Saturday, November 24, 2012

It is over

That is that. I've never been happier for a season to be over.

I am traveling Sunday so I am not sure when I will watch it back. But there will be a lot to write about in the coming days.


chicagofire1871 said...

Over/under on when Spaz is fired? I'll put the preliminary line at Wednesday morning.

eagleboston said...

Well, I think we can officially declare that BC has hit rock bottom. The most losses in a season since 1978. I believe over 40 players will be seniors and juniors next year so they will have a lot of experience. Unfortunately, they also have a culture of losing and a brutal schedule to try to turn things around (USC on the road is not a good scheduling idea for a new coach struggling to rebuild).

Let's hope the Spaz era is truly over and we don't have to endure another year of that clown.

EagleJoel said...

Monday noon

AA said...

BC will have experience next fall, but still not a great deal of talent. I just hope we can get back to .500 within three years.

Any educated guesses who replaces Spaz?

BCballer said...

Phuck you, Gene Difillipo- the scumbag who ruined my alma mater.

eddierock said...

my guess is monday, 10 am.

BCballer said... it matters.

mod34b said...

From Heights Sports editor on twitter:

“@GJoyce9: I asked Spaz what he'd say for his case to stay another year: "I wouldn't be stating it here right now..I do have a case." #BC”

dixieagle said...

"I do have a case"... he is totally delusional.

hsk said...

I am too concerned that my alma mater will keep this "nice guy" on for another year

hsk said...

I am too concerned that my alma mater will keep this "nice guy" for one more year.

hsk said...
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mod34b said...

Thanks Jack. (From last thread)

Knuckle. - right (from last thread) OL is a huge problem this year and will be next year. Guys are big but not quick or athletic. Only team they could handle was Maine. Note NCSU pass defense was (before yesterday ) #120/124 in FBS but BC could not succeed against such a horrible pass defense. Why? Our OL is not FBS quality and can't really compete with even a bad FBS team.

Sorry state of affairs.


Spaz: F- (ok, a "Z-" if that possible)
Martin: D. (Was spaz-ified and it showed)
Bollman: F. (Are u kidding!)
McGovern: D. (Pack your bags for some small time school; not an FBS coach; Spaz jr in every way)
D-line coach: F. (Really, could I be worse?)
Special teams coach: B- (Spiffy and Freese decent. Retting pooch kicks clever; Levano, horrid)
Rich Gunnel: B (I think you helped develop the receivers!)

Evora11 said...

"Pack your bags for some small time school"? Really? BC IS a small time school!!!

J Mac said...

When is the press conference

Tim said...

Bates, what are you waiting for? Pull the trigger!

Big Jack Krack said...

Mod - I have watched Howell in practice before the games, and he looks like a much better punter than Levano.

Just another indication that Spaz and his staff had no idea how to make adjustments.

Big Jack Krack said...

Watching Florida and SC yesterday, I would concentrate on the front 4 DL. The SEC is great at the top because they do serious damage with 4 guys putting pressure on the QB.

They also are toughest in the 4th quarter.

John said...

Just waiting for the announcement. I also hope BC withholds the questionable extension payoff.

BChas paid this guy enough.

Knucklehead said...

The defensive line needs to be better next year, I agree. There is potential there though with Edibali, Ricci and Moore. There are recruits coming in at the DL position.

The OL is not good though and it is the crux of the entire offense in terms of opening running and throwing lanes. An avergae OL would keep pressure off our fractured and overly pressured QB.

There is nobody coming in next season and I don't think there any quality inspired OL's on the bench ready to make a difference next season.

The offense looks like it will be subpar next season as well.

There have been a few good runs the last couple weeks though. If we can master 1-2 plays that will net us 3 yards per attempt then it will greatly diminish the pressure on the QB which will increase his effectiveness.

That has been the bright spot at the end of the season.

That being said the OL looked good at the end of last year as well against Miami and there was no carry over to this season.

We need a coach who can recruit a region well, any region and who has expertise at something either being a manager like Bobby Bowden, being a offensive oriented coach like the guy at WV or a special teams guy like Beamer. Not saying we get someone of this caliber because of the $$ but the next guy needs to have these traits.

The guy now is passive agressive, belligerent and degrading. That does not work in 2012. Ask Bobby Knight, Tom Obrien, Tom Coughlin or Gary Williams. The tough guy, a-hole, treat people like garbage philosophy doesn't work.

Tim said...

Tom Coughlin's Super Bowl ring says hello.

Ryan said...

As does Gary Williams' National Title. As does Bobby Knights'. What are you even talking about?

EL MIZ said...

Martin was the one coach who made a difference this year, and probably deserves a B or B-, not a D. Rettig was a 3000 yard passer with zero offensive line, no run game to speak of, and basically one good receiver (i'd say coleman is a decent WR, and swigert and pantale both missed most of the year). that is pretty remarkable. i always chalk up the general conservative playcalling to Spaz dictating to Martin what to do, but i thought that the offense added wrinkles throughout the year, Rettig was good most of the time, and we actually scored some points.

Knuckle, RE: the o-line depth...maybe there is talent on the bench. Taylor and Homer were the top 2 rated recruits for BC last year, and both redshirted (i believe). Taylor is supposed to a mauler run blocker who is 6'3 285, and Homer is supposed to be an athletic tackle who is currently only 6'5 250 (similar to what Castonzo was as a true freshman i believe). hopefully there is some talent with those two.

it is now abundantly clear that our best RB was on the bench (actually on the scout team) for half of the season for no reason at all. spaziani is such garbage. Finch finished with 5.5 yards per carry, and back to back 100 yard games (against NC State and VA Tech).

going into next year with the new coach, i really think we have some talent on the offensive side of the ball -- rettig, amidon, finch, swigert, coleman are all seniors. a QB, 3 WR, and a RB, with depth at RB; if we were able to get just average blocking, i think that could be a good offense.

Spaz is done -- even Blauds is admitting it. I expect Bates to release something on Monday afternoon, probably after telling Spaz face to face in their meeting that he's canned. enjoy retirement, loser.

i will say my #1 choice is Al Golden, and my #2 choice is Dave Doeren at NIU. especially in the wake of Spaz's pathetic 4-year stint, i think it is imperative that we get a young coach who has HC experience. we need someone with enthusiasm and energy who also isn't learning on the fly about what it means to be a head coach.

Knucklehead said...

Exactly, Williams and Coughlin changed the way they coached and won championships.

Knucklehead said...

Bobby Knight could not adapt and didn't win a championship or get close after 1993. Davis guy brought them to the finals later on.

Knucklehead said...

Win Homer played in some dink prep school in VA that did not play any real competition. HOPEFULLY he pans out.

EL MIZ said...

i agree on Homer, but he had offers from UVA, Va Tech, and NC State. other teams thought he was ACC caliber.

Taylor is the guy i am hoping to hear good things about in the offseason/spring game. had offers from the U, Michigan St., West Virginia, and about 10 other schools. is in the right neighborhood size-wise; here are some highlights from ESPN scouting report:

Although Taylor is a dominant run blocker at tackle, we feel his size and athleticism are better suited for the offensive guard position at the major level of competition; his blocking base and persistent leg drive allow him to get good push and sustain blocks well down the field. We see good pull/trap efficiency; displays the initial quickness and agility necessary to gain leverage on offset down linemen and we feel he can consistently get a hat on active 1st and 2nd level defenders; has the physical tools to execute all the run blocks at the next level. This guy is a tough customer who plays with the nasty finishing attitude we look for when evaluating offensive linemen. His arm length and nimble feet should be assets in pass protection. Size and toughness along with the production displayed at offensive tackle lead us to believe it won't be long before he begins too see valuable playing time.

Knucklehead said...

I remember him now. We need 2-3 more like that.

Betancourt needs to get his S together because we are hurting on the line.

Vardaro needs to lose about 20 lbs also. He has trouble moving his feet.

mod34b said...

el Miz, Martin's offense was #101/124 nationally. About same as Tranquil, but with a much more experienced roster. Rushing #122; passing #42. Totally one dimensional. Just look at yesterday. Against the worst pass defense in ACC (#120 nationally), Martin could not produces results. Some passing game, huh?

Look at VTech play calling at end of regulation and OT. All presumably Martin. Bad.

Seriously, from a stats, a scoring or a W-L point of view, Martin could hardly have been worse.

Why? Lack of ACC talent, Spaz effect, Martin himself, Spaz maliciously screwing with RBs etc.

Bottom line: Martin was not successful as the OC for BC in 2012. But Probably no one could have really succeed on a one-year gig as OC @BC 2012. Martin did try some new things and seemed to have promise until he found out what SPAZ really was. Poor Martin.

Lenny Sienko said...

Just announced: TOB fired today!!!

mod34b said...

Auburn's National Championship coach Gene Chizik out too

Arkansas coach out too

BC, nicely, treats Sunday Asa day of rest.

EL MIZ said...

mod34B -- having a one-dimensional offense isn't necessarily the blame of Martin. Spaz benched the team's best RB for 6 games, that isn't Martin's fault. the o-line stunk, couldn't protect rettig OR open holes for the RB, and yet Rettig still passed for 3000 yards. 4 BC qb's all-time have thrown for 3000 yards, so that rettig was able to do it with no RB and no line is impressive, in my opinion.

it really doesn't matter what sort of silly grade he gets by blog commentators, whether it is a D or a B, he'll be fired along with Spaz, and good riddance to him. new coaches, please. (although i would be inclined to keep Al Washington and Rich Gunnell in some capacity just b/c they are former players and Washington showed some ability as a recruiter)

hsk said...

maybe the whole athletic dept. needs to be blown up..... no word on Spaz, if there will be any, and we just lost to Bryant in Bball.... the ACC will be giving up $50 mil to leave at this rate.

nceaglefan said...

We just lost to Bryant in Hoops!

EL MIZ said...

ATL, maybe you should change your Blog Title to "A blog capturing the lows of being a BC sports fan". i know i know hockey is good but for those of us that are football/basketball fans, this is about as bad as it gets.

i am officially off of the Donahue bandwagon. we beat Bryant by 20 last year and had plenty of time to prepare for this game. i obviously hope he can turn it around but this is really pretty pathetic.

EL MIZ said...

Pete Roussel ‏@coachingsearch

Breaking: Sources have informed me that Frank Spaziani is out as the Boston College head coach.

Please for the love of God let this be true.

TGS said...

Any shot at high profile reclamation projects Jim Tressel or Rick Neuheisel.

mod34b said...

El Miz. Yay!!!

Here is the article from coaching

Frank Spaziani out; Boston College head coaching candidates emerge
Posted by: Pete Roussel on November 25, 2012
With Frank Spaziani out as the Boston College head coach, another coaching search has started.

Sources tell me that Boston College wants to target a proven head coach.

Danny Rocco (Richmond - head coach): In his first season as the Richmond head coach, Rocco led the Spiders to an 8-3 record while claiming the Colonial Athletic Association championship.  He previously served as the head coach at Liberty, where he led the program to six consecutive winning seasons and four Big South Conference championships.  Rocco is a former Boston College defensive line coach under Tom Coughlin from 1991-1993.

Sean McDonnell (New Hampshire - head coach): Sean McDonnell is 88-55 in twelve seasons at the New Hampshire head coach.  In the last three seasons, McDonnell has led his program to 28-11 record.  He was the 2005 Eddie Robinson Coach of the Year and three-time New England Coach of the Year (2005, 2008, 2010).  McDonnell served as a grad assistant at Boston College in 1988.  He served on the Boston University staff from 1985-87.

Mike Sherman (Miami Dolphins - offensive coordinator): Sherman is in the first season as the Miami Dolphins offensive coordinator after four seasons as the head coach at Texas A&M.  Sherman (57) is from Norwood, Massachusetts.  His parents live in Cape Cod.

Darrell Hazell (Kent State - head coach): In his second season as the Kent State head coach, Hazell has led the program to an 11-1 record.  Kent State will play Northern Illinois on Friday night in the MAC championship.  During his career, Hazell has coached at Oberlin, Eastern Illinois, Penn, Western Michigan, Army, West Virginia, Rutgers, and Ohio State.  The last minority head coach (major sport) Boston College hired was basketball coach Al Skinner.

Houston Nutt (former Arkansas and Ole Miss head coach): On the surface, it seems like a stretch because Nutt has not coached in the northeast region, but don't be surprised if he enters the mix.  Nutt (55) is a three-time SEC Coach of the Year.

Pat Narduzzi (Michigan State - defensive coordinator): Narduzzi (46) has done a terrific job as the defensive coordinator at Michigan State.  He is originally from New Haven, CT.  Narduzzi once coached at Rhode Island from 1993-1999.

Henning12 said...

Bates has decided to roll the dice for one more year in hopes of a turn around.

bceagle93 said...

It's official. Email sent by Bates to season ticket holders:

As a valued stakeholder in our football program, I wanted you to be among the first to know that Frank Spaziani and I met today. Coach Spaziani will not remain as our football coach, effective immediately. Coach Spaz and I have met with the team and we will issue a press release shortly.

It is with deep gratitude that we recognize the many wonderful contributions Coach Spaziani has made to Boston College during his 16 years in Chestnut Hill. He and his staff have devoted countless hours to our institution and our student-athletes. We thank them and wish them well.

Please know that I understand how important a successful football program is to you and our entire University community. We will begin a search for a new head football coach immediately. We will be seeking a leader whose vision of our football program mirrors the mission of our University, whose first priority is the development of our student-athletes and whose goal is to return our program to national prominence, tenaciously pursing the mantra "Ever to Excel."

I know how much you treasure the rich tradition and heritage of our football program, and I promise we will do our very best to find the right person to be your football coach. Thank you for your loyalty and continued support through this period.

Brad Bates

Knucklehead said...

No to Nutt and no to Narduzzi. Hell no to Tressel and Neushmuck.
All from shady programs.

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Unknown said...

That is that. I've never been happier for a season to be over.

I am traveling Sunday so I am not sure when I will watch it back. But there will be a lot to write about in the coming daysswtor gold
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