Friday, January 04, 2013

It's a family affair

Steve Addazio's son is transferring to BC. It is a nice story and although he's oft-injured, Louie might be a good addition to the team. But aside from the nepotism involved, bringing on his son doesn't tell us much about Steve Addazio's approach to offense or recruiting. How he deals with John Wolford might.

Wolford is a rising QB star from Florida. He will be part of the 2014 recruiting cycle and just got his first SEC offer. Many other BCS programs are interested. He's a good kid, who plays at a Catholic School, in recruiting hotbed and most interestingly his brother Bobby is a current BC linebacker! BC should be a factor in his recruiting. But will we?

Towards the end, Spaz couldn't connect with family recruits. While blood and legacies shouldn't always be binding when it comes to recruiting, you would hope that it would give BC an in with a prospect. Under Spaz it seemed to drive players away. Perhaps they knew how bad things were. One of the most overlooked aspects of recruiting is current players. There is a lot of self selection going on and if the current players don't like playing for a coach and don't show a recruit a good time, it is tough to get a player on campus. I don't know what Bobby Wolford or his parents think of Addazio. I don't know how happy they are with BC. But maybe a new approach and new leadership will have John excited about the opportunity to play with his brother.

The other aspect of Wolford's recruitment is if Addazio even wants him. In his press conference he mentioned playing all styles of football and playing the best players. But the reality is he has a preference for dual-threat QBs. His pursuit of Michael Julian is proof of that. Will Addazio adapt his offense and adapt his recruiting preference so that he can take Wolford -- a highly-touted "pro style" QB?

Addazio is going to bring in a lot of players. Given his background and our admissions office, they are all still going to be good kids. But I hope that as he changes the culture around the program, siblings, staffers' kids and legacy players want to come to BC and that we use ever recruiting angle we have.


apbc12 said...

If he can play at MSU, he must at least be marginally capable of running the type of offense Addazio likes. After all, Mullen is from the same family tree.

mod34b said...

Jack Bicknell's son, Jack Jr., was Flutie's center for the "Hail Flutie" pass.

Maybe young Addazio will bring back some of that sweet father-son Karma for BC!

xx said...

Technique. The insinuation of a blood line into the maroon, the more extensive the harder to purge, when it is clear that change is the play - as is now the call. Excise. Quickly. It will be less painful in the long run for all, including the nepots.

Post Louisville tap dance is the artful pattering of a target. Please fire away to mercifully end it.