Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Getting to know Dave Doeren

BC's last three head coaches had been career assistants prior to coming to the Heights. This time around it might make sense to hire someone who has been a Head Coach before and therefore has a different learning curve. One of the popular early names being floated for the job is Northern Illinois Head Coach Dave Doeren. In my opinion Doeren would be an excellent fit at BC and I predict he will be a finalist for the job.

Finding talent
Every potential coach will arrive at BC with a recruiting plan. What I appreciate about Doeren is that his past recruiting success can directly translate to BC. He was recruiting coordinator at Kansas and Wisconsin. He led the efforts that produced a rare Orange Bowl trip for the Jayhawks and Wisconsin's recent run. While neither school is a Northeast Catholic college, both rely heavily on finding and developing three star talent in the Midwest. Doeren didn't (and at Kansas couldn't) really chase after the elite four and five star recruits. Instead the process involved a lot of groundwork with coaches, a lot of player evaluation and leveraging camps and friendly high school programs. Wisconsin even recruited in New Jersey, so he brings those relationships with him too. 

Head Coaching Experience
While it has only been two years, Doeren would come to BC with the understanding of how to run a staff, the demands on his time and how to lead an entire organization. I haven't watched enough NIU games to speak to his Xs and Os, but the guy is currently 20-4 lifetime. He's doing something right. NIU was in a good place when he took over, but he's made them better. Depsite losing his offensive coordinator in the offseason, the team is still trucking along. I don't know if he would bring his whole staff with him to his next job, but he's already shown the ability to find quality assistants and replace them as they move on to better jobs.

In my opinion the only downside to Doeren is his lack of connection to BC or the Northeast. He's a Kansas native and has spent most of his career in the Midwest. But he is Catholic and has worked at private schools before. The lack of familiarity shouldn't be a dealbreaker. Father Leahy and Brad Bates are both Midwestern guys who took jobs at BC even though they didn't have ties to the area.

I don't know if BC and Doeren will be a match, but based on his trackrecord, Doeren is headed for big things.


JBO, said...

Father Leahy is a Midwestern guy who took a job at BC even though he didn't have ties to the area???

huh? Do Jesuits "take" jobs? Do they have any choice in where they will serve God? I didn't think so.

EL MIZ said...

Northern Illinois plays Toledo (coached by another 'should-be' HC candidate in Matt Campbell) tonight on ESPN2 at 9PM. Toledo is 8-2 (both loss by only a TD) and it should be a good game to vet both guys. Bates should be paying very close attention.

Lenny Sienko said...

Of all the comments about possible candidates for BC head coach, this is the first time I have seen this name floated.

Bill, is this a trial balloon? Have you heard something?

Why did this name pop up today? Because NIU is on TV tonight?

It appears that Doreen's background is as a defensive coach and coordinator. Been there-done that.

As I get older, I have less patience. Perhaps Doreen will be fine to rebuild a program over time. He appears to have done very well in the MACC.

I would prefer a name we would recognize, who can give instant credibility to the program; but I also presume BC is too cheap to pay for some one of stature.

Sorry, I don't mean to be down on Doreen. He may end up here with his whole staff. We can be NIU east and get a permanent series of games with the MACC.

I am just so damned frustrated with waiting for the announcement that Spaz is gone and BC can start the healing and rebuilding process, even if it is in typical BC fashion on the cheap.

Lenny Sienko said...

I always read Atlanta first; but I see that the guys at BCI have just put Doreen on their list and Doreen is trolling for offers on CBS.

Go figure

CatabEagle said...

Mr X 2.0,

Ease up there sally. Most often, Jesuits have some sort of choice where they serve. First, they can't afford to lose anyone, let alone their stars, so its in the order's interest to make them happy. Second, they want to best allocate their resources, like any other organization.

While it isn't the same as Bobby Petrino taking offers from 8 schools at once, you better believe that a great Jesuit School Administrator/Fundraiser will get competition for attention from the Boards of BC/GTown/Fordham/USF/etc..There's a reason the creepy Jesuits aren't addressing faculty and running universities, and the great ones IMO (Neenan, Fleming) are front and center taking major positions in admin and fundraising.

Brett said...

RE: Jesuit "job placement"

While the preferences of individual Jesuits are a large piece of the discernment puzzle, I was a bit disappointed at CatabEagle's proposed rationale - "to keep them happy."

This assumes that a man in religious vows is motivated primarily by self-interest. Instead, I'd suggest a more likely criteria for discernment: the will of God for one's life.

As a friend of several young Jesuits in formation, I think you'll find that the narrative of "sneaky Jesuit politics" has either faded into the past or was never a reality to begin with.

JBO, said...

Catab-- you ask me to "Ease up there sally"

Why? did I ruffle a feather when i mentioend GOD on a sports blog?

I assume Jesuits are like most priests and that they take vow of obedience. If so, how much free will for employment matters could there be? Are they really "employed"? Don't they also take a vow of poverty too? Do they get a paycheck? or are they really carrying out their devotion to {_____}

I never learned this stuff in CCD, so do tell.

CatabEagle said...

Mr X 2.0,

I love this blog being a sports blog, so I'll keep the religious side quick. Jesuits are men, no different than us, and subject to the same human nature as we (lets let the lessons of the last week be formative in our esteem of "perfect men"). As a result, the order has to ensure that it keeps its dwindling stock in the order, as they have free will to leave, and do on regular occasion. Thus, top Jesuits are developed to manage the greatest assets remaining in the order, our Universities.

Brett, all the best to your friends in formation. That is not an easy call to answer, particularly for those in our generation and the stigma of being a priest in our time. Be sure I never meantioned "sneaky jesuit politics." I mentioned that they were an organization that optimizes its talent, and fosters that talent likewise. That includes keeping the most talented in the fold. That is all.

Back to football. What about Mike Sherman? He was brought up in a great article on Grantland about how he developed the team that now beat Alabama.

CatabEagle said...

More on Sherman's New England Roots;
From Norwood, MA, played at Central Conn, Coached HS in New England (Stamford, Worcester Academy)

Here's the link to the grantland article.

Unknown said...

This Dave Doeren sounds like a great candidate, and the fact that Bates was at Maiami of Ohio means he probably knows a lot about his competing MAC schools & coaches. Let's face it, BC is now a stepping stone job, for a guy just like this. Too bad Chip Kelly didnt use us as his stone.

Unknown said...
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ccw said...

Doeren may have his sights set higher than BC.

One of the posters thought this name was pulled out of thin air. This Lenny guys must not follow college football. Doeren is high on a lot of lists. The man before him at NI parlayed that into a Big 10 job at Minnesota. Doeren will be a popular choice for ADs. The fact that some fans here don't know about him just validates the lack of awareness about college football among the fanbase.

eagleboston said...

Excellent analysis, ATL.

Forget "big names." I want a guy that is a proven leader who has recruited in challenging environments. It would be a bonus to get a proven winner such as Doeren (and being Catholic is a huge plus). Not sure why one commenter would be against this hire as most people with college football knowledge have this guy as an up and comer.

CatabEagle said...


I think you're right in not underestimating the importance of a Coach's faith in choosing BC.

Although I'm starting to sound like his agent, Mike Sherman is not only local, but a daily communicant.

Lenny Sienko said...


I follow BC football football in general, second, and MAC football a distant third.

I think I'm not too unusual for posters here if I say that the Northern Illinois score and coach are things that flit past on Sports Center.

Anecdotally, Doreen is not a name that has popped up on these pages before today.

I am particularly concerned that, while there are generalities about the NIU offense, there is little mention made of what system is employed.

I have found the possibility of an "Air Raid " coach coming to BC intriguing. Perhaps such a radical change is what we need.

EL MIZ said...

for what its worth, Urban Meyer went 17-6 in the MAC in his 2 years at Bowling Green. Brady Hoke and Al Golden also had successful stints in the MAC, so its not as if you can't go on to bigger and better things from there.

Anonymous said...

Get me Dave Doeren yesterday

Tim said...

Any chance we see Paul Peterson back at BC in a coaching role some day soon?

BCMike said...

Doeren with a big W last night.

As far as not seeing much about NIU, they're top 25 now which is tough for a MAC team to do.

I'd be thrilled with a DD hire.