BTn2go on your iphone/ipad.

here is what it says:

"Yes, every BTN telecast will be available on BTN2Go. If BTN is televising three games simultaneously, but your TV provider is only carrying two, you will be able to find the third game on BTN2Go. Additionally, when the network airs back-to-back games, if the first game runs long and overlaps with the second game, fans will be able to watch the second game on BTN2Go. BTN will continue its television coverage of the first game and join the second game in progress."

eagleboston said...

I absolutely despise my cable provider. They don't support the WatchESPN app nor the BTN2go. Now, I will have to listen to the flipping radio broadcast a la 1999.

Unknown said...

Thanks for all the suggestions. Managed to get a password to watch on btn2 go. Go Eagles!!!

Unknown said...

To Talons of...Fury?

Why not Joshua Tree? If you have better ideas, I'd love to hear them! Please email me at


Unknown said...

Why are we sure that the Michigan game vs umass will be on instead of bc game? My Comcast cable still lists bc as a possibility

eagle1331 said...

Talons of....Fury?

J-Tree actually has done a phenomenal job with the game watches. I mean, light years better than what we've had in the past. Great drink specials, great crowd, and they dedicate almost all of the tv's to us, if not 100% of them.

I know the place has a stigma about being a douchey bar (I've never been there at night), but during the days we've been there it has been anything but that. Actually a great atmosphere to watch games at and they want us there. It is nice to feel wanted, unlike all the bars the Alumni group has tried in the past.

Give it a try before you hate on it...

Knucklehead said...

I have the sports package on Comcast HD in Boston. The game is NOT on.

Check out the picks below. Interesting.