Monday, October 22, 2012

Second viewing thoughts and grade report: Georgia Tech

For those who wonder about the logistics of writing these recaps, Saturday was ideal. Attending the game in person causes you to miss many things but you notice other details that the camera doesn't catch. Watching the game broadcast back fills in the details you cannot pick up in person. As for impressions from the game, I felt the team is really lacking unity and organization. You saw players getting on the field late, the confusion in some play calling and formation penalties. I also noticed some guys giving good efforts while others seemed checked out. After the game there were rumors of a player issue in the lockerroom, but the gossip I heard was that there were no fights. Just guys yelling about mistakes and how this season is not over. I hope they do unite and get back to winning. Spaz sucks, but these players are not playing well. Everyone is underachieving.

Offense: D

Rettig's stats were fine but this wasn't his best game. I felt he forced some throws and missed some huge potential plays. I also think he is locking in too early. On the INT, the safety just read him and slid over for the pick. You can also tell he's not spreading the ball around by the number of players involved in the plays. If he wants to get back to the effectiveness we had in the first part of the season, that means getting the ball  to your third or fourth option.

Andre Williams is getting better. His stats were worse but I felt he found some good holes and made good cuts accordingly. He was also good when asked to go out in a passing route. Of course it wouldn't be Spaz football without a running back fumble. Williams abligded and it killed our drive. Dudeck was fine.

As a group the offensive line wasn't the problem. Though we still had some issues. Gallik struggled again and at one point had guys just step right around him. How can that sort of things still be happening? He also had a terrible snap that killed one of our possession. Cleary was okay, as was Wetzel. Vardaro was fine. I thought White played well. Some of the bigger holes came from his blocks.

Swigert played well. He's good at finding the soft spots in the zone. Amidon was good but had some awful drops. His runs after the catch were pretty good. Pantale dropped a TD too. Coleman was okay. What I appreciate about Coleman is that he does a good job of turning upfield, even if it looks a little awkward.

I've been pleading for Martin to abandon the runs and push the ball threw the air. We did this week but it only worked on a few drives. But as I referenced with Rettig and the Oline, we just had some mistakes (forced throws, drops, turnovers, etc) that were as stalling as anything that Martin could have called. It wasn't a bad gameplan. Just poor execution.

Defense: F

The defensive line was better than they were against Army but still not good enough. Appiah had an off day. Abdesmand did not look good. Ricci made some mistakes. I liked what I saw from Davis. As a converted offensive lineman you never know what skills sets he brings, but he got good push and made some tackles. Wujciak made some nice tackles and was one of the reasons the interior was clogged up. Edebali made some nice plays. Murray was pretty good in extended playing time and deserves more time in the rotation.

I don't know what going on with Clancy but he got swallowed up multiple times on blocks. Then he missed a few tackles. And he wasn't great in pass coverage. One of his worst games of the season. KPL made some plays. Divitto struggled again and was just caught out of position or flat footed on some of the options runs. Joy played hard but seemed to get twisted around a few times. I liked what I saw from Daniels. Hopefully he'll get more playing time as the season progresses.

When we play this offense, our DBs are so focused on helping with the run that we allow some killer pass plays. GT's touchdown right before the half was a perfect example. Sylvia had been cheating up throughout the first half. They did a slight roll out and he was burned by his man downfield. Asprilla was good against the run. Noel struggled in pass coverage. Jones was okay. Simmons was okay too. Rositano missed some tackles and was beat on other plays.

I don't know what to do with McGovern and Spaz. We make running teams look like good passers. We are breaking every record for all the wrong reasons. Why can't he figure this out? We've been masking talent for years. What has changed so much? We played base most of the game, but none of it seemed to matter.

Special Teams: C

The bad news was the Freese miss, the kick coverage breakdowns and the poor punts.

The good news was Swigert's steady hands on the punt returns. Spiffy ran well and so did Jones.

The biggest special teams issue was the roughing the kicker. That is another example of the players not knowing the situation. As I keep saying, there is plenty of blame to go around.

Overall: D

I guess you have to give Spaz and the staff credit for keeping the guys into the game and making a short run in the second half. But how can you toss out kudos for the second half effort when we were down big again in the first half? We weren't ready for their defense. We couldn't get them off the field and we couldn't sustain any offense. Plus there were some weird decisions like the kick at the end of the half instead of the Hail Mary. Going for two later in the game. Wasting a challenge in the second half. It's like now instead of being checked out or ultra conservative he's just winging it. It doesn't matter either way. We are getting the same results.

Spaz keeps saying we're close. I sort of see it, but don't trust him at all. He has had multiple games to get things right, yet here were are. Everyone contributed to this disaster, but it is Spaz's job to begin the turnaround. I don't believe it is in him. Let's hope the players and staff do or else this final stretch will be brutal.


mod34b said...

Fire Spaz.



Fire McGovern too. Today.

Erik said...

We are past the point of Spaz saving his job with a small winning streak, but a strong end to the season could salvage some recruiting and give the players a positive note to head into offseason workouts.

Turn it around!

Claver2010 said...

ATL, in the past you have commented on the dynamics of Spaz vs McGovern running the D. Any thoughts thus far this year? It has been the same 4-3 soft cover 2, with limited wrinkles.

As for the performance. There were times during the game when I was simply laughing at the ineptitude. I think my favorite part was when BC was down 28-3 or whatever it was in the end of the 2nd Q and Spaz was trying to run out the clock but Johnson wouldn't let him.

Turned it off at half and never looked back. Was at the hockey banner raising and at the pregame reception the game wasn't even on, they put on ND/BYU & UF/SC instead.

mod34b said...

For all the bloodthirsty crazy people who would dare call for Spaz to be fired, it's Jags fault, it's the playes' fault (that's what Spaz means when he says there was "poor execution") and the turf monster injured too many. Eric A of Metrowest says so see bloodthirsty

FakeShalomTfree said...

Depending on the site, BC is either favored or a pick against MD this weekend!

Does Vegas know something we don't (like Spaz is getting fired this week)

I know this isn't a gambling blog, but that line is too obscene to not point out

Big Jack Krack said...

Are we ever again going to see Kaleb Ramsey on the field? He's one of our captains! He's also the one DL we have who can pressure the QB.

Spaziani says Ramsey is an "enigma wrapped up in a conundrum".

It's mysterious for sure.

It seems as though when a player gets injured he is in no hurry to get back on the field and play for this HC.

Big Jack Krack said...

I'll be donating my 50 yard line seats this weekend, just as I cancelled my trip to Atlanta. That's one of our favorite trips, but not while Spaziani is still the HC.

However, I will still root for our players. Maybe we can win a game 48 to 45 or something. The defense is tough to watch, but maybe we'll get lucky and Maryland will turn the ball over a couple of times. We need some breaks. :-)

We thought that Maryland would probably be a victory before the season started - now we're hoping they have a bad day against us. Thanks a lot, Frank.

Note to McGovern. Try something different - you're getting fired anyway.

Pantale and Swigert give us some good firepower on offense to help Amidon and Coleman, et al. Bring back CL Jr.

Let's go Coach Martin. Bring out the full complement of plays - like the first 8 minutes against Miami. Look at the Miami game last year and get the ball to Pantale when the WR's are covered.

What's the status of Jake Sinkovec?

Come on, let's go. Give it the old college try.

Big Jack Krack said...

Just doodling and wondering whatever happened to Dominique Williams? He's got good size - couldn't he help out in the defensive secondary? Or is he in Spaziani's doghouse also?

I'm looking for Williams and ALJ to be really good next year. The Brockton bombers!

Give Daniels as much playing time as possible (I believe his redshirt is burned).

I haven't noticed Rudolph for awhile - is he in the doghouse too? If we're not going to use Bryan Davis on the DL anymore after his emergency duty against GT, give him a chance at Center. Gallik needs a break.

Deuce Finch killed Maryland last year - will we ever see him again?

It's time for me to shut up.

Ry said...

Is there any reason why Gene would be on campus in a shirt and tie eating lunch at lower? Because that's what I can swear I just witnessed.

FakeShalomTfree said...

Ry- Perhaps he's asking Spaz to quit and stop ruining his legacy

What was he eating, by the way?

Jeff said...


mod34b said...

I ran some stats for BC on CFB Stats. All stats are just against FBS competition (out of 124 teams)

Total D: #123/124
3rd down conv allowed: #123/124
yards per play: #107/124 (6.5 yards)
Plays allowed by D: #123 (86 plays a game)
Plays run by BC O: #118 (65)
# of additional plays our opponent ran than BC: 21! (tack on another 136 yards for free!)

Rush D: #123
Rush attempts allowed per game: #124
% pass completed: #112
QBr rate allowed: #96
Pass D: #88
Sacks: #118

Rushing Offense: #120
Yards/play #118
Pass O: #27

Punts Retunred: #124
Avg KO return: #112
Offensive time of Possession: #115

So Our Rush Defense is horrible. Our pass defense is bad; our rushing offense is HORRIBLE; our punt returns are horrible; our KO returns are horrible.

our pass game is decent.

Gee Spaz there is an awful lot of "not executing" going on...

BATES: BE DONE WITH THE CLOWN NOW, unless you wish to take a severe Catholic position of letting the humiliation/pain linger a bit more so you can grow from the pain. Uuggghh

mod10aeagle said...

This is not a knock on Skinner.

I think the football program needs a complete reboot, just the hoop program is undertaking. Clean house, start fresh, with the full understanding that we're at least fours years away from being consistently competitive.

mod34b said...

By the way, if you look at McGovern's BC bio, he touts these very same type of stats from 2009, 2010 as a source of pride and evidence of his skill.

Well, Billy, something has gone horribly wrong. You are a really bad coach now. Truth.

Please consider resigning. Or as BJK said, at least take some damm risks now. Are you even capable of that anymore? Or does Spaz own you?

here is the McG BC web page excerpts:

•McGovern's defenses at Boston College have ranked among the nation's top 26 in total defense in two of the last three seasons.
•Under McGovern's guidance in 2010, Boston College led the nation in rushing defense (82.8 ypg) and led the Atlantic Coast Conference in total defense (309.7 ypg). It ranked 13th among national leaders in total defense, 19th in pass efficiency defense (113.3 ypg) and 19th in scoring defense (19.5 ppg).
•In 2009, the Eagles' defense ranked second in the ACC - and 14th in the nation - in rushing defense (103.2 ypg). Boston College finished the season ranked 19th in the nation in scoring defense (19.8 ppg) and 26th in total defense (327.6 ypg).

John said...

Agree with Mod . Improve or hit the road.

mod34b said...

More defense of Spaz (the last gasp??) from Eric the loony. see this

Bob Hatcher said...

I am impressed you watched this game twice. How many bottles of Pepto did you go through?