Sunday, January 06, 2013

Belated thoughts on moral victories

Sorry for the delay in posting about BC's loss to NC State in basketball. Even though the game was meaningless in the big picture, it left me with mixed emotions. I was excited to see the team compete. I am encouraged by how the offense is adapting but we shouldn't consider conference home games "moral victories." I am as guilty as anyone else of this mindset too.

The biggest problem as I see it, is that even when the team plays better defense and moves the ball well within the motion offense, we are still missing too many shots we should make. We only converted 24 of 37 free throws. We only made 7 of 22 3-pointers. For a team of shooters, that is not going to get it done.

But the defense was better, especially against an athletic NC State team. I also liked going small for long stretches. The small ball does raise the idea of what to do with Clifford once he is 100%, but Donahue managed that well yesterday.

So what is the real BC team? Is it one that can hang with anyone like Baylor and NC State? Can they pull off some wins? Or was yesterday a result of our best effort against their offday? We will find out more this week.


EagleJoel said...

I watched this game and was impressed that the NCS coach in crunch time went with his best player shooting from the top of the key twice over a pair of freshman guys neither one of whom as in the picture. Good call by the NCS coach - bad call by Donahue or bad play b the freshman? Don't know but I'd love to know.

John said...

I liked the way we moved the ball (hadn't seen much this year yet) much more than those flex offenses.

The shots will fall eventually and BC will once again be a factor.

When? probably in a year or two.

Go BC.

John said...

On the women's side, I think Cynthia Crawley was worse for basketball than Frank Spaziani was for football.

JBO, said...

Game is just a metaphor for our country.

BC, like a Progessive Dem, waited for a handout, waited for government regulators (refs) to pave way for success. NC State, on the other hand, created its own opportunity and took responsibility, like a Tea Party Patriot, and won.

It is pretty simple.

Lenny Sienko said...

Please don't feed the political troll.

We have enough trouble with sports. We don't need politics.

BTW has anybody seem Daz hitchhiking his way up I-81 for his "dream job"?

Bates better get an ankle bracelet tracer for the Daz to see if he's off to the 'Cuse.

EL MIZ said...

tough loss for the Eagles, but a fun gm to watch. was telling when NC St leaned on their senior to close us out. our rotation is entirely freshman and sophomores, something which will pay big time dividends next year and the year after that.

i'm excited to see us in our first action on the road in over a month. VA Tech is beatable, lets see what our freshman guards do. last time we were on the road against Penn St. O went off for 22-5-4 and took over down the stretch. hopefully we can get our first conference W wrapped up. GO EAGLES

Kevin said...

NC State played pretty poorly to keep us in this game. We alternately between surprisingly good plays and maddeningly terrible ones like any young team. The problem is there are no moral victories. Being close in this game doesn't make it any more likely we won't be battling to stay out of the ACC cellar.

I think Donahue deserves another year but we have to be the least athletic team in the history of the ACC and that's all about recruiting and so far help is not on the way.

matthew2 said...

Welcome to the ACC, Joe Rahon. Some players elevate their game and want the ball when the game is on the line. Rahon is that type of player. (That one awful looking drive and floater notwithstanding). You can tell that he is going to be a contributing ACC player, and I love having the ball in his hands. He and O complement each other nicely.

Ryan Anderson was very frustrating to watch on Saturday. Every shot he took was a fade-away (excluding dunks, obviously). He is obviously our most dependable scorer, but he's not a banger on the offensive end. It would be nice if we had more size on that end. It's time for Clifford to take a step forward...

It was an interesting lineup that we started the game with... basically 4 guards (Heckmann strikes me as a shooting guard/swingman type). It did work for the first 14 minutes. We committed on the defensive end, and gave them very few second chances. We got tired at the end of the half, but picked it up again after a couple minutes went by in the second half.

It's tough to tell if it was our defense... or the fact that it looked like NC State had absolutely no game plan and had never seen any tape of us at all. But nonetheless, we played well for a large chunk of this game.

I get frustrated watching Jackson and question whether he is an ACC level starter... and then he hit 2 huge threes in the second half (one of which came after a crafty offensive rebound).

As far as Donahue goes, he isn't rotating pieces as much as he used to... which is nice. But he still is extremely active on the sidelines (?micro-managing). I wonder if this is just his style, or if our players really need to be told every 10 seconds exactly what to do and where to go... I don't remember what he was like at Cornell.

Conte seemed to be at least 2/3 full... that was a very lively crowd, and one of the more exciting games I've attended in recent memory. Despite the fact that the students were on break. Nothing new here... we know how it is... if we build it (a winning team), they will come.

We have some nice pieces. We will be able to beat some very good teams if they put it all together on the same night. On the flip-side, we can lose to anybody as well. We can definitely win 6+ games in this conference. Let's go!

CEW said...

A good 3 point shooting team will have at least a few 7-22 shooting nights during the season. If a team shoots 40% from 3 over the course of the season, games where the team shoots 32% are well within the range of expectations.