Thursday, October 11, 2012

BC-Florida State preview

Both BC and Florida State are coming off of devastating losses although for very different reasons. Our loss felt like rock bottom. Their loss was more about a bubble bursting once again. Their return to the elite is delayed another year.This game is about how each side responds to their disappointment?

Hot Seat Thermometer
Things can't get any hotter for Spaz. Parents are taking to the internet to call out the coaches. He's getting testy with the media and he's got a new boss. Bates has said he doesn't believe in midseason firings, but if things continue to deteriorate Spaz may force Bates' hand. I think BC gains very little by firing him now, but if the players go to Bates about it, BC may need to take action.
Temperature: Death Valley in a heat wave

Overlooked Storyline: BC actually plays well in Talahasse
We won on our first two trips to Doak Campbell and nearly pulled off an upset the third time. Maybe the atmosphere or the idea of being an underdog on the road inspires BC players. Based on what the guys are saying to the media on Twitter, I think they are pretty confident going into this game.

Three Simple Keys
1. Use the pass to establish the run. Last week's rushing stats were misleading. A couple of big runs didn't mean we had any consistency. We are at our best when passing. Let's start out with our strength and turn to Andre Williams only as a change of pace.
2. Contain Manuel. We now face the best running QB of our season and we've yet to stop even mediocre talent. We need to keep him in the pocket and potentially spy him most of the game.
3. Get more people involved in the passing game. Rettig is a decent distributor but we've still been very reliant on Amidon. I would like to see more balls thrown to Swigert, Larmond and the Tight Ends.

Gambling Notes
-- Spaz is 7-11 on the road
-- This is the largest point spread of the Spaz era
-- Jimbo Fisher is 5-3 after a loss
The current line is BC+27.5

This is the second of three straight road games. BC hasn't played three straight away games since 2002.

Scoreboard Watching
The ACC slate is thin this week. I will be paying attention to Duke-Virginia Tech. Our offensive approach to the Hokies will be very similar to the one the Blue Devils will use this weekend.

I hope to see...
The players hang tough the whole game. With the mutiny whispers around the program, I fear that if this game gets out of hand, the guys could throw in the towel. That would be bad news for many reasons.

BC is in trouble if...
We turn the ball over. We need to play perfectly to beat FSU. Turnovers will be nearly insurmountable.

Bottom Line
After last week I can't rationalize a BC pick. If Spaz has his guys unprepared to face the worst team on the schedule, how can we expect more when facing the best? Last week was also a text book example of Spaz managing the game away. I think we will put up points but I don't trust our defense to hold them. We will keep it within the point spread and that will feel like victory for our embattled coach.
Final Prediction: FSU 42, BC 28


mod10aeagle said...

FSU is going to be foaming at the mouth by kick-off, aren't they? I mean, they're pissed about losing the NCSt., have been hearing and reading about it all week and are itching to take it out on somebody, especially on their home turf. If we stay within 20 points of them I'd consider it a ... nah, it's still sucks. They may have struggled offensively against NC St., but then so did Army against Stonybrook.

Unknown said...

FSU 52, BC 13

chicagofire1871 said...

WF didn't score once. And we're scoring multiple times? Dream on. 55-0