Saturday, October 13, 2012

Spaz is pathetic and Bates shouldn't wait to fire him

What did Spaz say to his players and coaches at half? "That's enough." "Nice 30 minutes, now let's hurry up and get out of here." That was a waiving of the white flag if I've ever seen one. We showed a little fight towards the end of the first half, but Rettig got picked and that seemed to be the end of it. We don't have the same talent as Florida State, but most of our early mistakes were breakdowns. These guys either aren't being coached well anymore or have stopped listening. Either way, it makes for some painful viewing.

Just some notes:

  • This is the fourth time that Spaz's teams have failed to score double digits. 
  • This is the 15th time in 44 games that Spaz's teams have scored 14 points or less. 
  • Spaz is now 0-5 against the spread. 
  • This is the fourth time a Spaz team has lost by 21 or more. 

I was of the belief that BC should not fire Spaz midseason. I felt he deserves these losses on his record and the change won't benefit BC much. Tonight's disaster changed my mind. Why keep him? He is just doing further damage to the players' psyches and burning redshirts. Fire him now and get a jump start on the search and give the players a little signal that things can and will get better.

I'll have second viewing thoughts and grades up late Sunday.


Ryan said...

I have a prediction for the game grades - F in every aspect.

In all seriousness, FSU could have been playing Savannah State and you would not have noticed a difference. I'm so disgusted by this. I'm sick to my stomach at what BC football has become - Twitter/Facebook punchline

Flutie said...

Let me save you the effort. Everyone gets an F and Spaz gets an F-!

Flutie said...

Let me save you the effort. Everyone gets an F and Spaz gets an F-!

Unknown said...

Totally agree atleagle, if anything, Spaz is damaging the program more everyday he is there. Future recruiting (not that he ever did any to begin with), burning redshirts, not playing guys like Larmond, and the two fumble-plagued, but talented RB's...cant even remember their names now because they never play! Let's get rid of him and start fresh. We definitely will not win another game with him as Head Coach. I thought maybe Wake or MD, but now I saw no. At least with him gone, there will be hope. Did anyone even see him talk to his coaches or players during the game? Everytime they showed him he looked completely bewildered, and by himself on the sideline. Show some heart for God sakes! Yell, run around, teach these kids, and show some passion to want to win!!!

Big Ern said...


WI_Eagle said...


mod34b said...

Flutie ..Spaz should not get F-

Spaz should get an Fu!

Next week will be another 500-600 yards offense onslaught against BC.

Fire him. fire McGovern, just do it, Brad.

eagleboston said...

If Spaz had any class, he would retire now. Of course, he won't do that because he wants the cash payout from getting fired. And the other issue is, who do you promote as the interim? Will the mood be any different? This program needs a wholesale cleansing. The players will not respond to anyone on this joke of a coaching staff (now that I think about it, do you just promote Washington? He is an alum and has to be sick to his stomach about what is happening. He is young and enthusiastic and might get the players to play for him).

I'll be the first to make a Spaz replacement list.

#1 Bill O'Brien - his wife is a BC alum

#2 Butch Jones - if you can't beat Notre Dame, hire one of Coach Kelly's proteges.

#3 Josh McDaniels - Has the Pats cranking on offense with a modified Chip Kelly offense.

#4 Bobby Diaco - see #2

#5 Mark Stoops - he just held Rettig and Company to 7 points. Just the remedy for a BC defense giving up over 500 yards.

#6 Pep Hamilton - OC for Stanford. Understands challenges of an academic school.

#7 Al Golden - Not entirely sold on him but he would be 100 times better than Spaz.

Bill Bates, I just did some early research for you. Now fire the 'stache and get to work.

eagleboston said...

I apologize, I meant Brad, our new AD, not the old Cowboys linebacker.

Eagle77 said...

In this day and age he needs to be fired now. The damage that has been done to recruiting is going to magnify now that BC has a lame duck coach. The committed players will most likely jump off a sinking ship, and there is also the possibility of the few good players we have leaving for greener pastures.

Eagle77 said...
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Deacon Drake said...

Getting beat regularly is on the coach, but getting slaughtered like that, showing no desire or pride at all, have to put that on the players.

At this point, the coach has to go. His malaise has spread to every player on the team, and we know he calls the shots on defense. Can Spaz and hopefully everyone else plays for their jobs the next month.

mod34b said...

Another pathetic Spaz quote post game:

"There is a lot of offense there … we just didn’t execute … it wasn’t like some things we didn’t practice against and things they did differently. It was just a matter of us fundamentally not being able to stop them. There is a lot of offense; a lot of things coming at you over there and we didn’t have as good of a recognition on some of it as we would have liked."

Unknown said...

A team will take on the personality of its head coach. PS - How many guys have transferred since Spaz became HC? Didn't Shakim Phillips just have 100 yds receiving for UConn?

Big Jack Krack said...

Fire Spaz now. The season has been lost long ago, but is now spiraling downhill to unimaginable depths.

The interim head coach will be a ceremonial job anyway. It doesn't really matter who you elevate to that position, except you might send a message that deep down, we do care.

Give it to the only guy who stood on the field at West Point for the Army Alma Mater - Barry Gallup.

I cancelled my plans for Atlanta.

Are you kidding me?

Knucklehead said...

We coild have scored a about 6-10 more points if Rettig were not hurt. It is obvious that his back is an issue. He was hit flush on the knees on his first dropback of the game. He is forcing himself on and off the field. Based on the way Spaz and the BC administration handled Montell Harris I am concerned that Rettig is being overused given his health.

The last thing I want to see is a future 1st round draft pick lose out on that opportunity because he wants to win a game for freaking Boston College this season.

I would sit him for the next three weeks and bring him back for ND, VT and NC State.

Florida State played dirty and was putting head shots on BC all day. I wish we fought back more. Either way Florida State sucks.

At one point they had a 60 second advertisement showing the course the school offers in creating and performing in a circus. We would be good to if we had ZERO standards.

EL MIZ said...

did Spaz actually say this? i mean, what does Bates want? to lose every game? there is not one reason to keep Spaz around, fire him and have Martin as interim.

mod34b said...

Miz. The comment is published on an FSU blog, Tomahawk Nation. See here

" It was just a matter of us fundamentally not being able to stop them. There is a lot of offense; a lot of things coming at you over there and we didn’t have as good of a recognition on some of it as we would have liked"

No Boston media seemed to pick up this outrageous comment. Fundamentally we can't stop them? Player did not recognize plays?

This is a confession of pure incompetence by Spaz

mod34b said...
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mod10aeagle said...

It was truly painful to hear the commentators repeatedly say, from early in Q3 on, that BC was content to not apply pressure anywhere on the field -- big cushions for receivers and no pass rush -- and just wait for it to end. Pathetic and hugely embarrassing.

I can't imagine how firing Spaz now could possibly have a negative impact on the players, team performance through the rest of the season or on recruiting.